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Hey guys jr. Fisher here and I want to welcome you to this video This is really cool because you are going to learn how to build a website in 28 minutes with no technical skill and zero experience and when you get to the end of this you’re gonna say you’re right jr That was easy. So let’s go ahead and get started Now at the end of this video you’re gonna know exactly how to build this website So you just have to follow through all the steps and you’ll be fine. You don’t need the experience Matter-of-fact after day you’ve got experience You can go all the website you want now whether you’re already Interested in building a site or you’re kind of on the fence about doing this this tutorial is for everybody at every level It’s really super easy and it’s simple to follow Okay, so you’re gonna know in what order to do these steps also because that’s also very very important in doing this quickly So everyone really needs a website nowadays, right? I mean websites are extremely versatile You can do a blog if you wanted it can be about fashion or travel or business or whatever you want Matter of fact you can use it for personal branding Something that has your resume maybe your portfolio of work on it. You can even create an online business I have a bunch of online businesses in e-commerce. You could sell products you could sell services Websites are really so simple and so inexpensive now that you really can’t afford not to have one So this this video is for everybody because everybody needs a website. So, how are we gonna do this website? Well, we’re going to use something called WordPress which you may have heard about it’s one of the largest platforms in the world to build a Website on and it’s super easy to do so, don’t worry about that WordPress is really just a content management system or a CMS, so WordPress allows you to create and customize a website with different styles and themes that are All pre-built for you. All you got to do is just add your personal content to it You can add all types of plugins that are tools to help you customize your site So you never ever have to touch a line of code. You don’t have to know how to do that stuff It actually allows you to make changes to your websites simple. And actually it’s kind of fun. Okay, so here’s what you’re gonna need It’s only three things The first thing you’re gonna need is a domain URL now quite simply put all that is is the name of your website For example, my website is JR Fisher com. That’s the domain name. Now these things are incredibly cheap They’re usually paid for yearly and they’re gonna rent you about ten bucks a year So now a big amount of money. The next thing you’re gonna need is web hosting now, you pay a company to use their servers Okay to keep your website up on the Internet Hey, this is gonna run you about and then maybe four to eight dollars a month and that’s also paid annually now you want to use because it’s free versus Org offers you the open source that allows you to customize your website with ease Now the dot-com is kind of like a lite version and it has really limited functionality So you only need these three things. It used to be more difficult because you would have to get all of these items together and Kind of patch them together and get them separately. But now you can do it in one place all you have to do is sign up for web hosting which I’ll put a link in the bottom there and all you have to do is click on it and once you have Your web hosting it’ll lead you through the path of all the rest of the things you need So that you can follow along What I want you to do is click the link below and it’s gonna take you to my website And it has all these steps and all you got to do is check them off as you go so it doesn’t get any easier Than that now we’re going to get into the easy Step-by-step process and you’ll have a website in no time if you need any help I do want to remind you with any of these steps Just feel free to comment below with any questions and I’ll respond back to you and we’ll get you going So let’s take a look at our first step now Okay, so here I am at Bluehost calm. And as you go across the top here, you’re gonna see a lot of different options What you want to do first off if you haven’t picked a domain name? you want to go over hosting here and go all the way down to domains and then you want to put in whatever you want and it will let you know if it’s available like build a whoops build a website Now I’m figuring this one here will be taken. So let’s search and When we search it’s gonna give me a results. This is the domain build a website is not available for registration okay, so we would have to go back and Put in another one now. I’ve got one I’ve already searched And it is make a website zone and I’m going to search it right here and it’s gonna tell me that it’s available Because I’ve already checked this and it’s gonna ask me to create an account now we can either start right here and create an account or we can go back and On the main website itself, if you already know the domain you want you’ve already checked it You can click get started now Now when it’s one get started an L. What it’s gonna do is gonna ask you to select your plan. Okay so the basic plan is this one here, which is three dollars and ninety-five cents a month or you could go up to 595 a month or you could go to this one right here. So let’s take a look at all the plans Let’s pick the cheapest plan. We’ll check this to pick this one right here. And Then I’m gonna go ahead and put my domain in now if you click the link I gave you it’s gonna get my domain for free. Okay, and that’s really cool. So I’m gonna type in that domain and click Next If you already have a domain you’ll put it here and switch it over, but we don’t have this one So I put in all my information right here Now when you get to down here you’re gonna have to pick your basic package whatever you want the cheapest one is $5.95 a month that’s a twelve month price. If you go 24 a month, it’s for ninety five Thirty six month is three ninety five. So I’m just gonna pick the cheapest one right here and It’s gonna give me my primary domain registration for free if you click that link I gave you now down here all of these extra things. You really don’t need with the exception of domain privacy protection Now what domain privacy protection does is that if somebody tries to look up the owner of a website and get all their information? It will block it so they can’t see that so I’m gonna leave that on here and I’m gonna get rid of these other things here and That’s gonna bring my total up to eighty three twenty eight. I’m going to put in my card number You do have to check this box right here where it says I agree to the terms and click Submit now once in his process, it’ll say congratulation Welcome to Bluehost here are a few special offers for you. Ok, so we don’t want to need more special offers We’re gonna say no. Thanks And then it’s going to ask me to choose a password for my account, so right now I’m gonna create a new password I’ll type that in You have to click right here that you agree to their privacy policy in terms of service Which I have now done and I’ve successfully created a new password, so now I can just log in Now I could pick a theme right now if I wanted to and I can always change it later So let’s just scroll through and see what we’ve got here. Um What do I want I’m gonna go with this one here. This looks kind of cool now You don’t have to do that If you want you can go down here to skip this step right now But I’m just gonna go ahead and select one to show you how it’s done Now it says it’s setting up WordPress for me that’s what I really like about this is all of this is automated You don’t have to do a thing and this can take a few minutes Ok, and it’s installed. It’s really that simple then I can click on start building right here And boom I’m right inside my dashboard now with all of my tools We can pick what we want here. And I’m gonna pick that this is a business site Ok and When I launch the site, this is the site title site description. I may say learn how to Build WordPress sites with ease, okay The perfect site to learn how to build WordPress sites And then I’ll click next step And it says here let’s launch learn to build WordPress sites with ease Are you going to update your site with news or blog post and I’ll say yes okay, and Right here. It says What would visitors like to see on the home page? I’m gonna go with this one right here a static. Welcome page And let’s see here build a starter contact page sure why not Okay, connect your jetpack profile and I want to do that at this time so I’m gonna say no And I could add my business address right here which I have it pre-populated and then I’m gonna go to the next step Are you looking to sell online if I want to sell products online I would install WooCommerce now I’m gonna go ahead and install this just so I have it and you may want to do that too because just because you have Something installed does not mean you necessarily need to use it. Okay? so now what I’ve done here is I’ve installed the entire website and if I want to Edit my title and description I would do it here my homepage layout here my welcome page here my Contact Us page right here Let’s see what else I can edit my business address here and I could install WooCommerce here if I want to do that So here’s where I would go to customize my site and there it is. There’s my site all set up and ready to go Okay. So when you click on dashboard over here, this is where I want you to go You can scroll through here And what WordPress has done here is they’re going to start suggesting to Plugins and plugins or things that do a particular task for you on your website So the first one here is trying to get you to get Constant contact for free and I’m gonna get rid of that because I don’t want that email provider And that way I don’t keep seeing that particular one This is a good one here. Please configure your Google Analytics setting you do want to do that get all that set up and Let’s just scroll through here real quick This down here is how you customize your site and I want to go through all of these Items on the menus side right here, too But right down here, it has a program called jetpack if you want it and you could set up jetpack here Right down here. It’s offering me optinmonster, which is a little Pop-up that grabs people’s email addresses and integrates those with my email provider Which I do not have integrated yet And you can just scroll down and see all that but let’s go through each one of these things here. Here’s your Bluehost tab So if you need to get to Bluehost for any reason you go there this is the jetpack one, which they’ve automatically installed Now sometimes people get confused because there’s several things on a website Now the first one who’s gonna be post a post would be anything that you would put in a blog So that on the home page? If you put a new post in the way, this is set up now is it will automatically appear on the home page? okay, so you could look at all posts and we’ll click on that real quick and Right now we don’t have a lot of posts. We got one that says hello world. That’s it So we could take that particular one we could click on it And we could actually change it to the best Website building site Will you do that if we wanted now if you notice right here? I can click update right here. So let me click update and I’ll just do that Now that I’ve clicked update I can click right here in view post and Update is going to publish this for me so I could click right here and click view post And it says the best website building site posted July saying and it tells me when it was particularly posted ok So let’s go back here real quick And that’s how you do your post and you can add new and your kind of categories You can tag them you could do all kinds of different stuff to them. Okay, so here’s the tags that you would add so if somebody was actually searching for a post and I put Website and here and I click that is a tag and I put word press ok, and I put that as a tag people could now use these tags here to search that particular post within my website and find it and This is your title, which you can change of course this is the body of your actual message here and let’s go and look at this real quick and Actually see it. I’m going to click my Update button As soon as I do that it’s going to have a post updated and I can click view post And it says the website the best website building site now, I want to go back and just make a change So you guys can see what it looks like when the actual site itself. This is welcome to WordPress This is your first post to the deleted start writing. So I’m gonna put check out this cool picture Okay, oops will error there And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to actually put a picture in here So I’m gonna click Add media. Now. This is your media gallery right here And if I click here, it’s gonna show me all my files, which I have none. Okay? So the first thing I need to do is select a file and upload it So I pick a file And once I pick that file it’s going to automatically check it you want to put in here your title of it in your old Text and all that good stuff, but I’m gonna insert into post. So that picture is now in there now when I hit update Let’s click update It’s going to give me a post update right here and I can click view post and I can see what I got The best website building site and there is that picture right there. So it’s that easy not hard at all for you to do Now the next thing we want to look at is of course we went through media here This is where you would add new media. You don’t have to go through here You can go here and be added next one is pages What a page is is a page is a full page on a site. It’s not just an update It’s not just a post. So I’m gonna click on all pages and see what we have right now We just have this one sample page here. So if we wanted to add another page We would go up here to the top and click add new and we are gonna put WordPress page and then I would put whatever I want here learn how to do WordPress And I think I want to put a picture right here about WordPress okay, so I’ve got a picture I want to put in so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to click add media and I’m gonna upload a file and I’m gonna find that picture of WordPress that I have which is right here. I’m going to open it It will populate a picture of it here I’ll click insert so we see it right here So there’s the picture and if you want to do any editing you can edit right here If you want to change the size of it, so, you know if you want to make it bigger or smaller I’m gonna make it just a little bit smaller If I wanted to put a link into it, I would click right here and I would do a custom URL And let’s put my website in here You know what update And then I would update again then I would go ahead and view page Now if you look at this when I hover over it see it’s got a little hand there if I click on it it’s gonna take me to my website Pretty cool stuff so I could do that. Let me go back to my page here and work on it So that’s your pages area now if you have comments on your post, you would find them here and Then it has a plug-in right here It’s trying to tell you about but let’s let’s talk about plugins for just a second down here. It says plugins Ok, and the first thing I want to do is see what I have for installed plug-in So I’m gonna click on that now WordPress is going to give you some plugins right off the bat So it’s giving you this one. It’s giving you a Bluehost Obviously we host it through them and you could deactivate any of these things if you want to also And it’s giving you all these other ones down here the one that I think that you really ought to have is the one for your SEO because if you go to a page Right now, let’s look at all pages And you do want to SEO your pages. So let’s pick this one here. We’ll edit it As you see there’s really nothing down here nothing we can really work on to make this page SEO friendly So what we’re going to do is we’re gonna go to plugins and I’m gonna add a new plug-in And this one particular one. I like it has to do with SEO and it’s called SEO Ultimate and I’m going to search that Let’s scroll down. It’s right here. It’s this this particular one It says there’s over 100,000 active Installation. So a lot of people been using this and it’s also free now some of your plugins are gonna cost you money and some Are gonna be free but I’m gonna go ahead and install this one right now Okay, so it’s now installed and I can now activate it so I’ve installed it and Activated it. So now when I go down here You’ll see SEO ultimate and it is installed. Now, what does that do for me? Well, let’s go back to pages here We’re gonna go to all pages And I want to go to that WordPress page I build Now check this out Look at this guy’s you can now put your title tag in here and your meta description Now this title tag is what you see when you go into search results so if I were to go to Google, can I type in how to build a website like this What happens is it brings back all these ads and we can tell these are ads because they say add But then it brings back results down here. Ok. So like this one here This is the title tag and this is the description if you notice these dots right here What that means is they’ve made this too long and it won’t fit. Ok This particular one. They’ve got a title here and they’ve got a description and it does fit and Any of these ones with little dots here that people put too many words It doesn’t do you any good because what happens is Google’s just going to cut it off So if I look at this particular one here and it says how to make a website in 2018 a free sample guide for beginners ok This particular one they figured out how many letters to put in here now If you don’t know the cool thing is when we go back Right here. The title tag is I’m gonna put how to make a website ok and that is 65 characters and I would put a description down here on how to really Sell this search result so I may put easy To use tips on how to make a website You’ll Now notice as I type, this is changing right here see that it’s letting me know how many characters I got left now up here our view 65 of 70 you’ll love our tips and secrets to building Web sites They are Simple and easy so I’ve got 122 I may just put a little something else in here. Whoops click now To get well to make letters see how it went up to 140 click now to Go and those it go. Alright, I got 139 So this helps you help so much and then I go over here and I click update Which I’m going to do And now what I can do is view the page now when I view this page This is the page here that I just now SEO Okay, if you hit ctrl and right-click and I go down to view page source right here It’s gonna tell me the background of this page is pretty cool And you could do this with any page and learn and don’t let this scare you all this stuff on the screen here But what I’m going to do is I’m going to hit ctrl F right here and I’m gonna look for the title And if I look for the title right here It’s going to give me let’s see what we’ve got here how to build a WordPress website See, I just typed that in simple steps to build a website Pretty cool stuff. So this is what its gonna bring back on these Google search results like this right here It’s gonna bring that back to them. So let’s go back over here again And the next thing I want to check is my description so I’m gonna hit ctrl find the description And now it’s saying here’s the description easy-to-use tips on how to make a website You’ll love our tips and secrets. Well, that’s exactly what I typed in in it Okay, so you can see how that works on this page here. So when I go back And I go back to that page when I scroll down to my SEO part. There it is That’s exactly what I typed in and here’s the results of it Right here Okay, click now to go there it is pretty cool stuff. So it makes it really easy You can use that particular plug-in to work on your website and that particular one’s free and if you go to plugins right here We know it to install we can go to add new and pretty much any subject that you type in here You’re going to find a plug-in for it. So if I put email in here? And I search it’s gonna show me a bunch of different email plugins that I could use. There’s MailChimp for WordPress There’s ninja forms. There’s I’m just it goes on and on and on and on or if you have a particular one so let’s say you have it say Infusionsoft That should pull it up There it is, there’s form left for Infusionsoft here there’s contact form seven Infusionsoft Let me type in the rest of this and just see what we get Now not all plugins are free this is Infusionsoft landing pages if I want to do that some of them you have to pay for some of them are free It just depends on what it does But that gives you an idea of the plugins and anytime you want to look at your plugins You just click here and looked at the installed plugins right here and it’ll show you see I’ve got all these down here There’s that SEO ultimate. I just added it’s really simple and easy to do Okay, so we’ve built a few pages in here But we want to have a way for our visitors to get around our site So what we’re going to do is we’ll go to appearance We’re gonna go down to where it says menus and what we’re gonna actually do is we’re gonna add a navigation bar So let me put that in here I’ll put a navigation now as you see what it’s done to this menu structure here Is it’s added all these pages right here which are identical to these pages over here? So if you click on one of these and add to menu you’re going to end up with let’s do it real quick Sample page on here twice so we don’t want that. So what we want to do is get rid of this and I’m just telling you because a lot of people will go over here and click all these boxes and then end up with a Menu and they’re like, why are they in there twice? That’s why they’re in there twice So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to assume we like all these And if there’s one you don’t want in here, let’s say we don’t want sample page in here Well remove it So we’ve got a wordpress page and contact us and about us that we’ve built and we’re gonna just gonna click on create menu Ok, once we’ve clicked on create menu. We click right here and we go primary menu This is really important or it won’t show up A lot of times people will make this menu and I can’t figure why it doesn’t show up That’s why so I’m gonna save the menu now, that’s now our primary menu. So let’s check it out we’ll go to our pages and we’ll just pick any page just to see if it showed up on there about us and then we’ll go to that URL and Then there it is home about us contact us WordPress page So if we click on one of these now it’s going to take us to those pages. So it’s really that easy It’s pretty cool. Right? Ok guys, so that is pretty much an overview of how to Set up your WordPress website. It’s simple. It’s easy. Anybody can do it But if you have questions, please leave comments below. I’ll be happy to help you out I have a lot of courses in e-commerce and Facebook ads and Shopify and I’ll be happy to help you in any of those areas just leave comments below and I’ll also leave some links below that you can get additional information. So that wraps up this video I hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you soon

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