How To Advertise Your Website – Paid or Free Traffic

two ways to advertise your website hi
guys it’s Sam Dey here from and in this video I’m going to be
talking about the two ways to advertise your website. Now I’m a consultant so I
help companies to advertise their websites on a daily basis it’s part of my
daily routine and there’s really two simple techniques to drive traffic or to
drive people to your website and the first thing is free traffic so if you
want if you don’t have a large budget if you’re on a shoestring budget then the
first thing you might consider is free traffic and what I actually mean by
traffic is basically just visitors to your website so if you’re getting
visitors to your website then that means you’ll get in traffic to your website so
this is the one case when traffic means something good. So if you want to get
free traffic you need to look into things like search engine optimization
and that’s basically the art of getting your website ranked in search engines
such as yahoo and google obviously Google being the largest search engine
at the moment. Now this could be a video itself this could be a course in itself
and there’s so many courses on search engine optimization but that’s one thing
you’re going to want to consider one of the best ways to basically do search
engine optimization is to have a blog so if you have a website that sells your
services or sells your products one of the easiest ways to get your website
ranked in Google in Yahoo is to have a blog and to write you know content on a
consistent basis it’s called dynamic content so definitely research into that, it’s called search engine optimization and I’m try and invest in
getting a blog. The second thing I would recommend is being active on social
media so websites like YouTube, websites like Twitter websites like Facebook
these are all really awesome platforms that you should be engaging in and you
should be learning about if you’re trying to drive free traffic to your
website and it also is going to have a knock-on effect to your SEO
or search engine optimization which is called backlinking so every time you
upload a new say one of your new blog posts to Twitter and you start sharing
it around on Twitter or Pinterest or one of these other platforms you’re actually
building and what’s known as backlinks or link to your web links to your
website which Google and other search engines will see and that basically just
means that your website is associating itself or your website has been
associated with really high authority websites like Facebook and Twitter and
YouTube and that creates what’s known as domain Authority so if you can be active
on social media either, that’s going to help your search engine optimization
efforts and it’s also going to help to drive more traffic to your website. Now,
one thing to consider to remember about free traffic is it is free and anything
that is free is going to have a catch to it you know and free traffic it can take
a while for you to start benefiting from your traffic so you’re
not going to well it’s going to be very difficult for you to rank in search you
know within your first day or to be you know doing search engine optimization or
blogging. You’re going to have to produce consistent content on your blog you’re
going to have to update your Facebook and your Twitter and your social media
accounts often you know before it starts before you start building a really big
following or before you start having you know really good success in terms of
free traffic but the benefit one really cool benefit is once you do develop that
you know Authority in your website and you’re starting to get ranked in the
search engines then that’s kind of like residual traffic you know you don’t have
to pay every single month to drive traffic to your website it kind of
happens automatically because you’ve got that Authority in the search engines and
you’ve got that following on social media. Another source of kind of partly
free traffic is your email list. If you have an email list you can create
anymore lists using Aweber or you can start an email list for free using
MailChimp and what that basically is is you can build your subscriber base to
your email list and you can basically send emails to people reminding them that
you exist you know if you don’t continually market your business then
people are going to forget about you they’re going to go to your competitors
so having an email list yeah you might have to pay a monthly fee I think aweber is $19 a month there are some there are some email list providers that
offer you a free set of free monthly service 4 until you reach a certain
amount of subscribers and then you have to start paying a monthly fee but it’s
well worth having your own database of repeat customers and repeat visitors to
your website. So let’s talk a little bit about paid traffic so paid traffic is
basically if you have to take money out of your pocket or take money out of your
account to pay for people to visit your website and the most one of the most
commonly used methods of paid traffic is Google pay-per-click or just
pay-per-click in general and what you do is you know you go onto
Google and you bid on keywords so depending on what keyword you’re bidding
on, it will kind of depend on how much you’re paying and it’s quite quite
complicated but one thing that I would definitely recommend if you are spending
money to do paid advertisement whether it’s pay-per-click, whether you’re doing
solo ads, you know whether if you’re doing media buys whatever type of paid
traffic you’re doing make sure you have something in place that’s able to track
the success of your pay-per-click or your or your campaigns and what I mean
by that is if you’re doing pay per click for example you can actually track what
keywords are converting for you know so that you’re not wasting money
otherwise if you’re paying for a keyword that’s not converting you’re wasting
money, another thing that I would highly suggest that you’re doing if
you’re paying for any type of traffic to your website is to make sure that your
testing your ads as well so you know there
there’s sites like Optimizely which allows you to do what’s known as a/b
testing where you can test one you can test one landing page compared to
another landing page and kind of better optimize your pay-per-click campaigns or
your campaigns in general so I definitely recommend those two things.
The third thing I would recommend if you’re paying for traffic online is to
capture leads like I mentioned earlier in this video I spoke about building an
email list well a common mistake that I see people who haven’t used
pay-per-click before who haven’t done online marketing before is they pay for
traffic and they send that traffic straight to their homepage and that is a
big mistake you don’t really want to do that unless you have thousands of
thousands of pounds to burn you don’t want to do that you want to send people
to optimized landing pages and that’s how you’re going to you know capture
their emails out how you’re going to get them on your your email list and that’s
how you’re going to be able to do the split testing and the tracking a lot
easier and you’re going to be able to make a lot more money and drive a lot
more people to your website that way. Over the next coming days and weeks I’m
going to actually be you know posting videos on each of the topics that I’ve
spoken about so search engine optimization topics, pay-per-click topics,
how to get traffic to your website and stuff like that so if you have any any
kind of you know website if you have a wordpress website or if you have a
Shopify store any kind of website then that you want to drive traffic to then
make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my traffic videos
that will be coming up in the next coming days so make sure you subscribe
to my channel so you don’t miss that also check out some of my other videos
they might help you out as well know they will help you out as well to get
more business to also get more clients for your business but hopefully this
video helped you out if it did click the thumbs up button down below have a great
day and I’ll see you soon

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