How to Choose the Right Color Schemes for Your Brand or Website | Conversion Optimization Tips

– You’re creating a website, what colors should you
be using on your site? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how to pick the best color
scheme for your site. (lively music) Here’s the thing, different colors mean different things. Green means nature and
kind and nice and organic, colors like red mean urgency and stop, colors like black resemble luxury but you know what? Everyone says oh, you
gotta use these colors to generate the most conversions and sales and they’re totally wrong. Pick whatever colors you
feel resembles your brand. If you don’t pick colors
that resemble your brand, your product, it’s not gonna flow right, you’re not gonna connect with people because you’re not gonna be happy with what you have and
that’s gonna come across with your web design. The second thing you need to know is your colors need to have contrast, so your call to action
buttons need to stand out from your main design. If everything blends in, you’re not gonna do that well. The third thing you need to know is once you figure out
what main color you want, go check out the color wheels out there, there’s a ton of them on the web. You can put in your primary
color that you’re using and they can give you other colors that complement these main colors that you can use throughout your design. And last but not least you need to test everything. Just because you like red or orange, if you think it’s the best
and that’s what people are gonna like, it’s not always the case. Test out your colors, especially the ones on
your call to action buttons and as you’re making these changes, what you’ll find is you
can then pick the ones that cause the most clicks and sales and if you’re wondering how
to test out your color scheme, you can use Crazy Egg. Through Crazy Egg’s AB testing feature, you can pick different colors and you can see which ones impact your conversion rate the most. (lively music)

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14 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Color Schemes for Your Brand or Website | Conversion Optimization Tips

  1. Colours are an interesting one. I chose red for my brand because I wanted to look "bold" but it can also mean "warning" or "danger". But I don't know if any actual evidence has come out about these triggers based on colours. Either way, you're right, colour isn't as important as making key elements (CTA) stand out!

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