How to Build a Website with Weebly

How to build a website with weebly. Hi, here, Freddie Fulton here and we are going to walk through the steps of building
a basic website using weebly. And this is the free option on weekly and we will begin right away Go to type in that URL and you’ll come to this
page where you can just create your user account i am meyer you do that we’re gonna go start to
finish on this and it’s only about eleven minutes long to get uh… that site live on the uh… internet with uh…
weekly hosted account so the first uh… thing you need to do is
to use his team in this plenty of good dude plenty of good uh… free seems soyuz things and uh… we’re going to use this uh… this block
one with the rest backround and used it before and so we’re going to ensure a uh… weebly dot com domain and that’s a
subdomain it’s free and allows heater put up by three page website so pretty basic but switches that option but if you have
your own domain you can directed here or you can register in new
new new domain radon weebly so we’re going to uh… call this x_y_z_ call from the next will call for secular
for cough professional who’s asked me to uh… to put a uh… small site to get a farm cell cling to walk through that right now so here’s tutorial rats kicked out but words different watching if it’s
uh… your first time so we’re going to begin basically it starts
with the home page being built with uh… the theme they picked some of that uh… title then we’re going to oedipus image because this road really
do doesn’t have anything to golf so i have
uh… galitsin images from uh… a freeze stock photo site and we’re going to use this one on our home
page it’s uh… to makes clear uh… graphic that i really like for the
school for takes over bring add this and then we’re gonna have to normally century tan line it up but
uh… it just came in perfect hardly enough and i’m natalie that as is uh… going after test the with tenants is going to say
that and then you also have the option of saving it to
this page and every other page so uh… he saved all pages he will then be on all pages so we’re gonna save just this one
because it is a big graphic i like it on the first page but they do not think i
want that on every page uh… some hours going up the build this small uh… uh… command of the framework and we’re gonna add to couple more pages
besides the home page so look contact page this is how prospective customers will be able to
get a hold of uh… the golf professional in this case or
your business and so we had about page we didn’t have
a picture uh… berwyn adorn alamat one market which will be the golf uh… bio page so in this case it’s more
of its it’s an about page basically and we’ll talk about the gov professionals qualifications but
uh… this would be your business qualifications are your about page address and whatnot and we’re gonna have a little picture on
that page so basically this website is framed we got the home we got contact page at
the gulf bio soul never going to add that the uh… picture now to the uh… home page actually no system and the bio page so
this is the header and witnesses how u sets the uh… the pictures and you can really bring in almost any size picture
and just edited in traded and fitted intersected
their space okay that reinstated just to this page uh… because we have with on a reset the home page and salute look at the home page and that’ll
have larger graphic still so it’s good now we’re going to have some content
here many options you can put in the title text just an
image uh… image and text a slide show which is nice we’re gonna
had uh… for some cop and so we had at the two column layout here
we have a clip many options because animation text blacked out we’re gonna add the image on the left of this to column
layout and will text-only on the right side so basically that sets up the layout when it first hand the going its reading the text which uh… actually get already but i i realize it actually had a dumb below
which you’ll see later so that we had to be text which i denoted have too much we take it out so bring it in from a word doc and so that’s just the wanted to show welcome message who were talking about services we
provide and pretty basic information we’re going to next had uh… the pics from the left so the formatting he is the peaceful colin text editor and talk here to increase the size of the fonz bold underlying all that kind of stuff and
adding links and centering unless building all that stuff is using that text editor you don’t have t their nature candle her any sort of programming with this solely it makes total website uh… very easy quickly does now we’re going to add a picture here on
our home page just to make it look nice glossy and a minute to use this golfer and slowed up and that size looks pretty good and you can see down below that text box
that i lost earlier it’s actually employees have to click on the right
side and and articles so that’s our home page it’s done next we’re going to add contact page which is going to just be a
forum we would dragnet over a straight from the right back from the left of the right and this
is the form and again you can make this allot prettier lestat and you can also change the forma layout as well you could it doesn’t have to be naman message email you can pretty much add whatever you want it whatever you want and then there’s the thank you message which you can edit as well and you can have that answer stand message that pops up were linked
to another page if you want and uh… just automatically saves when you click save so your contact
pages done in a matter of seconds no building form sir calling required to that states and now we’re going to have her final
page which is the golf bio age and again here i’m just gonna add image and text together on this page
just show you the difference and it will uh… oh actually wrap the the text around the image which is which is a nice connects feature specially if you’re
doing a lot of a lot of posts and uh… doing corporate images ten it’s just makes the appearance that much cleaner and uh… professional looking serena again cut and paste in all this
information so that we have to watch me take that i tried to keep this as much israel time
as possible uh… i may have cut thirty seconds out
of this just for a a loading up a couple of the images that is about it so where indeed some basic editing here and again a when i get this finalized them give them make it look much better you can spend a
lot of time on the editing you can now actually go into the themes change the settings on the entire site
if you want a different font he won a different uh… color for headings versus uh… the text it’s all customizable and so we’re gonna see that rocket’s we’re gonna fix this heading and then we’re gonna and then when i say that and that pages soul it’s ready to go uh… we got social icons which is you know really important these days this is where you put your face book
page sheer twitter profile of helen linkedin and email uh… these buttons walt just popup window if someone clicks on this case it sent an email to my website address and i mean to leave the face but twitter and
what not empty right now but uh… and that is uh… a really nice feature
that you speak with difficult to do and where to publish this and i’m gonna skip this step and i just skipped over the verification
and i’m a human part uh… so you have to watch that and here is the live so this is uh… missus wolf this is
what it looks like on the air internet there’s my button at the top left for my
email home contact bio this is the home page uh… i mean i considering it’s been ten minutes looks
pretty slick here’s the contact page i would probably
had a picture and there are and uh… title some text above that but now go to the bio page small picture we
havent picture on the left and then uh… the text of the bio and we clean up a little bit look still
looks pretty good i prolly had a title in here to so thanks watching uh… we’d
love created subscribe and uh… also this local search canada
dot com for additional information on this video and other local search topics at
hand thanks for watching and check fee description for some more information

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10 thoughts on “How to Build a Website with Weebly

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  2. i will be visiting your site from time to time. i already had a weebly site. the question is- how can i buy a domain out of this?

  3. Can you add songs to this from your computer? (Say for example, if you were a musician looking to make a website, can you add your own music on here?)

  4. I have a question i have a page on my website which is a blog and i would like to know when someone searches blog on google i want my blog to come up how is that possible?

  5. How come this version that you say is free, has Image & Text, I have the free version and it just has image. I need the Image & Text option…….you said you are using the free version here?

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