How to Cite a Website Using MLA Style

How to Cite a Web Site Using MLA Style. Whether recording documentation for a school
paper or providing a reference to readers of your blog, keep your work’s cited notations
professional by following these steps. You will need Web site Reason to cite it and
the mla handbook (optional). Step 1. List the author’s last name followed by
a comma and their first name. If there is no author given, cite the web
site itself as the author. Follow this with a period and then a single
space. For variations and updates to this format,
check out the latest edition of the MLA Handbook at your local library. Step 2. List the article or page title that you are
citing. Enclose the title in quotation marks with
period inside the quotes and one space outside the quotes. If the title is generic, such as “Home Page”
or “About Us,” do not use quotes. Step 3. Type the name of the web site in italics followed
by a period and a single space. Step 4. Cite the publisher of the article or site
followed by a comma and the year of publication and then a period. Step 5. Note that you are citing a web site by typing
“Web,” followed by period and a single space. Step 6. Cite the date you last accessed the web site
in the day/month/year format. Include the actual URL in angle brackets following
the date, and complete the citation with a period. Step 7. Make sure the first line of your citation
is flush left with the margin and that any subsequent lines of the same citation are
indented one tab. Did you know The Modern Language Association’s
guidelines are used by over 1,100 scholarly and literary journals, newsletters, and magazines.

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24 thoughts on “How to Cite a Website Using MLA Style

  1. OMG I hate MLA citation. Their so stupid. No one can memorize this, it should only be the Author and then the title of the w/e it is.

  2. ive had so much trouble with this all year. English class is now over and i just found this video! FML

  3. i have no clue what the hell she's saying. why do people make citing for fucking difficult?! why can people make things simple for god sake!

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