How To Create a Google My Business Local Listing (DEMO)

Hey everyone,
it’s Bryan Caplan here with the Bigger Better Biz channel where I equip you
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Now today we’re going to be looking at Google my business and I’m going to take
you through the process of adding your own business to Google my business. It’s actually quite simple.
First thing, you’re gonna.
Notice I am at Now when you jump there,
you’re going to be asked to log into your google account.
I’m already logged in here, so I am just fine.
Now if you do not have a google account, no problem,
you’ll go to and you can create a new google account.
Doesn’t mean you have to use Gmail or g suite,
but you have access to those tools once you create a google account and you can
even use your existing email which might [email protected] or
Any of those. So let’s assume that you’re logged in to
your account and now we’re going to create a business name.
So in this case, I’m going to create Bryan’s pizza.
Okay, now I type in Bryan’s pizza.
This is my own business, but there’s already an existing Bryan’s
pizza in central Florida. That’s not me.
So what I’m going to do is create a business with this name and I’ll go to
next. Now it’s going to show me,
okay, where are you located?
It’s prompting me for my address. So there’s an address for where Bryan’s
pizza is located. Now,
of course were pizza place. We’re going to be delivering goods and
services. You know it gets the extra money.
So I’ll click deliver and here’s something.
Why don’t we click? I delivered goods and services.
Now, I used a pizza place example,
but let’s say that you are a professional service provider or a home
services providers. So you might be a plumber,
Hvac, you might be an electrician,
you might be a realtor, you may be an insurance agent.
Any of those where you deliver goods and services or you go out to your client’s
location, your customer’s location,
you would click here, I deliver goods and services.
That means you’re a service based business.
The thing here is there’s some you know, like let’s say your home based business
and you’re a plumber operating out of your house,
you just go on plumbing calls, emergency calls,
you can hide your address right here. That makes sure that it’s telling Google
I’m not a storefront, I don’t want people coming to my
address, but this is my legitimate address and
it’s telling Google, please hide my address so people can’t
request directions to my place of business.
So in this case I’m not going to hide my address because I am a pizza place.
I want people to walk in, so I’ll click next.
Now is this your business? It looks like your business might
already have a listing. That’s because this is the condo complex
that I live in down in Tampa, so I could say this matches or in this
case this doesn’t match. Let’s continue.
So add the areas you serve. Use Mailer career.
No, we don’t send out through mail or
courier distance. Around Your Business?
Yes. Or specific areas.
So let’s just say I do specific areas. I can say Tampa,
Florida. I could say winter park,
which isn’t close to us, maybe it’s plant city,
Florida, or what I could do instead is say
distance around my business. I’m actually going to go and deliver
eight miles away from my business and I’ll click next.
Now it’s going to ask me for my business category.
Something very important here and we’ll have other videos talking about finding
your business category, but with business category,
you want to choose the primary category that best describes your business.
So in this case, I’ll type in pizza and it’s going to be
pizza restaurant. Now,
once I’ve chosen my primary category, I can choose up to 10 categories total,
so I have nine other categories that I can apply.
Maybe I want to do pizza, so if I type in pizza again,
there’s pizza delivery, pizza takeaway,
pizza restaurant. I’m going to choose pizza restaurant,
but my other categories might be pizza delivery because I want to push delivery
next. Then we’ll have a contact phone number,
but let’s say that we do six, one,
seven, five,
five, five,
seven, eight,
seven, seven.
And then current website would be Bryan’s pizza
That’s assuming that I have a website, maybe I don’t need a website,
which actually you do. You really want to have a website and
there’ll be videos on that as well. But the other thing that Google my
business does is allows us to create a free website based on the Info we’re
entering right now. So I ha.
I owned Bryan’s pizza Let’s say I already have a website or I
could get a free website that Google will help me build myself a click on
next. And then this is saying verify this
business. So we want to allow new customers to
find us on Google search and maps. Yes,
we definitely want to be promoting our business with photos and posts.
Yes, we can track business analytics to
understand our customers, where they’re searching from,
where they’re getting directions from, where they’re calling from,
and we can respond to customer reviews, which is extremely important.
And you’ll see other videos on this channel that talk about customer
reviews. We’ll click on finish. Now we have some options.
We can have a postcard set, so in this case,
postcard may take up to five business days to arrive,
so I’ll send it to Bryan Caplan at five, one,
two, five,
Palm Springs Boulevard, Tampa,
Florida, three through six,
four slash seven, and I can click mail.
Google will now mail a postcard. This is the verification process,
so this is making sure that your business exists at the address that you
said it exists, so I would send the postcard to Bryan
Caplan, care of Bryan’s Pizza.
There’s also, if you want to,
you can verify later in this case, since I’m just showing you how to
create, you would mail the postcard,
but I’ll click on later and now here we go.
I am brought into my Bryan’s pizza, Google my business dashboard.
This is an awesome thing that’s showing me a lot of different information.
What I’m going to do is in part two of the series,
I’ll take you through a tour of all the different features and functionality
that are available to me as a new business within Google,
my business and it’s dashboard. Hey,
thanks for watching. You know,
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