How to Choose Your Online Coaching Business Model ? (Lucas Rubix)

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19 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Online Coaching Business Model ? (Lucas Rubix)

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  2. Hi Lucas, great content here! 🙂 I feel like one-on-one coaching will be my business model for the time being. However, I feel stifled when it comes to charging my market (young adults) prices in the thousand range for coaching. Do you have any tips or advice on how to deal with this kind of situation? Many thanks, Ryan

  3. I didnt even know you had the youtube series wow where have I been, I'm so glad to know now you on youtube because i love watching it thank you , this video was awesome in helping seek a straighter line for what I've been wanting to do thank you again

  4. Perfect! Four coaching models, each building on the previous. Somehow, for my own style, this works out perfectly. Most of my clients prefer 1:1 due to the personal nature of their goals. The membership model sounds good for my long long term goal of creating a forum in which a team of coaches with a special assortment of specialties could work together. (An online 'Center', as it were.) This is a very clear explanation, Lucas!

  5. I have a website and some content on the website… But I am not sure how to get clients – I post to FB, IG, Twitter, and Pinterest. So I hear that the one on one model will be the best to start out with. However – I would still need clients to even do that… I will continue to look on this channel to see if you address this issue…

  6. This helped me figure out that one on one is exactly where I knew I needed to start with my business . You clarified the steps including parameters for moving from model to model …it makes so much sense..

  7. YES!! Thank you so much. This helps clear some stuff up for me. I am at the beginning of my coaching journey. This helps me get fired up. Shiny objects. That's a problem I have. It never really hit me until I heard you saying that. Ugh.

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