How to Create a Beautiful Website – In 20 Minutes!

– Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, in this episode I show
you how you can create a beautiful website for your photography in about 20 minutes with (bright music) Bonjour mesdames et messieurs. My name is Serge Ramelli, I am a French photographer from the beautiful, the
amazing city of Paris, France. But right now living in
Los Angeles, California. I want to show you a new
technology that just came out for making portfolios which
I really fell in love, I tested it about 10 days ago and I remade my website
with it, with And I want to show it to you, how you can make a great portfolio for your photography in 20 minutes. Here it is. Alright bonjour mesdames et messieurs, so in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to make your own
portfolio website with Wix. I have been working with
Squarespace for many years and I love Squarespace, but Wix came up with some new stuff that I think is really
cool, and they contacted me, and to be honest they will
be giving me commissions on every website that you
will be making from me, so it also helps me to deliver free stuff, but I really think they
have some really cool stuff that I want to show you. And thing that Squarespace doesn’t do yet, and so I’ll show you
my Squarespace website, I’ll show you my Wix website, and I’ll let you decide
what you think is the best. But Wix is really awesome. I didn’t know so much, I’ve
been studying it for weeks, I re-did my website with it and I love it. So, let me show you, but
first let me talk to you about preparing your photos for the web. So what I did is I created, in Lightroom, I created first a folder in collections, a folder of collections
which you should create by creating a collection set, that was the exact term I was looking for, and what I usually do,
and this is something I learned from Scott Kelby, is I only put 20 photos per category, so I took my best landscape shot, took 20 photos of them, my best Paris shot,
took 20 photos of them, my best USA shot, 20 photos of them, and my best Venice shot, 20 photo. Now why 20, because, this is
something I’ve been saying over and over and again, that’s something that I learned
by working with publishers, brands, agency, is that, a professional photographer is gonna have just his best work, and very
little photo on his website. An amateur or somebody who
wants to become professional is gonna have a lot of photos. And so Scott Kelby has this game where he only has like 20
or 25 photos per category, and every time he has to take a photo out, he does a survey, because
he never adds one more. It always gets the best of the best, so, that’s what I advise you to do. If you don’t have 20, 20, 20 by category, take just your best photo in that set. So, once you’ve done that, once you’ve created your collection, the way you export them
is, I’ll show it to you, what I find is the best. You right click, you go to export, and in this case I’m gonna use, I’m gonna go on the desktop,
I already have a folder, I’ve already created all
that so I selected a folder, I’m gonna call this one Paris for example. And what I do is, on jpeg I go around 64, and on ematch sizing I
resize to 2500 pixel. Why 2500 pixel, because,
per my experience, whether it’s Facebook,
with my own website, it always works really good, it’s a size that works really good. Most monitors, except a 5K from the iMacs, are roughly at maximum 2500 pixel large, so I don’t see why we
should make them bigger. And so, that’s just what I do. So I’ve already done that. I have this here, so,
this is all I’m gonna need to make my website. So I’ve got my Paris
collection is 20 photos, my USA collection 20 photos,
my Venice photo 20 photos, landscape, I also, I created a video, based on my time lapse. You know I do a lot of time lapse, so I did a small, I took an
extract from a time lapse that I’m gonna use as a homepage, and I made it look, I’ll
show you another tutorial, actually there is a tutorial, I’ll put it in link of this video where I show you how to do a cinemagraph. And I show you how to do the loop. Okay, and then the about
page is just a simple text with some links and my portrait. Voila. So now we are ready to rock
and roll and let’s do this, let’s make a website in no time. So I’m really gonna start from
scratch, scratch, scratch. I’m gonna go here on start now on I’m gonna create sign-up, I’m gonna sign up into a new account. So I have signed up. I’m gonna save the password,
so now I’m logged in. And I’m ready to do my website. So what kind of website
do you want to create? Well, I want to create photography, so I’m gonna click on photography. And get started, I’m gonna
click on get started. And you have two choice, create
your website with Wix ADI, which is gonna help you, you know, you just ask question it’s gonna help you, but we’re gonna go the more advanced way which is create your
website with the Wix Editor. So I’m gonna click start
with the Wix Editor. So then, the first thing you have to do is you have to choose your template. That’s one big difference
with Squarespace, is that you have to
pick up your templates, and you cannot change template afterwards. You have to, when you create an account, you just choose your
template from the start, but it’s very easy with the
editor to change the style. So what I would advise you to do, of course it put me into
the photography section, is look at all the different
templates that there is, and you click on view and
what you want to look for is the type of font it’s using, how the, like they have this
sort of parallel effects, when you click on a
photo what’s happening, you know you have to find
your own voice, basically. So I’m not gonna take this one, I’m gonna take this one out. I’m just gonna show you a couple. I know already which one I want to take. One thing that they have, I like this one, see how you can mix video,
that’s one thing I love, you can mix video in your collage. And they have this new Pro Portfolio, that’s one of the reasons
I’m doing this video, is they came up with something
amazing for photographer which is what this is using, what they call the Pro Portfolio. I like this one, it’s pretty cool. And you can also see how it’s gonna look on an iPhone, and Android,
you know, on a mobile phone. And everything is responsive
design as they say. Okay, so, the one I am going to pick up, because I’m just gonna take
this one because I like it, is one from Julie Butler,
family photographer. I’m gonna click on edit. And I’m gonna use her photo
as the base of my template. So the first thing I’m going to do, well you have a video,
which I’m gonna stop because I’m gonna show this to you. So here is the basic
template that’s there. You see, we can see some lines here, that’s the header and that’s the page, I’m not gonna go into very, I’m like, this is really for beginners, I’m gonna make it very simple for you. So, one important thing
is, if you click here, you have all the different pages. Okay, I don’t need her pages,
so what I’m going to do is, I’m going to maybe just keep one, but this one I’m gonna delete. Okay, yes, I’m sure I want to delete. Book a session, I’m sure I want to delete. It deleted all the pages
except the portfolio, which is the home page. One example of her, basically
of her portfolio, her gallery, and then her bio, which I’m gonna use. So let’s start with the homepage. Now on the homepage,
I want to put a video. So the first thing I’m gonna do is that the homepage, she has a gallery. I’m gonna erase that, by
selecting and pressing delete. Okay? And also I’m going to change the header, so I’m gonna click here. I’m gonna write, Serge Ramelli, and I’m gonna leave Photography, I like the font that she used, the menu I’m gonna leave for now. Okay, and I think the homepage, I’m not gonna call it portfolio, I’m gonna call it Welcome. Welcome, that’s how I’m
gonna call my first page. Oops, without a typo if possible. Good, so we’re on the Welcome page now. Okay, so on the page, you
see we selected the page, I’m gonna put a video in the background. So I’m gonna click here on the page, and I’m gonna change page background. I’m gonna click on video. And I’m gonna upload the video, so I’m gonna go to desktop, gonna go to Wix, I’m gonna
go to homepage video, and I’m gonna take this one. I’m gonna open it, and
I’m gonna click done, and it’s gonna load it. So I’m gonna put this on
pause until it’s loaded, it’s gonna take a few seconds. Okay, I’m gonna click
on change background, and there we are. Okay, so that’s the basic thing. Now if you already want
to see what it looks like, you can click here on Publish, and it’s gonna say choose a
domain before you publish. By default it’s gonna give me my username dot Wix website
dot com slash my site. One thing I forgot to tell you is that you can do a
free website completely, that’s one thing that
Squarespace don’t do. The only thing is that you’re
not gonna have a domain name and you’re not going to have, you’re not going to have, you’re
gonna have a big ad for Wix which is not very professional, I would not advise you to do that. Okay so my site was saved,
I can go publish now. And I can view the site. So here is my website. So all I have is this,
but look, check it out, the homepage has got a nice video. So just make sure when you use a video that you don’t use something
that’s over 50 megs. It’s gotta be a light video, and check in the
description, in this link, on this video on how to
create this type of look. I give you a little
video to show you that. Okay so now we got that, I’m happy, I can close this window here,
and I’m back in the editor. So now let’s carry on. Let’s take care of this first. I want to edit the footer. First I want to edit the text,
I’m gonna write my own text, I’m gonna write copyright
2016 by Serge Ramelli, and I’m not going to say
created with, I just want my name and that’s it. Okay. Also, there is by default on this template you have like a social link bar. See that social link bar? Well first is, I’m
gonna change the footer, because I don’t like that it’s white, I want it to be a little darker. So, just also to show you how to do it, so I clicked on the footer design and I click on design here. And I’m going to go to customize design, fill color and opacity, and I am going to change
the color to black. Okay, black, and then I’m
gonna change the background, I’m gonna lower the background. But now the problem is that this is too, this is not bright enough. So I’m gonna click on edit text. Same thing, and here on the color, I’m gonna go white. Okay, I like that more. Now my logos here are
images and they’re all black so they don’t look good, so I can click on Serge social links. So first thing is I’m gonna add some icons and Wix is providing you
with a whole bunch of icons. So I’m gonna use for example, I want to link my Facebook page so I’m gonna use, I’m actually
gonna use them in white because I have a black thing so I think I’m gonna go,
F, no, you know what, let’s use the official one. So Facebook, I’m going to use this one. Oops, let me add it to the gallery. Then this one I’m gonna take out. Because they are not the proper color. So let’s use another icon,
I want to add my Instagram but with a white thing
here because it’s on black. Okay, I want to add Twitter, okay I’m gonna use the official Twitter. And what else can I add,
and that’s it for now. And then, for Facebook,
so I’m gonna add a link, what social does this, so add a link, I’m gonna type, which is Dot com slash photo search. I’m not gonna bore you with the other one, you get the idea. You have to do the same
thing for Instagram and the same thing for Twitter. Done. And now I’ve got this worked out. Kind of looks weird actually, you know what, I’m gonna
use the white icons, the white icon for all of them, I think it’s more design. Okay, I’m gonna add Twitter white, and I’m gonna add Facebook white. Facebook white, something like this. Okay, and I’m gonna erase
this, and erase this one, and erase this one. Done. I’m just, all I’m trying
to do is have, yeah, something like this, maybe
make it in the middle, so now I’ve got my social networks there, and I got my copyright there
on the footer, which is cool. The menu, the menu, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with that yet. I’m ready to work on the other pages. So, I got my homepage now, let’s go to the first gallery,
which is called pregnancy, I’m gonna call this one not pregnancy, I’m gonna call it Paris. Done. Okay now on Paris, you see here by default there is what they
called the Pro Portfolio. Which is a new plugin that they have which I really love. And that’s the page, so I’m
gonna call this Paris, okay, and on the Pro Portfolio, I’m just gonna click here on manage media. And I’m gonna erase, select all, I’m gonna erase all her photos, I’m sorry. Beautiful photos but I have to put mine. I’m gonna add the media. Images, and I’m gonna
upload images from my Wix, remember, on Wix here, I’m going to go to, it’s actually on my desktop, Wix, Paris, I’m gonna take all 20 photos, which were exported in 2500 pixel wide, and I’m gonna click on done, it’s gonna do it in background, I’m gonna click on
pause until it’s loaded. Alright so they’re all
loaded, my 20 photos. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna click on shift, on the first one, and then
on shift on the last one, they’re all selected, and
I’m gonna click apply. And here they are, and now,
that’s super important. What you need to do, well first
you can sort out the photos, I like to start off, for example, I’m gonna take this one,
it’s one of my favorite ever, and then I’m gonna, okay,
this one is very sort of warm, so I’m gonna put one that’s
very blue right behind it, but I really like this one, so, take the time to put them into, like, what you think is gonna
create the best emotion for your public, you know. So that’s the first thing. Once you’ve sorted out your photo, another thing that is super
important is to tag them. So you take the first one
and you add a title to it, so I’m gonna call it Conciergerie Paris. That’s what it’s called. Okay, and now, the title that you use, make sure you use things that people might look on Google Images. One of the thing that I
get the most business from is from people typing from like, Conciergerie photo Paris, or photo Paris, or Paris Louvre or Paris Montmartre. I always come up in these result, and that’s how I got,
just the last three weeks I did a deal with National Geographics, sold the cover of a book plus the cover of the Bazaar in Paris, and, something else, I forgot. Anyways, every two,
three days I get an email because my photos are well indexed. So for this you have to
put a lot of keywords. Also a description of your image, so you know, Paris, use like a sentence, I shot the Conciergerie in
Paris by the Seine River on a beautiful night. Okay? So you have to take the time
for every photo to do that. That takes a while. Let’s say that I’ve already done it, so I click on done, it’s already done. Now one of the reason I went
crazy about that new portfolio, first I love the collage look, and you can change the collage
look by going to settings. They give you different layouts. I love the collage like this, you can change it to thumbnail size, make it smaller, make it bigger, spacing. This plugin is amazing. One thing which I really like also, so collage I think I’m gonna
leave by default the one, I don’t like the vertical
collage, I like the horizontal, most of my photo are very horizontal. Spacing, you can decide the spacing. What I love is, in the advanced section, you can choose your image quality, I always put it the same
thing that I exported from Lightroom which is 70,
and I turn on image sharpening. I love their image sharpening, I think it adds just this little thing that your image looks really
crisp, but I don’t put much. I put something like about
around 70 and one pixel. That’s it, that’s all I do. But it makes the photo really look good, it makes them really sharp. Maybe it’s even too much,
maybe a little lower. Something like this, I love that. But, that’s not all. That is not what got me crazy on it. I mean I like the image
quality and sharpening, I think it’s really cool,
all their layouts is cool. Here is what got me crazy, that little button called stretch. If you click on that, and you click on stretch to full width, your collage is gonna
take the entire screen, and it’s gonna adapt to
every screen on the planet. And I think the emotion
created by that is amazing. So the video in the foreground and this really got me, I would say. So, alright, I love this,
I’m ready to look at it, so I’m gonna click save. And I’m gonna click on the, it says connect to your own brand, I’ll show you that
because that’s something you really need to do. If you’re really serious
about your photography, do not, I’m gonna click on view site, do not use the free version, because it’s not very professional to have an ad here and an ad there. But you know. So here we are, now, so that’s Serge Ramelli
Photography, Paris. And when I click on Paris, it’s white, there is a title, and
all my photos are in big. If I click on a photo, you have the, so make sure you have the,
oh I made a typo there, you have the description and
the title of the photo there. And boom, I didn’t do
it for the other photo, but you get it, but that’s
really gonna help your indexing. I love the full screen. So once you’re happy, take the
time to do a page properly. Once you’re happy with that,
you can go back to the editor, and I can just take the
photo, I’m gonna take Paris, and I’m gonna click on duplicate. So now, and this one
I’m gonna call Venice. Venice is the beautiful city. So Venice, and now, it duplicated everything
except the photos. So you see that’s the Wix Pro Gallery. I’m gonna click on this, I’m
gonna click on manage media, I’m gonna erase her media. And, select all, and I
don’t know how to erase them in one bunch, I haven’t
figured that out yet, it’s probably possible. But I have not figured
it out, it takes a sec. And now I’m ready to
load my next 20 photos from Venice, Italy. So I’m gonna click on add media, images. I’m gonna go click to upload
image, you get the idea. This time I’m going to go
to, what, desktop, Wix. And Venice, take all 20 photos. You get the idea. And I’m gonna click on down, put this on pause until it’s loaded. Okay so I have the first one selected, I’m going to the last one
in Venice which is here. I’m gonna select them all. If it wants to, sometimes it doesn’t want. Voila, they’re all selected,
plus this one, this one too. So that’s my 20 photo. And it’s gonna put them there, same thing, you know make sure you, if
you have like black and white and color it’s good to sort of like, make sure that your black
and white is not, you know, I like to have one color,
one black and white, one color, one black and white. This is one of my favorite
photo ever of Venice, I’m gonna put this one in front. Okay, something, this make
sure you click on every photo, you put a title, you put a description. Click on down, that’s very important. And all I’m gonna do now, you
see it’s already stretched because I duplicated the original photos so it’s already stretched. I don’t have to do the stretching anymore. Okay, let’s do the next one. Which is, so I’m gonna take my Venice, I’m gonna duplicate the page, and copy of them, I’m gonna
call this one landscapes. Done. Then, voila, I’m gonna
click on manage media. I’m doing it over and over again so you can see the
process, it’s really fast. If you prepare well your photo, it shouldn’t take long to do your website. It shouldn’t take long
at all to do your website because it’s all about
preparing your media, your text and everything. So same thing I’m gonna upload the image, I’m going to go this time to, I think it is landscapes. Get all my landscapes. Voila, done, put on
pause until it’s loaded. So I’m gonna select all
the photos like this. And I’m gonna click apply. Make sure you do, you know,
then you sort them out by, you put a title, you put a description, I really insist on that, because that’s what’s
gonna make a lot for you, and boom, I’m done. So, now I have one more page to go, I’m gonna put it on pause because I’m just gonna
redo the same thing. So now I’ve got all these different pages, so I’ve got the homepage,
I’ve got the Paris gallery, I’ve got the Venice gallery,
the landscape gallery, and the USA gallery, that’s what I wanted, that’s usually what I promote on my work. I’m gonna click on publish, so you can see what it
looks like, view website. And so that’s the homepage. Pretty sexy. And then we have Paris. We have Venice. We have landscapes. USA. And voila. And you have a title for each. I already love it. Okay, now, I’m going to do, I think the menu’s a little too small so you can just click
here, and click on design. And then you can do custom
designs, and you can go to text, and you can use the font size, I just want to boost the
font size a little bit. Something like this, I think
it was a little too small. But you can custom it a lot. And you know, I’ll show
you some more other videos on how to do some more customization, but that’s pretty close to what, that’s why I chose this template
so I don’t have to do that. It’s already all done for me. And I love that template. Okay, now I’m going to go to the bio, which is this one, so that’s her photo, so I’m gonna change her
photo with my photo. So I’m gonna upload the image, that’s gonna be pretty quick because I have it in the about page. Voila. Done, choose image. Voila, so that’s me. I’m gonna, you can resize
it, oh, I have to stretch it. So settings here. Imagery sizing, I’m gonna
make it on auto or stretch. Or no, auto. Alright, why is it not going. Something like this, oh yeah because it’s, it’s a photo that’s like this, voila. As you resize it, it resizes it how it is, gonna resize it even more because it’s supposed to be like this. Okay, that’s how it is. Good, so I like that. About me, so a little paragraph. So I’m just gonna, I
have on my folder here, I have an about text. I’m gonna select all that, command C, go back on this command V. Voila, so, gonna make
this a little more nice. Okay. Can make it a little
bigger if you want to. Voila. Okay now there is some links,
if you want the links to work, you can just select the
links here for example, that’s my gallery. Press command C. You click here on link, and, it’s going to web
address, you click here, you want it to a new window, and done. This way when people are
gonna click it’s gonna work, same thing for this, boom. Link, web address,
paste, new window, good. My YouTube channel, link, voila. Sorry, web address, boom. And voila, so I did the text. I used the same font that was used, the contact me I’m gonna change it, I’m gonna put my own,
Serge Ramelli contact. And it’s already got a form there, and if you want to make
sure that there is a form you can click on set your email, for now it’s gonna send it
to [email protected], which is an email which does not exist. Do not write me on this email, because I will not answer,
because it doesn’t exist. But you put in your real email there. And voila, I’ve got a
form, I’ve got an about me, and now on this one I could for example change the page background, and since the website is white, maybe take one of my image from Paris. So I’m gonna take this photo, I’m gonna change the background, and I’m gonna put this
photo in the background. Boom. And I could also, I’m not gonna
click apply to other pages, I just want it to be here in
the about page and that’s it. And voila. And so now let me show
you the finished website, I’m gonna click on publish again. And the whole website is
completely operational, meaning it works, it’s completely free, but it just has an ad here and an ad there plus the website name is
actually So that’s not very sexy, you know, if you don’t have any money,
yeah, it’s kinda cool, oops, yeah, even my site. So, what I’d advise you to do, and I made a special deal with Wix, which I don’t usually do, where I’m gonna give you 10% less than it actually usually cost. If you go here, you can basically, if you click even on publish, or, yeah, it says connect to your
own brand or domain name. Upgrade now, or you can
click here on upgrade. That’s what you will do, so, I advise you to get the yearly unlimited. It’s the best deal. So it’s $14 per month, and
you get 10 gigs of storage, your own, you can connect to the, now you don’t get your domain name, you have to pay another $20 or $30. So it’s gonna cost you
roughly about $18 per month to have your website, but it’s, I mean, I got lots of money from my website, it really will pay off. So, you just click on select, you know you can go for two
years or one year, select, and you can get 10% off
for a limited time if here, you see here it says enter promo code, if you enter the code photoserge here, and you click apply,
boom, you get 10% off. So, you help me because
I get a small commission, you get a 10% off, and I also get commission
from Squarespace. So it’s not just about the commission, it’s because I really
love this technology. So, don’t forget to upgrade and don’t forget to
use the code photoserge so you can have a really good website, and they will give you all the steps to connect with your email. Once you’ve paid and you’ve connected you can use like, you
can use your actual name, you know like, and I want to show you some
other things that they have which I think is really cool. If you click here, on I
think it’s My Dashboard, they have so many options. Because they have like different
apps and things like this. For example, I recommend the Site Booster. Site Booster is, get
found on search engine and boost traffic. If you click, you just click add, you add the app, voila. And Site Booster is
there, you can open it. And I will do, like another video, and like one thing, and I
used to work for a company, we used to ask a lot of
money for people to do this, but in one shot if you put
your name, your business, everything, it’s gonna update all the, you know, the maps, and
the different listing in the business from Google,
Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, in one shot. And you just put it there. They also have ways for
you to do newsletters, which is really important,
get people to subscribe. If you click on tools. Let’s see here. Save, upgrade, let me
see where is it, plus, I’m gonna click on plus here. Okay, if you go to site
manager, this is important, this is where you can give, okay, also, one thing, you
click on site, site manager, and this is where you’re gonna
give some more information, so I’m gonna, your site, I’m gonna call it Serge Ramelli Photography. It’s better than My Website. Oh yeah, only lowercase, sorry. So, serge ramelli, lowercase, or serge, I’m gonna call it like this. Rename. Boom. Site is published, plan is free. You see it’s connected to domain, so this is where you can manage, you can manage all the
SEO and all that stuff that you can just explore,
it’s very easy to use. And also, what I want to show you, is that they have some apps. If you go to your dashboard. You can see all the apps that you have. And they, email marketing,
they have contacts, automated emails, they
have a lot of things. You can click also on add apps, and then you come to the ad market, and this is what I love, they
have so many creative apps. For example if you
take, I don’t know like, Grow Traffic for example. Facebook and social for, I
mean you have to look at them, there are so many, so many, so many apps. You can take the one made by Wix. Pro Gallery’s the one we used today, that’s the one you have now by default. You can put in like an app
with an Instagram feed, there is a lot of apps, they
also have a deal with PayPal. I mean you have to explore, but it’s huge. But voila, basically we did a
website in about 20 minutes. So, I’m gonna click on publish, I’m gonna show you what it looks like. And check it out, and
make sure you do take, you know the $14 plan,
use photoserge as a code, because you know, unless
you’re really starting and you want something free, well then don’t do it, and pay when you get more
business as a photographer. But that’s the website. Now if you want to see the final website that I actually did, you just
go to, and this is my official
website now for photography and I’ve done it with Wix. It’s basically very similar
to what I’ve shown you today. And I love how the photos are full screen, I just added some gray, I
changed the font a little bit, but it’s the same idea. Landscape, the bio, which is here, I didn’t do a background
image on the final version. Voila, And if you want to compare, if you go to, you’ve got my Squarespace website. So that’s the one I’ve had for years. And I’m switching to Wix
because, I like this one, it was nice, but I think, you know, this one is really one step ahead. I really love all the
features, all these apps, and I’m gonna do more videos on it. Alright, don’t forget to
use the coupon photoserge to get your 10%. I hope you enjoyed this, I
hope you have a great website that’s gonna drive you tons of traffics. Voila, mesdames et messieurs.

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38 thoughts on “How to Create a Beautiful Website – In 20 Minutes!

  1. How can i make the available of online booking? And what are the process to make know all of my friends,relatives,etc?

  2. hi, I cannot make a full width site like you, if the pictures go beyond the grid lines, nothing will appear, any idea please?

  3. Is it really possible to earn money from publishing such photos? Who is buying pictures? Not a troll post, I just wanted to know if this really works. I have lots of awesome pictures and edited them hours and hours in Lightroom and Nic. If it is possible to earn a little bit, why not…

  4. Hey guys if you're looking to make ads or logos for your website for only 5$ click here. 100% satisfication guaranteed

  5. your message on the top left hand corner ruined your video! It blocks some important parts of the video!

  6. This was so helpful… I have been unimpressed w/much of what is out there for sites. But that is normal I suppose. It isn't a simple operation, really. But for me, the helped a lot. Thank you Serge for this.

  7. Love the video! One thing I'd ask, though… is there a way to turn off the hovercard? It makes it hard to see some of what you are demonstrating.

    Thanks so much; and keep these videos coming!

  8. My website was needing my attention! Serge helped me upgrade my skill on the creativity needed to make changes to my WIX site. My little touches of photography are amateurish, but I think now that I can sharpen my images to make them stand out and be more eye catching.

  9. Create your own Business Website in minutes! Build a beautiful, full featured website with our easy web builder. Try it now its Easy and Free!

  10. At around 9:00 you mention that you don't recommend doing something that 'doesn't look professional'…I wish you had taken the time to explain what you're talking about and what the options were instead.

  11. * QUESTION *

    I want to sell a SERVICE on WIX — What i want is a DATA BASE driven web site.
    Enter Some data is *FREE*
    Searching the Data base is *FREE*
    Entering some data *COSTS A FEE* — BUT — That data can then be searched by anyone for FREE
    Some Data entered COSTS A FEE — BUT– THAT DATA — CAN NOT — be searched by outsiders.


  12. I'm about to follow your instructions and see what comes out as i need a website to start making ££££ …. Fingers crossed but you made it look so easy. Thank you

  13. Hi Serge, I hope this reaches you. When i upload my photos into the collage it crops them and I lose portions of the picture, do you know of a way to prevent this? Have I resized them incorrectly?

  14. Thank you very much Mr. Ramelli. Thank you for your efforts and time. This video is a great help. Thanks again! 🙂

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