How to build a chatting website like Facebook – WITHOUT CODING

Want to create website like facebook ? Follow my steps . First Go to this website, Link can be found in description. Now, click on download, then click on Installer. Now, click on download Ossn. While downloading let’s go to this website. Link can be found in description. Now, let’s create an account, Click here. Now, you can fill in your information here, so we can sign up. Or, you can just click here, and sign in from your g-mail. Now, Click on Allow. Scroll down, and click order on the free choice. Scroll down, and click on “Proceed to Checkout”. Click on “I agree”, then click on “Complete Order”. Click hostings, then choose new account. Now, choose the free plan, by clicking order here. Now, agree for the terms, and click Complete Order. Now Click on “Hostings”, and choose “All accounts”. Go for Setup. Now Choose free Subdomain. Write Your domain name. Now, Choose Europe, and type in your password. Now, Click here on Hostings Box. Now let’s search for the domain name that we build. Type your website domain here, and hit Enter. Wonderful ! We’ve got a domain name till now, let’s continue. Go back to the Hostings tab, and click on Manage. Scroll down, and click on Import website. Click here and choose the file that we’ve downloaded at the beginning. Now, wait for it to upload the file. when the file is uploaded, click on file then choose file manager. Click on Public. Now, choose all then click on move. Delete these, then click on “Set all targetdirectories”. Delete these, then click Enter. Scroll down then delete this folder (ossn) . Delete these, then click Enter. Now, let’s go back to the Hostings tab then click home. Click on Hostings. Click on your domain, and choose manage. Scroll down, and click here. Now, follow my steps then type your passwords here. Now, open new tab and type your website. Go back to Hostings tab, and Copy this. Go to your website, and paste it here. Type in your password. Go to Hostings tab, and Copy this. Type your website name here, then type your E-mail address in both fields. Now, fill in your information in those fields. Now, type in your Username and Password. Well, Congratulations this is your administrator page of your website. Now, your can share your social website with your friends.

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79 thoughts on “How to build a chatting website like Facebook – WITHOUT CODING

  1. hey till creating of sql database i got everything right but the next step which you did searching for you website , i did the same but its not showing any further instructions as yours. please check it out : "" reply asap !!! thank u

  2. i need help, i went to the site and sign up but when i got to the end, there wasn't no free order. its $129, $229, and $499

  3. Will it be exactly like facebook? Will I be able to add or delete features? Do you have a continuation of this video? Please help me. You are amazing by the way. This step by step instruction is just what I needed! ❤❤❤! Thank you… If this works I will repay you for your kind deed God willing!

  4. A connection was reset (corresponding to a TCP RST).
    can't enter this site

  5. Being the fact that Facebook dominates the social connection media is there a way to compete with them without being sued?

  6. on validate for installation it shows phpfile info in red box and nex button is not appearing please help

  7. if watching this video we can make fb n all then why don't u made any websites like fb… we will also feel proud to have a website like fb made by an indian like you… we are waiting eagerly.

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