How to Build an Email List without a website (Getresponse tutorial)

hey everybody its owen video and today i’m going to be showing you my hack for generating leads on your website capturing a name and an email without having to have a website and without having to have a complicated landing page system. To do this we’re going to use the software called getresponse… it is a $19 a month program with the first 30 days for free I’ve left the link in the description box so you can check it out. Ii want to add you to subscribe! Can we move this show along please alright let’s get started (sings) Owen Video! The first thing we’re going to do is go to and get their 30-day free trial now after that the service across nineteen dollars a month and you can decide whether or not you want to keep that you’re going to go up the forms right over here and click create form you’re going to have a variety of options here but to keep it super simple we’re going to start with the list builder wizard over here it’s going to give you a variety of templates to choose from i’m going to suggest to you that you keep it simple as you first get started but feel free to get more customized as you move a lot i’m going to select the first template here so we’re looking at the first template here and I’m able to customize my headline i can say something like great to meet you today if it’s going to be a public-facing option and then you can add the field that you want to add you know similarly you decide to join my newsletter if you’re doing a product launch you can easily say something like join my waiting list oh yeah it’s gonna rock and you can add and get more complicated with this is you go along i would suggest that you keep it super simple at first here you can capture the email address and the first name and over here on the right-hand side you see all these customization options the layout here is where I want to draw your attention you’re going to need this later on and of course you can add as many field as you’d like get response also has the ability to add custom field so you can do that although we’re not going to cover that in this training today so what you can do is drag and drop these fields from over here it takes a little bit of customization to sort of dial these fields in so as I mentioned before you really want to just keep it simple at first once you’re done you’re going to hit save and publish as you go to save & publish your option here is going to be get responsible host my form you’re going to get a web link right here copy this link open up a new browser tab and paste the link in the browser beautiful so your list is functional and now you can send this link to people to have them sign up to your list most people are going to be scrolling on mobile so you also want to make sure that this form looks great on mobile so if you want the form to look great on mobile what you need to do is come to work tools com / screen slide the free tool you can paste your link in the middle of the page and what will happen is it will populate over here and it’s the everything looks pretty good on a desktop but we can also see what it looks like on a tablet so on so I want to look at mobiles gonna give me a variety of options here i’m gonna go iphone six-plus and i can see that my form looks pretty darn good on mobile I’ve got the measurements here and I feel comfortable that I’m ready to use my form but we’re not done yet i’m just going to show you one more little hack now that you’ve got the link to send people to your sign-up form we now want to make the link look a little bit more professional so we’re going to go to calm and we’re going to create a shortened link something that you can memorize something that will look good when you post it on social media I’m gonna come up here and create bit link i’m going to paste the form here I can add a title to this link and i’ll just call it test signup form right but you could call it newsletter for more anything else and then over here i’m going to customize it i use a very specific system for customizing my links where I first abbreviate it with all caps and then define it with a lowercase so it might be something like that in this case i’ll go test signup form and that’s a little bit long what you could do with something like join me now alright let’s just go ahead and save that link i’m going to make it something ridiculous though so that i can use the link again in the future click Save quick copy and now you’ve got a great-looking link for posting on social media I hope that answers all your questions about how to get started signing people up to your newsletter for free before you head out of here i want to ask you one question what are you using right now to capture leaves and is it working for you share your thoughts in the community below other business owners other entrepreneurs adjustment and we rise together you can hashtag that if you’d like thank you guys so much for watching if you want to check out more of my videos you can click on the link up here if you want to be a video that’s more likely to suit your fancy you can click over here for each subscription for every person that subscribe we donate a dollar to the starving Tigers of Mount Kilimanjaro that’s completely false and slightly offensive thanks so much for watching guys will see you in the next video

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27 thoughts on “How to Build an Email List without a website (Getresponse tutorial)

  1. 1) I'm using ConvertKit to capture leads, with a lead magnet
    2) Do you find people are willing to give an email without a lead magnet?

  2. First tutorial I've seen for get response..I use Aweberf. BTW it wasn't obvious what the arrow was pointing to in the beginning when asking to subscribe

  3. AWESOME man I am using instafreebie to grabs emails and give 30% of my book for them to do so. And yes I got my act together on building that email list from your seminars 🙂

  4. Straightforward and with some comedy thrown in. 🙂 One thing I would add… If you are wanting to build a list , it is important to have a valuable offer so they will give up their name & email. I understand the video is more general, but just pasting a link on your social sites may not work as well to get that list popping. Unless, you have an audience already and they are aware that you are going to place a link on the page for them to sign up to whatever it is you are offering.

  5. Thanks for the great video. But at 19$ a month a hosting plan and a wordpress homepage is cheaper it's like 20$ a year i think. I see you are technically were skilled, ever thought of doing a video on how to include a link in a Instagram post? Everything i found was people including a link in their profile but not in a post direct. Could be it can't be done.

  6. Right in the moment: 20.000 subs! 🙂 Your Videos are great. 🙂 I am using ConvertKit with a free audio hypnosis download giveaway, and I am using Instapage together for example with a series of free videos bundled in a free online training. The Audio Hypnosis rocks best. 🙂

  7. Ok so we open a form and create one. Got that. Where is the "captured" info stored? If i was selling a product can i send the "buyer" to the afiliate page, but keep the list? Sorry for stupid questions but i'm a complete newbie with computers. Thanks in advance

  8. So I have watched alot of videos but still confused on how you get the email list. After you hook all that up and the person subscribes, where does they email info. go? Please help

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