How to Connect Domain to Website – Connect in Less Than 10 mins

what’s going on YouTube it’s a non-stop
affiliate John are see and in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to connect
your domain name to any website you just created so whether it’s a blog site a
shop inside a fan website any website you want I’m gonna be showing you guys
how to buy a domain and connect it to that website so let’s waste no time and
jump right into it so where are we gonna be getting our
domain name from I like to use Namecheap when it comes to buying a domain you
know the website the name of your website you really only have two options
and that’s Namecheap or GoDaddy calm I’ve used both I would honestly prefer
Namecheap just cuz you’ll get your prices a little bit cheaper but they’re
really the same thing it’s up to you so let’s get right into it so obviously the
first thing you’re gonna want to do is buy a domain name if you don’t have one
already all you do is go ahead and search for your domain name as it says
on here go ahead and type in the domain name that you’re looking for now I’ll be
honest with you guys you do have to get a little creative because we are in 2018
basically all the website names have been brought out purchased it’s really
hard to find a website name that’s exactly what you want it to be so let me
give you an example let’s just type on an online marketer fan so let’s try that
right there all right do is type in the name of the website that you want so if
you wanted Google Google com sony Sony com you type that in right here hit
search and we’ll see if it has it there it goes guys so online market fan com
all you have to do is click Add to Cart and go through the checkout process and
in about 10 to 15 minutes you’ll be able to name your website online market fan
comm or whatever website you’re looking for obviously so once you go ahead and
go through the checkout process let me jump over to my domains so you go
through the checkout process guys and a little and no time you’ll have your
domain names over here so once you go ahead and click on buy your domain name
you have it on here you want to go to manage once you click on manage you’re
gonna be open to your own where you could go ahead and start
adding it to the website you just created so what website host are we
using what I like to use is builder all now I’ve tried basically all different
types of website creators guys I tried WordPress I tried wigs I try to click
funnels leadpages in my opinion honestly builder ah is the best website creator
on the market guys you can make as many websites as you want and you could add
up to 15 domains so you could have 15 websites running at one time I think
that’s more than enough but you know it’s up to you so if you’re using
WordPress if you’re using Wix whatever you’re using if you don’t
really like it I definitely recommend you to give builder wrong I’m gonna
leave a link in the description below so you guys can sign up if you go ahead and
sign up through my group I’ll be sending you guys some free bonuses so I’ll
definitely check it out if you’re looking for a new website builder and so
with builder ah it’s really easy to connect your domain name so let me give
you guys an example of this website that I built right here it’s basically just a
holiday shopping website that I built and as you can see I was just promoting
family games kitchen products I’ll go ahead and show it to you guys and all I
did guys this was a real easy process to create this blog site right here I’m
just reviewing kitchen products and leaving my affiliate links inside the
description of every single product as you can see I built a couple of articles
on this site and started promoting it right away it was really really easy to
build guys let me show you another one I did our dog toys for Christmas so that’s
all I did guys create this little blog side I started promoting it through
Facebook and if you go ahead and click on here it leads you straight to my
affiliate link so if you guys are doing affiliate marketing like I’m telling you
if you need a website if you’re struggling with your website builder
right now definitely give built around a try because it’s really easy to use guys
it’s an easy drag-and-drop system and you could even collect emails through it
so let’s go back to it I’ll give you guys a little bit of run-through of how
it looks like in the backend click on edit and here
sky is an easy drag-and-drop so all I had to do like if I wanted to move this
down just move it around wherever I want to on the screen same thing over here
anything that I want to do is move it around on the screen is really really
easy to use the logo put it wherever I want now how to connect your domain name
to it let’s go back to my back office and so to make it easy all you have to
do is go ahead and scoot this over click on more options Connect domain all
you’re gonna do is go ahead and copy this name right here and paste it over
to the your Builder all back-office right here and go ahead and click on
save once you click on save it’s going to tell you right here that you’re going
to have to change the name of your NS servers and so all you’re doing with
these guys is copying this right here the first one you have two of them and
this one and if you look over here you have n is two so you’re gonna copy both
of those and paste them over to your domain so go over back to your domain go
down to basic NDS and click on custom NDS and that’s where you’re gonna post
those two names right there on the first one then go back over here copy the
second one and paste it in the second one go ahead and click the green check
arrow to save and go back to your back office of building off and click on okay
got it let me go ahead and connect the domain and that’s all guys as you can
see right now it’s pending but it has already changed in my back office so if
we go ahead and click on it it should come up with my actual name on it see
and there it is guys my actual website with my domain name that I purchased and
it’s really really that easy guys especially if you’re using builder all
and that’s all you’re doing is getting those two names right there these right
here copying the these two names right here and posting them over back into
your domain and it works the same for any website builder that your user
you’re using WordPress using Wix click photos this is all you’re basically
doing to go ahead and connect your domain to
website copying these two names and you always get two of them and posting them
inside of your domain in your name cheap back-office and it works the same for
basically any website builder that you’re using like I’m saying and so
that’s basically it for this video guys that’s exactly how you could connect any
domain name to any website you just created so I hope you guys enjoy this
video like I always say guys if you’re interested in making some real online
passive income if you’re really ready to start an online business go ahead and go
down to the description check out my number one recommended online business
to start guys and I’ll see you guys on the next video

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