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Welcome to Website Builder’s Designer view. Let’s get you online. ANNOUNCER
You’ve already selected your theme — now it’s time to make this website your very own unique spot on the Internet. ANNOUNCER
No two people or businesses are alike, so we’ve made sure you can customize just about every aspect of your site. ANNOUNCER
You can add text, ANNOUNCER
Social media feeds, ANNOUNCER
business apps, ANNOUNCER
and much more. ANNOUNCER
In Designer view, you can control everything with simple drag-and-drop. To add an item to your site, just grab it from the toolbox and drag in onto your canvas. ANNOUNCER
Your chosen design already includes images, but you can easily replace them with your own so customers get to know your business. ANNOUNCER
You can take pictures of yourself, your staff, your business — add anything you like to your site. ANNOUNCER
Before you publish your website to the web, use the preview function to check out exactly how it’ll look to your audience. ANNOUNCER
You and your business evolve all the time, and so will your website. Remember that you can update your site at anytime and instantly publish your changes to the web. ANNOUNCER
That’s it. Go ahead: Dive in and create your site!

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27 thoughts on “How to build a website for your business | GoDaddy

  1. Don't use GoDaddy Website Builder.  It is very unprofessional. They won't allow you to modify the CSS.  If you drag and drop a slideshow to the page, you have to eyeball it's position. No grid, no measuring mechanism.  You position everything by eyeballing. If you drag and drop a navigation bar to the page, it stays there for every page. You cannot change the position of the navigation for other pages. The programmers for this Webbuilder think everybody is an idiot.

  2. that's funny they have the time to edit people's comments from youtube but not the time to fix this stupid problem

  3. So how do we do anything useful, like edit the HTML/CSS directly? What if we had JS code we needed to integrate into the site? Etc, etc.

  4. I have to ask, why am I unable to rotate my images? I'd like to be able to rotate text/images.. Any help GoDaddy?

  5. I just can't get past this video, I've wasted hours tonight trying to. Can't setup my Web page 😞 as this video is blocking everything. Gutted.

  6. So it appears I'm not the only one having issues with the video. You advertise that you make websites easier still waiting to see those results

  7.  Huge Problem with Slide Shows in V7 – Try Pool Services Theme. When you caption the slide show you get large lettering in a blue box that is in the middle of the screen over the faces of anyone in your slideshow. You can not edit or customize it to make the box and lettering smaller and to move it to the bottom of the image where a caption should be. GoDaddy should be embarrassed for such poor captioning with no customizing/editing possible. As a paying customer, I don't want to be a beta tester.  And be sure to download all photos from V6 of your website prior to going to 7 as you can't access them from 7. Going back to 6 long enough to download them from storage means you have to start all over in 7 when you return.

  8. I have created my site using website building however when i try to publish it, it shows me "Oops!
    We're not quite done setting up your account. Please wait 30 minutes and try publishing again." . Please help

  9. Ok Go Daddy, I'm having two problems.

    1. On my menu page.  When I put in the prices of my menu they appear to be in the right place – but as soon as I leave the widget and return to the website builder the prices "migrate" to the "descriptions" tab of the items.

    2. When I click publish I get the old "Oops! We're not quite done setting up your account.  Please wait 30 minutes and try publishing again".  I've had that for over 24 hours now.

    Please advise.

  10. There are various ways that a business – be it big or small – can acquire a dedicated website. You could utilize a free tool from any hosting providers, sign up for a blogging service, or ask a friend who can do it for you. There is a plethora of options in getting your business a website.

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