How to create a review link for Google My Business pages

Hi my name’s Kate Toon and I’m the Head Chef at the Recipe for SEO Success. Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to generate links that drive to your Google My Business profile So that people can give you reviews. Now as you know you can create your own Google my Business page. By going to And you can start here and create your own little business profile. Once you’ve done that when people type in certain search terms. Often location searches you can see here I’ve typed in ‘copywriter Sydney’. You’ll see local results, Google My Business results popping up in the blended results. So after all these ads we get what’s called the map pack or the local pack Here you can see my result and my reviews. And if I click through or if I go searching on Google Maps. We can see more listings here with reviews and information. Now if I click on one of these it brings up my Google My Business profile with all my information. And here is the button where I can go ahead and write a review So if I clicked this it will give me a little review box And I can actually type in a little review here. Kate is great. Obviously I wont’ review myself as that would be a bit lame! But one issue that business have is how to drive people to this link. It’s not particularly easy to get to this link And obviously is what happens is that you get this very long ugly URL here that you can send to people. But often what happens is people get lost along the way. And you don’t get your review. But I’ve discovered a cool little tool That will help make creating links a bit easier. So the tool can be found here it’s on a website called I’ll include a link to this in the YouTube notes beneath the video So all you need to do with this great little tool is head to this page and it says enter your business name in the search box below. So we’ll go ahead and do that. I’ll put in my Kate Toon Copywriter address It generates them here so you can just select that. And then it will find your address for you. Underneath it will give you two options. It will give you option 1. Where visitors can see existing reviews and they have to click the little button to write a review. Or even easier for logged in users you can actually drive them directly to the review box. So let’s have a look at how both these links look. So here’s the first option now obviously what you’re going to need to do is still… highlight to the client that they’re going to need to click this write a review button So that’s one step that you might have to explain in your email copy when you send it through. And this is the other option but this will only work for logged in users So be sure to let people know that when you send them through the link. From this page you can also email the URL directly to your clients. And it just makes life a little bit easier. They’ve even got a QR code, do people still use those? So that’s a option as well, if people like QR codes. So there you go a neat little tool that will help you generate links that you can send to clients and hopefully get heaps more reviews for your business. Thanks for watching.

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20 thoughts on “How to create a review link for Google My Business pages

  1. Really helpful. Thanks for this.Interested people may read more about How much Google reviews are important to your business :

  2. Gave this a try for my UK based company, but it doesn't show up…so I'm wondering if it only works for Australia based companies??

  3. Hi Kate, thanks for the link but you spoke to fast for the Supple link. Please can write down the full link for the generator ? Kind regards

  4. Hi Kate I have just tried this and located my business using your link Supple. Could only find my business on the alternate method, I found it then copied it and put in ID section then hit submit but it just shows loading symbol and never gets to the part where I can choose the recommended for customers to be able to review without having to log in to google. Can you tell me where I went wrong?

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