How to Block a Website in all Web Browsers

Hey Guys. This is Praveen for TechEmpty.
In this video I will be showing you how to block websites on computer. In my previous
tutorial I have shown you how to block websites on Chrome browser but this video will help
you to block selected websites on every browser within few steps. This can be done by editing
the hosts file of your PC and I will guide you to do it perfectly without any hassles.
So, lets get started. First step is to open the notepad in administrative
rights. If you are using Windows 8 machine then come to start screen and type Notepad.
Here right click on the Notepad then select “Run as Administrator”. If you are using
other windows versions, navigate to Notepad, right click then select “Run as Administrator”
from the list of options. Your first step is now completed.
Second step is to find the path of hosts file. To do this, go to notepad then “File”
then “Open”. Now go to C drive then Windows then System32, then Drivers, then etc. Initially
you won’t see any files here. To get all files, change “Text Documents” to “All
Files” and select “hosts”. Come to the bottom and add the IP address followed by websites to block. For example say, if you would like to block facebook
and twitter. Write down these URLs with a space separation.
Let me show you in live. Both websites are opening before saving hosts file. But after
saving the edited hosts file, it shows “This webpage is not available”. Make sure to
add mobile versions of the websites. is treated different to
That’s it. If you face any issues do comment below. Do share or thumb up this video if
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100 thoughts on “How to Block a Website in all Web Browsers

  1. I can't thank you enough. You just helped me so much. Keep doing what you are doing, I hope you read this.

  2. thank you so much! I was doing everything right EXCEPT right clicking on Notepad and running it as an administrator. I changed my user access to Administrator but that hadn't helped. YOU DID HELP! Deep bow and heartfelt gratitude to you, sir!

  3. Thank you so much for this and this helped me to keep me out of social medias during my exam.They're finished now…But..Can u pls tell me how can i unblock it again?T^T…thnks..And u gained a subscriber ^^

  4. hosts not save ask a path to other place and we said contact administrative you don't permission to save. How to solve problem

  5. Great video with SBS but the notepad would not let me save after I added a site. This is the first time I ever used the hosts file but mine had a ton of sites on it. There was everything from antivirus (Symantec) to other sites I've never been to or heard of. Do you know where they came from?
    Thanks again for the video.

  6. This is great. Can you make it work other way .. like you type the website which you want to surf and ban which is not typed?

  7. I opened the notepad as an admin, but once I saved it and then checked the websites, they still worked. I have windows 10, do you know how to make this work?

  8. How to block Facebook Plugins on many web pages. Lots of time you can sign up and make comments to a blog, or news article on websites, but recently I am only seeing Facebook Plugin, it appears that is the only way to leave a comment. Makes me think Facebook is blocking/hiding other ways to leave or answer comments. Or this is a new malware to take control of users Facebook accounts.

  9. Hello, I did exactly what you said in the video and the notepad saved, but the website is still able to open like usual, please help!

  10. Thank you! I finaly blocked a website that sent me ads and notifications all the time and i was told it was full of viruses. This video saved me and my pc

  11. Best explanation! I'd read other instructions online, but they kept leaving out important parts like entering Notepad as the administrator. Thank you!

  12. is there any chance i can block an IP address using host file? – if isnt is there any way to block a certain IP address on any browsers you have on your pc??

  13. I blocked one site before somedays… And that is blocked successfully but now i want to block one more site using a space between new one and old one and new site is not showing blocked now. So wht i do ?

  14. Help, whenever i save it, it always say "you dont have permission to save this etc." Can anyone help me? Please?

  15. Thanks for this. I had to add www. in front of the url for it to actually block the site otherwise it did nothing

  16. If I blocked a site like facebook. com and after I unlocked it , i can't block this site again , some help?

  17. Now THIS is awesome! It will be a very useful tool for me, as it has been for the many other people who commented on this video. Take that, bad websites! It is really cool that in just a few short minutes, a problem can be solved. ~Joe Cheesy 6-4-2019

  18. Nice and worth watching video. I hit subscribe to earn more knowledge from you. Thanks. Keep it up 👌👍

  19. Thank you so much..It worked with me very well, I don't know why recently it is not working. I added too many websites that appeared to me recently without knowing the reason. I am using Microsoft Edge mostly. Any other solution or expected cause. Thank you.

  20. I guess Android has this file as well (or a simillar one), but it's probably stored in a root directory =/ Is it possible to achieve an equally effective result on a non-rooted phone? Something that pops into my mind are certificates! Could one create a certificate granting permission to… well, basically do a local "MiTM".. and block an URL that way? 🤔 Or perhaps create a local virtual server and a customized VPN, and then have the VPN routing all networktraffic through the local server and filter out any blacklisted items along the way? What do you think?

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