How to Build a Website from Scratch

today I’m going to show you the step by step process the entire process for building a website from scratch even if you’re starting with nothing nada zip zilch oho geez all stay tuned homie I’m Owen video hey guys I’m Owen video and if you want to learn how to use video and online marketing to build your business then don’t forget to subscribe to the channel click that little Bell notification so that you don’t miss a beat today with sort of a special video we’re reaching outside of the YouTube realm we’re going to be talking about some basic internet marketing skill sets with how to design a website from absolute scratch this video is designed for the youtuber the business owner or the blogger you want to have a website but you just don’t know where to start and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be confusing it can be expensive and at the end of the day you could be setting up a website that to just get completely hacked and melted down and destroy your whole business and your life I’m serious it happened to a friend of mine so I’ve taken a lot of time on today’s video and I’ve been crystal clear on the full process for setting up a website and having it running within 24 hours over the course of the video today here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to buy a domain name you’re going to set up the hosting you’re going to change the name servers and you’re going to install WordPress now there is a second part to this video and you can access it up here and in that second part I’m going to be showing you a little bit more advanced stuff on how to design the website and really get it looking the way you want but today in today’s video I’m going to be showing you the full process of starting a website from absolute scratch so get buckled in today’s training is going to be very thorough with a computer so the first thing you’re going to do is pick your domain and the domain is the website address there’s a lot of places that you can go to get a domain name I like to use Namecheap it tends to be a few cents cheaper but I just like how everything is organized here so in this case I put something like you know Owen video TV and click on search and you can see here that the domain Owen video T V dot Club you know is available for a buck 80 80 year but who the heck wants that down below I can see all the different variations that are available Owen video tv Club Owen video TV dot me Owen video TV dot online and so on and so forth and I can just search for the one that I want I can also check on new domain extensions and so on and so forth you’re going to you’re going to want to try to go with the dot-com or you’re going to want to go with like a dot TV or something like that pick out your domain name add it to your cart and buy it it’s going to cost you anywhere from $10 to $30 for the year let’s move on to step two once you’ve purchased your domain name you’re now going to move over to Hostgator and you’re going to purchase your hosting hosting is the online storage and the online space the online memory that you’re effectively renting so that you can place your website up your domain is like your address and then your hosting is sort of like the land that you’ll build your house on and you’re going to buy the baby plan it’s going to give you unlimited domains and unmetered bandwidth now any web geek is if you’re a web nerd you’re going to go all Hostgator this and I’ll Hostgator that and what all that means look we’re trying to help a business owner or a vlogger get a simple website up and off the ground right now today and so I want you guys to just go with the baby plan because you can install multiple websites over and over again you get email with it and there’s tons of great features to that I’ve put all these links in the description box and I put them in the iCard system now we’re going to click sign up now and I want you to be very clear about how to purchase this first of all you want to click on I already own this domain it’s very important okay so now Hostgator will set this up using your name cheap domain you’ll enter in your domain name here you’re going to go with the baby plan now this part is entirely up to you in terms of how long you’re going to purchase it for up to a year 24 or 36 months let’s just go with 12 months you’re going to enter in a username a security digit pin okay you’re going to enter in all of your billing info and then here’s the deal and then the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to just check off any additional security services or additional services that you don’t need my advice to you keep the website security and keep the site backup and restore this way you can always protect everything that you do G sweet it’s cool but you don’t need it SSL you don’t need that right now and enter a coupon code if you have one review your order details it’s going to come out to 147 35 click on the terms and then checkout you’re going to get an email from them confirming that your hosting is active and that’s when you can move into the next portion and actually install your website let’s talk about your cPanel your cPanel stands for control panel and this is the user interface that Hostgator provides to you to manage to literally control all the different things that you’re hosting can do so when you get your registration email from Hostgator you’re going to get access to your cPanel pay very close attention by the way to the address they give you to log into and don’t ever lose your username and password I mean you can reset it but this is really important information that you’re going to need over and over again so you’re going to log into your cPanel you’re now inside the host gator account guys there’s so much that you can do here but again I want you to only focus on the steps in this video if you want to get your website up and running now what I want you to do is go to the lower right hand side and get your primary and secondary name servers I want you to write these down or copy them because we’re going to use them momentarily so go ahead and copy those now once you’ve got them copied now we’re going to go back over to Namecheap and we’re going to change the name servers in Namecheap I’m back in Namecheap and I’m looking at my domain dashboard I’m going to click on manage the domain name that I want to make changes to I’m going to scroll to the left hand side where it says name servers click on the drop-down and change to custom DNS here I’m going to paste name server 1 and name server 2 from Hostgator click on the check box to complete it and allow up to 48 hours for this to actually take place now that my domain has been pointed to the website and I have purchased a hosting plan I’m ready to install WordPress into my web site and to do this I’m just going to press get this guy’s WordPress one-click installation I’m going to select the domain that I want to install WordPress in and again I don’t need to mess with this right here this is again it’s more advanced I’m just going to leave this here and click Next here I’m going to put some standard title things so I’m going to just call this Christian perspective I’m going to enter in some information here that’ll serve as my account login I’m just going to call this like I always do you’re gonna put a username here your first name and last name and then of course the email that you want associated with it I’m going to go ahead and put this email right now later in the video I’m going to show you how to create an email for this particular domain it’s going to ask you automatically create a new database yes and Terms of Service and click install okay now at this point WordPress is installing into your website the installation is complete and then my installation details are right here I’m also going to get an email with this information and there it is right there okay very key information this is how you’re going to log into your website and make changes with the admin URL a note about the admin URL is it’s always going to be your domain comm slash WP dash admin ok it’s always going to be that on WordPress unless you have some type of custom installation this is my username and this is my password so if my name servers have activated and they’re already pointing to the hosting then this link will work just fine if you did this very quickly or if you just pointed the domain and then you went to install this probably won’t work for another 24 hours so if it doesn’t work you need to give it time and it says this site cannot be reached which means I need to wait just a few more hours like another day ok and this is the part that we’ll cover in video two so what we can do is in the meantime we can go back to our cPanel and set up our email for this website I’m back in the Hostgator control panel alright and what I’m going to do is click on email accounts so seriously so easy and I’m going to type in the email that I want to use and I’m going to set the domain so for this one I’m just going to go Oh info I’m going to click on the domain the Christian perspective I’m going to set a password I’m going to click this to unlimited and I’m going to create an account it says you’ve successfully created an email account which I can now tie in to Gmail or into Outlook or into any other program that I want to add it into to access that email ok I’m going to click over here on email I’m going to click on web mail I’m going to come over I’m going to find the email I want so I’m looking for info at the business of video podcast down here at the bottom and I’m going to click access webmail now what this is going to do is it’s going to give me an option of three different readers that I can use and I can change those readers whenever I want so it says change your email configuration options anytime success got it and then I’ll just pick one of these these are just kind of like Gmail or Outlook this is just different ways of looking at your mail and they all pretty much look the same so let’s just go to roundcube and then it will click on that and here’s my inbox right here and I can send and check my mail from here now most of the time I’m not going to do this I’m actually going to tie it in with Gmail and we’ll cover that in another video I hope you enjoyed this training and that you found it valuable remember you can access part two right over here and I’ve got a whole playlist here of WordPress web design and landing page videos that’ll help you to become a better marketer and build a better website don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already thanks for watching I’m Owen video

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16 thoughts on “How to Build a Website from Scratch

  1. This is the Best Way for Noobs. Honestly I would like to code and make a website with HTML as I like coding.😃

  2. Great stuff, brother. Even though I came from a Web background over to doing YouTube, I chose to go with WordPress simply for the ability to rapidly get content out there. There are certainly more elegant ways to publish to the web, but for us One Man Shows, it's certainly hard to beat WordPress. It should be noted though that one must always stay up on updating WordPress, because being the most widely used package, it's also the most targeted.

  3. Hi I am a 14 year old boy with a channel wanting a YouTube future lately I channel had a down fall. I don't get the views for the content I create may I know if you are able to review my channel and after any advice?

  4. I always recommend Digital Ocean + Server Pilot + WordPress. In five minutes, with $5/month, you're setup with a great WordPress starter site.

  5. I have a site already. It is now a blog (and I don't like the static page I made) 🙁 I need to update the whole site because my business has evolved over the last few years. I didn't find your link at the top. What video do you recommend?

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