How to Build a Buying Website for Your Land Business (REI Landleads Tutorial)

– [Seth] Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Seth from REtipster
and in this video I’m going to show you an overview of how to create a real estate
buying website with WordPress. Now as you probably
know, there’s all kinds of different reasons, why you can create a website
in your real estate business, I think for most people are
probably the first reason that comes to mind is when
you’re trying to sell properties and you need sort of a home base to list all those properties
and make them look pretty with pictures and all that stuff. Other potential uses for
a real estate website, would be like a landing
page when you’re trying to build a buyers list or even a blog. I’ve got videos and tutorials that show how to do all that stuff. However, this particular kind
of website, a buying website, I think, is probably the most
important kind of website at least in my business. And it’s also the most
functional unfortunately, it’s actually not that complicated to set up especially when you
have the right WordPress theme that sort of puts
everything in place for you so that you don’t have to monkey around and try to find things
all over the internet to make the thing work. It just kind of works right out of the box and that’s what I’m gonna
show you in this video. So the WordPress theme I’m gonna show you, in this video is called REI
LandLeads and it’s put together by this company called REI Conversion. And the reason I wanna
really draw your attention to this particular theme is because I’m actually an
advisor for this company and a lot of the way this theme
works is directly influenced by yours truly. I was fortunate enough to be pretty involved in the development and initial testing of this theme and I had a lot of input
into how this thing works. So REI Conversion has other
themes for other types of real estate businesses as well but particularly if you’re
running a land business, I cannot point you to a
better theme than this one. It’s just taking a lot of important things into consideration. It includes pretty much
all the functionality that land investors need and
none of the functionality that they don’t need. So this right here is the
demo of REI LandLeads, just to give you an idea
for what it looks like, we’ll open this up. And this is pretty much what you see. The entire theme is not
broken up into multiple pages but when somebody lands on your website, it’s just one long page
which I really like because it very quickly
draws your attention to the most important
elements on the page. The actual action steps that
you want the person to do, we’ve got the contact information and the logo up here if you
wanna include those things and a nice video which
you actually get for free. And you can also obviously
create your own video too, if you wanna be a little bit more unique but this video by itself, just right out of the
box is like ready to go and it looks great. Then also when you scroll down here, you can include
testimonials, more direction and instruction about what
you want people to do, you can explain how the process works. You can see the form again, you can even add your
frequently asked questions here which people are most
definitely gonna have, when they just find out about
you and land on your website. So it’s important to make
those answers very clear and readily available and it’s
all right there on one page. So people don’t have to go
searching all over the place to find the information they need. So if you do wanna check
out this particular theme, I’m gonna include a link
to it beneath this video and I don’t necessarily think you need to use this theme in order to do this. I actually use a different
theme for a lot of years that served me very well
and called AgentPress Pro, I’ve got a whole separate
video tutorial on how to use that one. So I’m not telling you
you have to do this, however, I just think this
particular theme get you most of the way there with
the least amount of work. It requires a heck of a
lot less tinkering around with if you just wanna see the end product and see it fully functional
as quickly as possible. So I’ve already got access to
the theme so I’m gonna go here to my account and just show
you where you can download it. And once you do sign up, you’ll have this little tab
over here called downloads. And then there it is,
right here, REI LandLeads so I’m gonna go ahead and download this, it’s gonna give me this activation
key so I wanna copy that. But once you’ve got your theme, all you gotta do is go
over here to Appearance and then click on Themes. And also just in case
you’re not already aware, a theme is basically something that just layers all the
design elements on your website and puts everything in its proper place. As you probably know right
after you put together, a fresh WordPress install,
it’s set up by default to act like a blog and
that’s not really at all what we’re trying to do here. And so unless you install a
theme that’s actually going to put everything in the
right place for your website, it’s gonna look like something
really ugly like this which doesn’t really look
like much of anything. That’s the purpose of having a theme and of course WordPress
does come with a handful of free themes by default which is totally fine if
you’re trying to run a blog. But if you’re not, that’s
when you’d wanna get a theme that’s actually gonna serve
the purpose you have in mind. So we would go up here
to Appearance, Themes and then click on Add New and then we’re gonna
click on Upload Theme. And we’re gonna find that theme zip file that we just downloaded
which is right here and we’re just going to simply
drag it right over here, onto this Choose File button
and then click Install Now. And then after a few
seconds you should see that the theme was installed successfully and then you’re gonna click Activate and that’s going to
actually put that theme to work on your website. Of course it’s gonna
ask for this license key which we just copied on the earlier screen so I’ll paste that in there, then Agree and Activate License and then you’re gonna
see a page like this. And then one thing I’ll just point out is that REI Conversion has like
really solid customer service which is something I’ve never seen, from any other WordPress
theme developer before. Every other WordPress theme I’ve ever had, has literally zero customer service, you’re pretty much on your own and you have to figure out all this stuff with no help from anybody. At the very most that theme
developer might give you access to a handful of tutorials and REI LandLeads has
those tutorials as well and they’re really, really well done. All you gotta do is click
on this Knowledge Base and it’s gonna open up a new window and you’ll see pretty much
everything you’ll need to know about getting your theme up and running all in these
tutorials right here. I went through most of these, the first time I was setting up my theme and they’re all very, very helpful and I think of pretty much
everything you’ll encounter. So definitely refer back to this liberally but just to say save you some time, I’m gonna just continue
going through this process. Once you’ve got REI LandLeads installed, first thing you’re gonna
do is click on Let’s Start. And this right here is another
one of the huge value adds that you’ll get from using
this particular theme. So normally, whenever you
install a new WordPress theme, it’s gonna require that you
do a lot of hunting around to find the right plugins and then install them
individually on your website so that your website actually
does the right thing. And that’s assuming you even know which plugins you’re supposed to get. But REI LandLeads totally understands that and rather than making you go out and find them all, you
can install them all with just a couple mouse clicks. I’ll show you how easy
and awesome this is. Just go down here and click Start and it’s gonna go to work. And normally this process
takes a few seconds to find all those
plugins and install them. However, on this particular website that I’m showing you here, all those plugins have already
been installed previously. So it just kinda shot
right to the next step but just so you know, it would normally take a few
seconds for all that stuff to happen so we can go
ahead and click Next. And then it’s going to import
all of the demo content that you see here on this demo. For example, like images
you see like this, the fonts and the colors and the
pictures in the background. So it’s basically going to give you a site right out of the box that looks pretty much exactly like this. So that’s what’s gonna
happen when we import that demo content. Let’s go ahead and click this and then it’s gonna take a few seconds to install that stuff. As you can see the little
progress percentage moving along and I cut out some of
that installation time but just so you know, it
took about 30 seconds for all that stuff to happen. And now the next step is to install some of the pre-made forms into this theme so that the forms like this
one, for example, are there and they work properly. So let’s go ahead and do
that and to import the forms, it’s probably the most
manual part of this process but it’s pretty easy. I’ll show you exactly how
that works right here. So we’re gonna go back
to this theme zip file and open it up, we’re gonna unzip it and then we’ll open this
and get into the folders and we’re going to go to this
Inc folder here and then Demo. And then we see these two
form files right here. This first one right here is this thing that you see right there and then the second form
here is the longer version of the form, it’s probably
the most important aspect of the website overall. It’s part of what makes this website so useful and functional. So we’ll have to install that as well so let’s go ahead and do the first one. We’ll just grab this and
drag it right over there and Import Form, okay? So the first one is done pretty easy and let’s do the second one now. Put that right there, Import Form again. Alrighty, now the second one was done too so if we go ahead and open up
the website, again, let’s see how different it looks now that all that stuff has been installed. All right, ready, go, so
pretty much the same thing as demo, it’s pretty much ready to go. And part of what makes this
theme so great is the fact that like everything is
pretty much done for you. Like if you wanted to, you could pretty much launch this site, right now without doing a whole lot of maybe updating your
logo, your phone number, any other specifics that
pertain to your business or any specific answers you
would want to put in here. As you can see, this doesn’t
actually give any answers, you would have to enter that in yourself. However, a lot of these questions here, were actually questions
that I came up with and suggested to be included
here just ’cause I know that they’re really important questions that people wanna know about. These are the same questions
I answer on my buying website and then also like you would want to actually explain your own,
about your company type thing and put your own information here. So there’s at least a few things, you’ll definitely wanna do, before you actually launch this thing. But also, there’s some other things that I don’t think are vital but are still somewhat important because the greatest strength of this kind of theme
is also in some ways, the greatest weakness
’cause if you got a bunch of people that are buying the same thing and if they don’t change anything about how it looks then your website, isn’t really gonna be all that unique. And the uniqueness of your website may or may not matter depending on, if there’s any other
competitors in your market or any other people who are trying to do the exact same thing as you. But in my opinion, I was trying
to do at least a few things to make my website just
kind of stand on its own so that it doesn’t look identical to a lot of other sites out there. And some of those things
that are really easy to do are obviously getting
your own unique logo. It’s also really, really easy to update these pictures in the background with super high quality
pictures that are free to use. It’s also super easy to update this video here if you want to. Again, I think this video is pretty solid but if you did want to
have your own version or make it more personal with your own face on it,
it’s pretty easy to do that and then I would also
probably change up some of the copy just so that it
says exactly the kinds of things that I would say. It doesn’t just mimic what this theme says right out of the box. If you have any real testimonials and by the way, if you
don’t, it’s not a bad idea to get a handful of those. But if you do have your own
legitimate testimonials, you can obviously add
one of those right here. I would definitely come
up with some answers to these questions because
they’re all pretty important and pretty much any serious seller who visits your site, is gonna be wondering about these things. So I would take some time to answer these and yeah, I’ll just quick jump into this and show you how you can
go about editing some of these things. And also, just quick reminder, pretty much everything I’m about to show you is all explained here as well. But I’ll just show you
firsthand how it’s done and how easy it is. So let’s go back over here to Pages and there’s not a whole
lot of pages you have to worry about here. It’s pretty much just this homepage that I’ve been showing you. So let’s go ahead and
click Edit right here and one of the plugins that gets installed when you
put this theme on your site, is something called Elementor which actually took me a
little while to get the hang of but once I did I realized
it’s actually pretty easy to work with, a lot easier than trying to work without this kind of plugin. And it basically just helps to arrange the content on
your site so that it’s easier to move things around
if and when you want to. So right here, if I wanted
to change anything about what this language says
right up here at the top, I can do that literally
just by clicking on it and then over here, I see the box where I can edit what it says. And then you just click
on the next section here and change it however you want. And keep in mind, if you wanted to move where the video is positioned
relative to this form, you could just click
on this and drag it up and put it right there if you wanted. I personally kinda like where its at so I’m just gonna leave it there. And also, if you do want
to change up the video that’s in here, it’s
really easy to do that. You have to go over here and right click on this thing
right there, click Edit Video and then right over here,
you’re gonna see a link to the video that’s on this page. And if you had your video
uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube or wherever, you just wanna get that link and overwrite it right here. Just paste it in there and it
will automatically populate, right there in that little
section of the site. So that’s really easy to do. You can also change up the image overlays, say if you have like a certain thumbnail that you want to display over that, I think you can actually do
that by default in Vimeo itself or within YouTube but
if you wanted to host that image right here just to make it look a little bit
different, it’s really easy to do that too. Now whenever you’re happy with
all the changes you’ve made, you just click this update button and it will make sure all
that stuff actually saves. It’s very important actually to click that or nothing you did is
going to remain in place. Likewise, whenever you see
literally anything on this page that you wanna change, it’s just as easy as what I just showed, you
just click on it right here and then you can go over here
and edit what that text says. Now when it comes to
these background images which I actually think
are pretty important to change up again, if you want
your website to look unique. It’s very, very easy to do that too, you would just click on the image itself and then click on this thing
and then click on Style and then you’re gonna see
this image right there. And there’s actually a few websites that make it super, super easy to get awesome high quality
images that are free to use. You don’t have to pay for them, you don’t have to include
any image attribution or any of that nonsense, you
can just literally take them and use them for whatever you want. And one of those websites
is called which is this one right here. I’ve used this for years
for all kinds of things. It’s probably my favorite one, there’s also another one called Pixabay which is very, very similar
and then as well. They’ll do pretty much the same thing but I’m just gonna go here and search for like, I
don’t know, landscape images to try to find a nice
pretty picture of land or in this case, we might
actually want to get a picture that’s less pretty. Because remember we’re talking to somebody who doesn’t want their land anymore and they’re trying to get rid of it. So if anything, we might even
wanna underscore the fact that hey, this land is
a problem in your life, remember, you wanna get rid of it. You want to accept a very
lowball offer that kind of thing. So there was ever a time, when I would give you full permission to use an uglier picture of land, this would be the time to do that. So I’m actually gonna look for one maybe that has like kinda like dull colors or maybe like black and white
colors or something like that. Maybe something like this might work so I’ll go ahead and download that one. Let’s see if I can find a few others, maybe something like this might work, maybe something like that,
maybe something like this, I think there’s actually
a pretty distinct, difference between a picture of land that’s ugly versus a picture
of land that’s low quality. We don’t really want low quality,
like super low resolution or anything like that but it’s not the brightest,
happiest, most sunshiny picture of a property as well. So I think we’ve got a few
pictures here, let’s go back to the site and we’ll
start making these updates. So I’m gonna click on Choose Image and then I’ll grab this first
one and just drag it over here to the browser and that’ll
upload automatically and then there we go. Insert Media, and then there you see that picture I just uploaded and that’s a unique image that most likely no other
users are gonna be using at least not right there. We can do the same thing here,
go ahead and click on this, go to Style again and
then select this thing and choose a different image. You get the idea, it’s
pretty straightforward and pretty easy to do. And also, if we wanna change
up some of the text here, we’ll just click on that
and again, we can go ahead and edit that over here. Pretty self explanatory
once you understand how to edit that text. Now something else you’ll notice from time to time throughout this site
are these little short codes that are built in. And what this is doing, is this is actually pulling information, from another part in the site. So whatever information
you enter in those fields, it’s gonna go over here and
automatically fill this in. This comes into play here on the homepage and then also on the
property submission form which I’ll show you in just a second. So first of all, let’s
go ahead and update this and another super important
thing you need to know about is where you can go and customize the site. So let’s go ahead and exit the dashboard and then we’re gonna go
over here to Appearance and then Customize. And I’ll show you what
I’m talking about here. So the first thing you’ll
wanna do is click on Layout and you’ll see a few sub
options that pop up here. First of all Site Identity. So the title of our site is
not gonna be REI LandLeads, it’s gonna be whatever the
name of our company is. I can go right in here and
just ABC Real Estate LLC or whatever you wanna put in there. And if you have some kind of tagline, you can put that in there. I personally don’t have
one at all for my company so I’m just gonna delete that. And if you wanted to
display that right up here at the top instead of this
logo, you could do that. However, I think it’s
usually probably better to just have an actual logo. And then you’d also want
to find that logo image and upload it right here which was the exact same
way we did it before where we grabbed that image and just dragged it onto
the screen and uploaded it. Once you find that here in the Media bing, you just select it as your main thing. And once you select that, it’s also gonna give you the
option to crop that image. So if it’s not sized perfectly by default, you can sort of move this box around so that it displays it just
right click Crop Image. And then do the same thing here and crop the image again, there you go. And then obviously, if
you are gonna use a logo, then you do not want to
have this box checked. You want to uncheck that and then also when we go
back here Call to Action. This is the text that shows up here so if you wanted to change that
it’s really easy to do that. And then obviously you want to put a real legit phone number in there, not like the one I’m
just putting in here now. And you can also change this so that when the person
clicks on that phone number, it’ll actually call from their computer, if they have everything set up correctly. So just make sure you
put that in here as well. When we talk about the Footer here that’s the logo and information
that shows right up here at the very bottom. So if you want a different logo to show up there you
would have to get that and upload it as well. And also something I should mention, while we’re on the topic of logos is that wherever you get your
logo from, it is important to make sure you’re getting that logo with a transparent PNG file. So definitely keep that in mind if you haven’t
gotten your logo yet and then also down here, the owner. So this is where we can
actually change up the things that show up here in the short code that I was talking about earlier. So we can say Seth Williams here and we could change up our title, whatever that happens to be. We can change up the company name and then our phone number too and whatever we put in here, it’s gonna automatically
populate all throughout the site, wherever these short codes show up. So you’ll notice whatever
I put in here affects what shows down here and
there and there and there and even down here, this
little copyright thing. So if you wanna change that stuff and do it the right way,
you would wanna go over here to this customize area and do it that way. And then once we’ve got
all this stuff set up, the way we want, we gotta click Publish to actually make it go live on the site. And then also, that’s not it, there’s a few other things
I want to keep in mind here that you can play around with. Probably the main thing
I draw your attention to is the Colors section
and I’m not even telling you that you need to mess with this. However, again, when it comes to making your website look unique, this is another way you can do that if you have a color
template setup for your company or your brand which is totally not a must but it can kinda help, just creating your overall brand image. And by the way, it’s
very, very easy to do this with a website called Coolors,
I’ll show you that quick. It’s over at, it basically just gives
you like an infinite number of different color schemes that
you can use for your website and all the colors you’re
actually gonna go together. So you don’t have to be an expert at color matching to do it, it’ll just work with this software and you really just hit the Space bar, until you see something you like. And just keep going and going and going and going, you get the idea. And say if you do see one color you like but you don’t like the
others, it’s very easy to just click this lock thing
to keep that color in place and then when you keep
pushing the Space bar, it’s going to continue
showing you other options that all go with this particular color. So like I like this one too,
I’m gonna lock that in place. I’ll lock this one in place
too and then keep it going and it’ll just keep showing me option, after option after option
until I see something I like. And when I see that I just
click the lock button, keep going until I find all the options that I think are gonna
go with my brand, boom. Now once we’ve got all
these colors in place, the nice thing is it shows
us this hex code down here and so we would just
have to copy and paste that over onto the site, right here. So let’s say for the secondary color, the color that shows all these buttons, all I have to do is select this and then copy and paste that in there and it’s going to update
that color right here. Now, I’m not telling you
that that’s the right color to use or anything but I’m just saying, if
you wanna change it around that’s how you can do that and then this website, will basically just make it really easy to find colors that are
all gonna work together. So keep that in mind as well. I’ll go ahead and link to that and all the other websites I’ve mentioned so far beneath this video, if you wanna check those
resources out and they’re all free which is the best part about them. So let’s go ahead and Publish this and there are some other
things beneath here. Say if you wanted to hire a developer to like really go to town
and change up lots of stuff, there are other things you
can monkey around with. However, I think for like
99% of the users out there, you’re not really gonna have to touch any of these things here. So we’ll go ahead and get out of there, we’ll head back to the dashboard and then let’s open this
site up again just to see where we’re at. And something I wanna
show you when it comes to the functionality of this
site and why it’s so awesome. Is that when people land
on this homepage here or when we actually tell people manually to enter in our website
and visit our homepage, they’re not gonna have
to do much searching or work very hard to do exactly
what we want them to do. We’re not gonna overwhelm them with a huge submission
form right out of the gate that’s gonna take them
20 minutes to figure out. All they gotta do is just
enter in their basic details to get their cash offer and
get the process started. So I’ll go ahead and just
show you what this looks like. Let’s say Seth Williams, email address, put that right there, property’s
state, Washington here, County, let’s say Benton
County and Get Your Cash Offer. So just in that first step, a
few things have happened here that I wanna point out
that’s very, very useful. First of all, it actually
sent a submission email to my inbox so even if this
person decides to bounce, they see this step two of the form and it looks like too much and they leave, I still have that information that they just submitted to me. I’ll show you what that looks like here. If we go here to my
inbox, we can see exactly what I just sent through so it’s pretty straightforward and simple. Now, another thing
you’re gonna see here is that those first little
pieces of information that the user filled in, are gonna be automatically
pre-filled in this form. So it already kinda
takes just a little bit of the work off their plate,
it’s really not hard for them to just continue filling
out the information. And something else I’ll point out here is that when I put together
my submission form, on my buying website, it’s
actually a very, very, important part of the site
because you don’t want the thing to be so long that it
overwhelms people and they leave but you also wanna get enough
information to work with so you can actually reply to this person with an email that sends
them an educated offer or at least gives you all
the information you need to do all your own property research. So it can be kind of a struggle to find that delicate balance and I
spent many, many hours trying to put together the right
form on my buying website which I actually did with a totally different
plugin called Gravity Forms. And actually I used to sell this form as a one off product on my
blog simply because I knew how important it was and I knew how much time it took me to put together and I saw a lot of other people struggling with doing this same task as well so I wanted to make that easier for them. Something you get if you
purchase this theme is that form is baked into the theme itself. Pretty much all the questions and items you see here are
literally from my form, like I pretty much wrote
the majority of this thing. And along with that comes
a lot of the functionality. So for example, when you
see this question here that says, are you the owner on title? If a person says Yes, they
can just keep moving on. If a person says No, it pops
out a few additional questions so that they can actually answer
who is the owner on title. But unless they click No,
they’re never gonna see that so the form doesn’t look
as big as it actually is. It only becomes longer if they need to actually answer those questions and it’s not gonna ask questions that aren’t relevant to them. So a lot of thought and
engineering was put into that so I just wanna point out
the importance of that and how useful and beneficial that can be. There’s a lot of other instances of the same kind of thing like down here. Do you have any loans and
mortgages on the property? If they say No, they just
move on, if they say Yes, it pops out more information
for them to answer. And again, are all of your
property taxes paid current? If they say Yes, all is
fair, if they say No, it asks for more information. So you kinda get the idea, there’s actually several
more instances like that here on this form but it really just collects
all the information that I wouldn’t normally
be asking if I was talking to this person on the phone but the beauty of it is
with this kind of website that person just does the work for me and it doesn’t have to eat up 20 minutes of my time having these conversations, it really just pretty much
puts that stuff on autopilot. And once they submit this information, this also goes to my inbox. So ideally, I would be getting
two emails from every person who visits the site and goes
through the entire process. However, if they choose to kinda skip town and just leave before finishing this, I’m gonna have at least a
little bit of information to work with right here and I can always send them
an email if I want to. So and there’s another
pretty remarkable thing, about this theme that I’m not gonna go
into much in this video but I’m gonna make a separate video to show you how it works and that is called the
Automated Offer plugin. And what this does is when somebody, submits their property
information, it takes into account what this person said their
estimated market value was of the property and then it
waits a designated amount of time and then sends
them an email automatically with an offer in that email
that is a small fraction of whatever number they put here. It’s obviously not a perfect system but when the goal is to
simply put out some feelers and find out whether or
not somebody is willing to entertain a super lowball
offer, this pretty much does that all on autopilot
so that you don’t have to actually manually
answer all these emails and send out these offers yourself. Which is not hard to do but
when you’re getting like dozens and dozens and dozens of
these on a regular basis, it does take a little bit of
thought and effort to do that. And this thing will just do
that for you while you sleep. So it’s pretty awesome. Again, I’m gonna show
you more specifics on how that works in a separate video. So keep an eye out for that as well but that pretty much sums up the basics of how this theme works. I’ve just been really impressed with it because this theme was created not just by some like computer
geek in their basement who thought they understood what land investors needed to have. It was created by people who are actually in the land
flipping business themselves and I was even able to put my own input into
the product you see here. It’s not that they took all of my input but they took a lot of it and it’s just pretty much the best theme, I’ve ever seen for the
land business by far. I know you can certainly
work with other themes that are a bit less expensive
but they take a ton of work and they definitely were
not designed with the needs of a land investor in mind. So if you’re looking for something that really gets you from A to Z with the least amount of work, this is the theme I’m recommending. If the price tag of this
theme is just too much, I understand what it’s like
to be starting a business and you just have limited
funds to work with. I’m also gonna include a link to the tutorial I put
together about AgentPress Pro. If you work with that theme, it’s definitely gonna
take a lot more work. And probably honestly, it’s
gonna cost more money in the end ’cause you’ll have to hire somebody to do a lot of the work for you, unless you’re already a WordPress whiz and you know how to do all this. However, I know most of us
are not myself included. Even after working with
WordPress for over 10 years, there’s still a ton of stuff
that I don’t understand and I don’t know how to do on my own and that’s why a theme like
this, I think is so important because it fills a lot
of those gaps for you and you don’t have to get
some third party involved to try to poke around and make the thing work
the way it was supposed to work in the first place. So I hope you found this helpful
and I wish you all the best as you’re putting together your website.

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