How to Build a Photography Website with WordPress

Hey guys welcome to WPBeginner and
thanks for watching. In this video I wanna walk you through
how to set up your own photography site using WordPress and we’ll walk through it
step by step. So if you’re ready let’s get started. The first thing we need to
do is we need to set up our hosting plan so I’m gonna go to WPBeginner and I
wanna go to deals we’ll go to hosting and all the way down we’re gonna use HostGator for this. WPBeginner has a coupon that we’re going to use right here. So if you click on
this it will copy that information and it will open up Hostgator for us so we can get
started. Now from here you just want to enter all the information and you can, if
you already have your domain you can click on that and say you already own it enter
your domain name here. If you don’t you can register a new site and see if it’s
available and if it’s not it will tell you it’s unavailable but then it will come
up with some alternatives that you can use. and we’ve already chosen our hosting plan.
So now I’m just going to go through, pause the video while I go ahead and set this up
and I’ll be right back. Alright so now that we have our hosting
setup we need to go ahead and install WordPress. So I’ll scroll down and you’re looking for something called like the Quick Install click on that and we’re looking for the WordPress Quick
Install and we’ll go ahead and say install WordPress for us, pick the site, here they’re asking for
a little bit more information and you’ll just want to fill that in when you have it all filled out just click install WordPress. Okay, cancel out of that, okay now that we have our WordPress installed let’s go ahead and login to the admin portion of our website. So I’m gonna
go to my site /wp-admin and you’ll want to bookmark this because this is how you
can access the admin side, the admin portion of our site any time you need to. Now this is what it
will look like when you first install your WordPress site. So we’re going to do a little bit of cleanup first I’m gonna go into plugins and there’s some plugins that are already installed and we’re just gonna remove them we don’t need them I’ll show you the ones you’ll want. We
will keep Akismet. You can do a bulk you can bulk deactivate all of those and
hit apply and I wanna select them all, keep Akismet and I want to delete all of those
and that just cleans up your site a little bit. Now even though I’m keeping it I’m gonna
go ahead and deactivate that. What Akismet is, it’s a great way to keep spam from hitting your
blog so Akismet is a really good thing and you can go in and set that up. Okay now that we’ve done a little bit of
cleanup we can just take a look at the site and see what it looks like right
now with WordPress installed. This is it, it has the default 2015 theme on the site right now
and this is what it looks like with bare bones information but we’ll fix that. So the first thing we want to do is
let’s go ahead and get a theme that is great for photography so we’re
go in and we’re going to search the thousands of themes that are available in
the repository and we’ll add a new one. So I’m under Appearance themes and while
I’m here these are the three themes that are currently installed on our website this is the one that we see and then these
are the older themes that come with WordPress. But we want to go in and want to
click Add New and now we can search themes in this is pulling from the
WordPress repository of all the themes that they’ve reviewed and approved and so I’m gonna look for photography themes and you can just go through and see which one you
like and scroll through and see what might suit you. I know I’m actually going to use a
particular theme called patio for this and this is the one I want to use. What you can do when you see one that you like is you can view the details of it, get an idea of what it looks like, if it
looks good and you like it now this will look a little bit different once we have
more information on our site then you can click Install here and show you a few other things, details of preview you can also install here and that’s what I’ll do. And what it does is
it downloads the whole theme to your website and unpackages it and we’ll go
ahead and activate it here as well. Right, now that we’re using this theme Let’s
go ahead and add some images so I’m going to go to Media ->Add New and I want to add a few
images to work with so I’m gonna go to my computer and these are the ones that
I’ve saved I’m gonna select them all and drag it over. Now what I want to do is
create a few posts and these posts are what will come to the front page once I add them.
So I’m just gonna do some simple posts with the featured image set and I’m gonna do
that a few more times. Alright if we go to All Posts we’ll see we have about four and then hello world which is the default post that comes when you first
install so let’s go to our site and we’ll click Refresh and we’ll see what it starts to look like. It’s really beautiful, kind of brings it all out and you see hello world would be something different if we had another one there. So it’s looking good, the next thing we want to do is
we want to set up some pages so we’ll have some menus and these will be somewhat blank
we’re not going to add the content we just want to add the pages so I’m going to do Home, About Us, Contact and since this is a photography site, let’s go ahead and add a gallery page. Okay, now if we go back to our site and we click refresh, now you see that our menu has been set up. Now you can change that by going back to
your dashboard, let’s go to Appearance>Menus and right now it’s just pulling in all
the pages because we haven’t set a menu up so lets go ahead and set up a menu.
Create new call it main menu and it’s wanting to bring all of these over by default. You can
remove these by clicking on the down arrow and say remove, and I’ll do that with this one as well. And these others you can drag and drop them to make it look however you want. Over here you also can add a custom link here if you have a particular set
of categories say of photography tips you can add that to the menu as well but
we’re pretty happy with this so I’m gonna just click Create Menu. Right now that
I’ve created it I need to give it a location so I wanna go under Manage
locations and for this particular theme I have a primary menu and since thats the only menu I have I’m gonna go ahead and set up my main menu. Now understand that each theme
has its own set of menu locations and many items that you can choose from
so if you’re using another theme you may have several here to choose from alright, now we’ll just take a quick look and that’s what it looks like. Alright so our site is
starting to take shape and what we want to do next is add the gallery to do that
we’re actually going to use a great plugin, we haven’t talked about plugins yet,
plugins are ways to extend the functionality of your website. And to do
that we’re going to go back to our dashboard and we’re going to go down to
Plugins>Add New. We’re gonna add a few more but the first one we’re doing is the plugin
that we’re looking for is the Envira gallery lite plugin so I’m gonna install that now and
like the theme it goes out to the repository, grabs it, unpacks it and we’re
gonna go ahead and activate the plugin as well. Alright, once it’s activated we have a little Envira Gallery area down here so I’m gonna click on Envira Gallery so you can see currently we don’t have any galleries so we’re gonna add a new gallery and you can name this
whatever you want. Now you can either upload the images from here or you can insert
from other sources in and since I aldredy have these uploaded, I’m going to pick these and
go through and choose which ones I want to use let’s use that one and insert into
gallery and I’m gonna insert, you can see them down here. While this is open like this
you can also move and change the location of all the images and how
they’re going to look. Now that we have all those uploaded we can go and configure it and
from here you can choose how you want the gallery to look. I want to do two columns
the gallery theme since It’s the lite we only have the base to choose from, you can, from
here it automatically enables the lightbox popup that’s when you click on
an image and it pulls it up into a light box again the base is the only have so far,
and you can also choose between the caption position we’re not going to worry about
that, and then there’s some miscellaneous items to look at so we’ll click Publish. Great, once I click Publish now it’s telling
me that I can highlight this which I will and I can copy this shortcode
and I can put that wherever I want so if I want to, which I do, I want to go to my pages
and your remember that gallery that we set up the gallery page, I’m gonna edit my gallery page
and right now there’s nothing there. You can do one of two things, you can either
add you can either click the Add gallery from here and choose the photos gallery
that we did or like what I did is I copied it so I’m gonna paste the shortcode
there we can click update and now when we go to our site and click on the gallery, you see this beautiful gallery
showing here. Now the photos look great but I do want to add a little bit more
and to do that I wanna show you some of the Pro features that Envira Gallery
offers so let’s just take a look at it. Now the pro version of Envire Gallery has
some pretty great features including you can get some gallery templates if you
notice the one that we have was just base you can also add some social sharing
icons like for Pinterest and whatnot there’s also a way to add videos to your
gallery if you want. One of the things I like for photographers are the fact that
with the pro version you can add watermarking to the photos you upload
you can also show it in a slideshow if you’re working with clients you can do a
proofing addon so that when it’s time for them to view the images that you’ve
taken the photographs that you’ve taken then there’s a proofing process that goes on there
there are a ton of other things one of my favorites is the Instagram addon. So
if you’re taking a lot of pictures I’m sure you’re adding images to Instagram and in
this add-on allows you to automatically import all those into its own gallery so
instead of just talking to you about these I’m actually going to upgrade to the
envira gallery pro so I’m gonna pause this video, you can go in and as well and upgrade and
when I’m done I’ll show you how it all looks. Alright, once
you’ve gone in and purchased your Envira Gallery plugin you want to go to
the download section and you’ll just want to download the main Envira Gallery and save it
somewhere on your desktop. And now we’re going to go back to our website and
install the pro version so I’m going to go to my Plugins>Add New and this will be a little
bit different than what we’ve done before because we actually have the
plugin installed locally so instead of searching here we’re gonna upload the
plugin here and you can choose the file. Since I have it down here I can just left
click and drag it up there and it will automatically bring it in and it’s ready
for me to install. I also want to activate the plugin and you’ll see that we want to add the license information so I’m gonna go back to Envira Gallery, grab my license key, come back
here and add it and verify. Okay, now that we have that all done we’re good to go. So let’s add a few of the add-ons I was
just talking about. We’ll go into add-ons let’s go ahead and refresh them make sure that all the ones that we want to deal with are in here and we’re going to add, you want the
gallery themes addon, that gives different themes to choose from and I’m gonna install and then I’ll click activate.
Let’s scroll down, I also want to install the Instagram addon and show you what that looks like and we want to do the Pinterest addon that lets you show a pin it button and sice we’re gonna… We’ll do a proofing addon and we’ll activate that. Alright, so I’ve added a few add-ons, addons just extend
the functionality again so I’ll go back to the Envira Gallery work with the gallery that
were on and if you notice we have a few more tabs to work with and under
config so for the gallery theme I’m gonna choose sleep see what that looks like, click
update, and refresh and this is actually what it looks like when I click on it this
is the light box that pops up and you see it’ scrolling through so I updated the
gallery theme since we updated the gallery addon we also have different
light box themes to choose from so I’m gonna just try showcase and see what that
looks like cick refresh, and when I click on it you see now the border is more prominent. So that’s changing some of the themes now under
Pinterest you can enable the pin-it button on the images and choose where you want
them to go I’ll say to the top right. And we want to go ahead and have it as the gray and we’ll
update that and for proofing you want to enable proofing and we can leave the Save
button and things like that as they are and this will be the message
that they get you can even allow the user to specify how many of an image, the
quantity of the images that they want so we’ll do that and also specify the size
options. So with size options say you’re allowing an
eight-by-ten or a five-by-seven you can specify them here and then when they’re
going through and looking at them they can choose which ones they want. So I’ve set
up a couple of things for proofing. I’m gonna update that once we’ve done all that let’s go ahead and update our Envira Gallery and we’ll take a look at a few things that we’ve
just set up I’m gonna go back to my gallery page and click Refresh and you’ll notice
a few things. First off you now have these check marks that’s further proving
if you’re wanting to allow the clients to proof and select which ones they want
this is the proofing in action. Say I want an eight-by-ten on that and two five-by-sevens and then you can submit as the end user and see how it says that they’ll be in touch also when I click in it you noticed that we now have a Pin It button and when I pin it go out and get pinned. The next thing I want to
show you is the Instagram addon, in order to set that up we need to go to Settings
click on the Instagram addon and just remember this is showing here because we
were under addons earlier and I activated it here. So let’s go to Instagram and we need to
authenticate with it. If you’re logged in it will automatically authenticate for
you if not you’ll need to log in and add that as well. So let’s create a new Envira
Gallery and we’ll use Instagram as Envira Gallery type, feed type. You can
choose from my Instagram photos and that just brings all of them and you can
choose to do the ones that you’ve liked or a particular tag say if since you’re a
photography site you can do tag of photography this gives you less control but it will
dynamically pull in all of those items and the number of photos to show, it will just
show the top, let’s show the top 10 we’ll do the standard resolution and you can link to
that location if you want and I’ll click publish. I’m gonna copy the shortcode there, we’ll go to post and add new we’ll call it Instagram and I’ll add the shortcode here and publish and if you
remember I added I said bring me in all the photos with tag of photograph so you can
see it can be a little random to have a little bit more control over that just go back
into the Envira Gallery, go to Instagram and maybe change that to photos that I like
that way I have more control over it and it will bring in the photos I have physically gone
into Instagram and liked and see that you have a little bit more control. So that’s
the Instagram addon which I love. Now as we’ve been going in and setting these up you’ve
probably noticed that I kept going in to the each gallery and I kept clicking on
config and I kept having to change it to sleek because sleek is the I like I kept trying
to change the columns and stuff. Well there’s a, an addon that you can go in
if you use every gallery a certain way you can go into the addon section and you want add what’s called the defaultd addon. When we install that and activate it now I can
go to Envira Gallery go into Envira default settings and let’s edit that. What this is going to do is any new
gallery that I set up this, these default settings will be applied so under config
I wanted to be base three. I like the sleek gallery theme so I want that going
down I don’t think there’s anything else I want from there under the light box
again I like the sleek and for me that’s all. I can also choose to have the enable
it to come up enable the Pin It button to come up on
all new ones proofing and whatever other add-ons I
have so I’m going to click update and now when I go in and add a new gallery, you see it says default and if I look under config normally by default this is one for me by
default this is base now I’ve set that up to where most of the settings that I
like they’re already there and so all I have to do is add the images. And when I hit
publish I have a new gallery set up with those default settings. Now maybe you’ve
noticed that everytime I create an Envira Gallery then I go in to post
you can also do that to page but I go in to post every time and add a new post and
then add the gallery well you can add the add-on standalone addon and when you
activate that now when we go into our galleries. When I go into photos now I
have a view so I can view the gallery straight from there it doesn’t have to
be added to any poster page this is the gallery URL and this is the gallery
itself on a stand-alone so no more adding to a post or page you can share
that directly. Alright now that we have set your galleries we’re going to cover a
couple of other plugins the next plugin we’re going to deal with is the Yoast SEO plugin so I’ll go to plugins Add New and go to use SEO we’ll install it and then
we’ll activate it as well and this helps with improving your search engine
rankings with Google and as well as some of the other search engines by showing
you best practices and things like that. So now you see that we’ve activated it and if
you want you can start the tour we’ll close this out as we’ll right now. So we
have a new area over here under SEO and we’ll click on that and under general is just
the general settings you can also restore to all default settings if you
want. Let’s go under your info and enter your
info this is your business name or your website name you can enter that
information here and what this does is when you do a search on Google it’ll
come up with this as your name of the company or the person so that’s why you
wanna fill this information out, same thing with company or person it’s just
telling them how to show your website on Google search results. Under webmaster tools you can add any of your webmaster information and when we’re finished with everything we’ll click Save Changes Now’s now let’s go to titles and meta
and this is how Yoast will set up your titles on your page we’ll leave it as,
well leave it like that and it shows up here so that’s how it pulls that information in.
We’re happy with that we’re happy with the others as well. Under
social you can set up all these social network profiles that you have and this
will help pull in all of your identities online and under Facebook you can also set
this up to where you show a default image as well as a default title and description. You
can set up the Twitter and Pinterest as well along with the Google+ under the
XML sitemaps, the XML sitemap that tells Google and any of the other search engines your
pages and what to look for on your website and you can set that up.
We like the default they have a pretty good setup there we want to leave
everything like that. Advanced, some of the powerful items for
using Yoast SEO, it comes on the Posts Page. Yoast will go
through and qualify your keywords if you’re looking to say rank for
photography tips this would be a great indication of how well you are doing once you enter the information and then down here is the Yoast SEO area. This is what it will look like when you search in Google shows your page up in the rankings. You can
enter a focus key word here and based on what you put in here. Then Yoast goes
through and gives you kind of a rating and things to work on. Obviously we have
no content right now so that’s red but if you wanted to do this as a keyword
topic you go through and you add the content with this keyword in mind and all of these
reds and oranges should turn to green. So that’s the powerful overview of how to
deal with Yoast SEO and that would also help you with ranking in Google. Alright the next
plugin that we want to install is something that deals with our website
speed. You can test the speed of your website by. You can test the speed of
your website by going to pingdom and doing a test and this is a real-time test to
show just how fast it takes for somebody to access your site. It will also
return basically a test results it will through and test your site and it will give you a performance and right now this is at 75. It’s likely because we have some images
on there whatnot so that’s the importance of adding the plugin called W
three total cash and we’ll install that now so I’m gonna go back to my plugins, add new and I’m looking for W3 total cache and you’ll see it right here, it’s the one we want so we’ll install now and we’ll activate it as well. Alright, once you have that we
have this performance tab over here we’ll want to go to the General Settings
there are two main things that we want to work on one is the page cache and, cat,
page caching is just a way to reduce the response time from your site to the
server. Basically you have images in other media that’s on your site that
rarely ever change so you’ll want to cache those to make it faster for people so do
that one and then the other one we’re looking for is the browser, browser cache
the browser cache is enabled and basically what that does is when a
person goes to the website for the first time their browser will download all the
needed files all the scripting files and whatnot they’ll, the browser downloads it that way
when it goes to the next page all that information is already in the
browser and it doesn’t take any time. So we’re going to save that, so we’re gonna
save that and I want to go to the browser cache area and you basically want to
click on and you, and you want to have all of these selected, all except for the 404 error. When you’re finished with that we’ll just click Save Changes. Save all settings, and what we can do now is we had a 75 so
let’s test it again and we’ll see what comes with the next
time. And so now you’ve increased your performance. Alright so now we have gone through the whole process of creating a website, adding your
hosting, setting up WordPress, installing a new photography site, adding a gallery
for the site, and now all you need to do is go ahead and add your own content,
your own information, and your site is ready to go to be a full photography
site. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there, we’d love to hear from you. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.

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