How To Correctly Embed A YouTube Video On Your Website

Hi this video is about How To Correctly Embed
A YouTube Video On Your Website Herman Drost
Do you want to increase the rankings of your videos on Google and YouTube?
Do you want to generate more views and subscribers? Do you want to get more leads and make more
sales? If you want to get your YouTube video to rank
well in Google or YouTube it helps to embed it in a web page containing content related
to your video. Adding a video to your landing page will improve
visitor engagement and improves YouTube rankings. This is because the video views on your landing
page count toward your overall YouTube video view-count.
Here’s are the steps to correctly embed a YouTube video on your website
1. Choose the video that you want to select 2. Click “share”
3. Click “embed” 4. Click “use old embed code”
The old embed code is naturally crawled by search engine spiders.
The new embed code places your video in an iframe that makes it uncrawlable.
So here you can also select the custom size but in this case we are just going to go with
560×315 So we going to to select all of that
Then copy it by CTRL+C Login into your WordPress Dashboard or HTML
page In this case go to posts select one of these
posts and make sure you select the text editor instead of the visual editor
Copy and paste your video code here into the page
Click update or publish the page Click view the post
Check to see if your video displays correctly on your web page
You can also improve your video rankings on Google and YouTube by embedding your video
on other blogging platforms such as Blogspot and Tumblr
And that’s it! Get 21 more advanced strategies for generating
traffic and leads from YouTube videos by subscribing to my free e-course “21 Ways
To Get YouTube traffic” Click the box above or vist the link in the
description below this video Thanks for watching

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14 thoughts on “How To Correctly Embed A YouTube Video On Your Website

  1. How To Correctly Embed A YouTube Video On Your Website
    How To Correctly Embed A YouTube Video On Your Website

  2. hi your video  is very old. i did the same but did not find what you show. this video that you show is like from 2012.
    we are in 2014. please make another video for the 2014 interface.  thanks

  3. I have a question. I have embedded my video on many forums and have got hundreds of views but those views do not count on my page. I have heard that any youtube video that is not played on the youtube website does not count towards your total views, so I'm confused by this video as you say it will improve your ranking. Any clarification?

  4. Do you have any idea why embedded views aren't counting?  My company changed our website design, and now our youtube views have been cut in half, even though our blog site analytics are saying our traffic is getting higher.  

  5. i really need help i have embedded my youtube video on my wordpress blog and sending traffic from twitter to my blog were the video is BUT my views are not being counted i sent over 500 people to my site in 1 day and got zero views why is this if you could please reply i would be mush grateful

  6. good dear.actually the problem is embed video in this way is counting its views on website or google to resolve the issue?

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