How to Create a Post in Google My Business [Tutorial]

In this tutorial, we will be showing you
how to add a post for an event on Google my business. So the dashboard screen
we’re looking at here is what you’ll see the moment you log in if you have your
browser logged into your your Google account you would basically just Google
Google my business click through the first result and it will take you to
this page. So the particular post we’re going to do today is going to be an
event so if you go on the left and click on posts, you’re gonna see a list of
things you can post. Specifically you can add an event, you can add an offer, a
product or an update. You can also scroll down here and see some of your previous
posts to the extent that you need some inspiration or a reminder of how it
should look you would just scroll down to what you’ve done before. But if this
is your first time that’s not a problem we’re actually gonna approach this as if
we’ve never done it before. So we’re gonna add an event. So we would click on
the add event button and once we’re here it’s very important for us to add a
photo. Now this is a real estate brokerage so the event type we’re adding
will be an open house and obviously the way you attract buyers and potential
attendees is to show photo or video of the property. So, in this case, we’re going
to add a photo now once you click on that gray box it’s going to give you the
the upload box so hopefully what we can do now is we can actually take a photo
and we can actually drag it into that upload box. Give it a second to load and it looks
good. So now in the event title, we want to in this case, put the address of the
property. So we’re just gonna pull the address right here and we’ll do
something like this. And the price let’s see what it is one point two two five
million and it’s in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. So we’ll
update the price and I’ll put Murray Hill looks like it’s too long so maybe
we do this. Yeah okay so it looks like we’re unable
to make it any longer. So in that case we’ll just forget about the neighborhood
and remove that and then we’re gonna add an event time. Specifically the open
house is on the 16th from 1:00 to 3:00. So in here will make the obviously make
the start date the 16th will make the end date the 16th and will start
obviously at 1:00 p.m. and we will add end at not 3:00 a.m. certainly not the
case we want to end at 3:00 p.m. there you go.
So let’s see there might be another option here to add more details and
perhaps what we can do is we can actually copy and paste the event title
into the details and then maybe we can just adjust it a little bit. See so it’s
allowing us to put a little bit more information there and what we could also
do possibly is to actually take the link of the property and we can go ahead and
possibly paste that into the event details. Okay so just to summarize we put the
photo we’ve put the event title we’ve added the event date and time we’ve also
added a little bit of a description here and then we may also want to add a
button so we could do I would say learn more and in the learn more we would
probably want to put the link to the contact us form for our company’s
website. And that way we would make sure that anyone who is interested in the
property reaches out to us instead of possibly being redirected if we were to
put a link to a third party website it is possible that another agent would be
connected to them instead of the listing agent. So in the learn more we would put
the link to our contacts page on our website and then let’s click preview it
should show us what it will look like. Okay only suggestion I would make I
guess to myself would be to put the URL for the contact info for the firm here
as well and then possibly up here we would put listing information or we
could put listing details since we’ve already used the word information for
the below. Preview it one more time. Okay, looks good to us so we’re gonna go
ahead and hit publish and it says live on Google so you can click view on
search as well and then it will open up a new tab which should show you
basically what the Google search results would be for your business by way of
just putting in your business name on the top left and then you should be able
to see down here below reviews there will be a post section and it looks like
it’s just added it right there. The post should also appear down here below the
post section in the sidebar and that’s really the main benefit of doing this
you want your customers to actually see that you’re active on Google by way of
results appearing directly in search and regardless of what type of business
you’re engaged in it’s strongly encouraged that you start using pretty
much all of the features that Google is beckoning you to use. Primarily because
they have a lot of influence online for obvious reasons if they want you to do
something chances are it’s beneficial to you to do it and it may very well result
in you looking more favorably online and possibly triggering some sort of Google
algorithm that would be in your favor to trigger as it relates to your appearance
on the Google search results. If you have any questions leave us a comment below
the video but otherwise we wish you the best of luck out there as you run your

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