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– So you want to know
how to make a website for your business that actually works? That’s kind of the golden goose, right? So right now you probably have a website but more than likely, it’s
just kinda sitting there. It’s not really doing anything. You’re not really sending traffic to it. You don’t even know if
people are really seeing it or what they think about it. It’s just kind of this online brochure. In fact you’re kinda confused by it. You might be a little embarrassed by it. And you’re kinda in a catch 22, right? Like you don’t want to spend
money and drive traffic to it because you’re not sure that it works to actually convert
the traffic into leads. Sound familiar? (laughs) So listen, I actually know
what I’m talking about because I was in your
position about 15 years ago. I was in a business and I built a website and nothing happened. It was a big cricket factory. Just nothing, just cricket,
cricket, cricket. (chuckles) And then I figured out
that if I go online, I can just do, watch a bunch of videos and different things and
kind of get sucked down into this never-ending
funnel of do this, do that, do this, do that, and if you
pay for this whole course then you can learn how to do a website, and it was confusing
and it was overwhelming and I just kinda threw up
my hands and said enough. There has got to be an easier way to use a website for my business so that people are visiting it, that they like what they see, and that they connect with me, right? Like it shouldn’t be so hard. So I wanted to put this video together, give you a couple different
strategies you can use. You can watch the video and
then go ahead and implement them into your website that you have now and kinda get rid of that
feeling of the confusion and the embarrassment of
what am I supposed to do with this website. (laughs) it’s just kinda doing nothing right now. So let’s jump in. One of the very first things
that you have to understand about a website is it’s the
front face of your company, if you will, so if you have a
storefront for your business, people walk by and the windows, right, the windows of your
storefront, the display, is really critical. It has to be eye-catching. It has to, as people are walking by, you want people to look
in, be engaged with it, kind of pique their curiosity. Well a website is your virtual storefront. You’re not putting the
entire contents of the store in your window display,
so on your homepage of your website, things have to be calm. They have to be organized. You’re not throwing the
entire kitchen sink at people as soon as they take a
look at your homepage, aka walking by your display. So your homepage should
have just enough information to let people know who you are, how you’re different, who
you help and how you help, or what type of results
that you get for people. So it has to be organized and give them just enough information, so
fill up the window display just enough to get people to say, oh, this looks interesting or this looks like something
I have been looking for. Let me get more information. Okay, so that’s the first tip. The second tip is that on your website, you need to make some sort of an offer. Now a lot of business owners
confuse this with a sale. The reality is, people
don’t go to a website and look at it for five
minutes or 10 minutes or whatever and then go,
(snaps) done, ready to sign up. Where do I pay? I mean just think about your
own personal experience. It’s just not how people use websites, and in fact, if you sell a service, so a doctor, a chiropractor, a trainer, a coach, an author, a consultant, anything like that, if
you’re selling a service, that’s certainly not how it goes. So think about it, have you ever gone to a chiropractor’s website and decided, yep, I’m gonna buy 10 sessions right away? So normally this front end website, there’s a step before
people finding out about you and a sale being made,
and that step before is called the relationship. So your website can
actually start to develop a relationship between your business and that website visitor. Even though you’ve never met them, you’ve never talked to them, the website has the ability to come off as friendly, warm and
welcoming, and inviting, and when that relationship
begins to build, when people can watch a video of you and see your personality, or your hand gestures if you’re like me, when they can see who you are
and how your voice sounds, when they can hear from your clients the type of results that
you’ve got for them, when they can understand really
what your business is about and why it’s so different than
all the other competition, that relationship there, that friendship, is a critical piece in your
ultimate sales process. So people come to your website. We want to give them just
enough information, right. A simple homepage, that’s
one strategy you can use. The second strategy is
everything within the website, copy, videos, images, it
should all be friendly. It should be engaging, and
for most people watching this, it should be from you,
the actual business owner or the service provider. You want people to feel that
connection with you personally, because it’s gonna help them know you, like you and trust you, which, if you’ve been in
business for a long time, you know that that has to
happen before a sale is made. So that’s the second thing. The third thing is that
you really need to make some sort of a free offer. So as I said, it doesn’t go from just, somebody looks at your website
and then buys something. There’s a step in between, and that step is developing the friendship that then goes to the free offer. The free offer has to be something that is actually compelling
to your target market. The actually have to want the thing. So if you’re offering
something like a free consult, don’t just say, hey, sign
up for my free consult, fill in the form below. Give them as much information
as you can about the offer. How long is the consultation? Is it over the phone, is
it through a video chat, is it in person? What should they expect? If you are a fitness trainer, do they need to bring workout gear? Are they gonna have
their measurements taken? Do they get a tour of the facility? So you want to give as much information about your free offer as possible so that people fully and
completely understand what it is that your offer is, and more importantly what
it is they’re agreeing to. What it is they’re signing up for. If there’s any confusion
about your free offer, people will not take advantage of it and you won’t see any conversions or you’ll see very low conversions. Okay, it’s only when you have a simple, easy-to-navigate website where you’re not just throwing the whole
kitchen sink at people, when your content, your images, your video engages in a friendship-building, you know, when it engages in that process and people can start
to know you, like you, and trust you even though
they’ve never talked to you and you don’t even know that they exist. It’s just through that website, through those content channels, that you’re able to build the friendship. And then you make an offer that they want and that they understand. Now once they take you up on the offer, of course then your
sales process kicks in, and that’s gonna be
different for every business, but you have an opportunity now to follow up with the person because you have their contact information from the free offer they signed up for. So, those are just a few tips
that are important to know in getting a website that
works for your business in terms of leads and conversion. And all the other stuff,
you can just kind of not really worry about,
’cause you don’t want to focus on sales copy and all that stuff when you’re really just kind of working on the front end website. So you can get rid of the embarrassment and get rid of the confusion. Use copy on the website
where you’re just talking like you’re talking to a real person. You don’t have to use salesy language or sound uber professional. In fact if you’re selling a service, then the more realistic and down to earth and friendly that you
seem and that the words that you use on the website, the more people will be
able to connect with that. Okay, so if you liked what I have to say, you’ll definitely love a
course that I put together. It’s absolutely free,
I’m gonna put the link down below here in the video. So you can go ahead, take a look at that and a lot of people have found that it streamlines the process of what they should be focusing on next and just makes things a lot
easier for them to understand and actually get some things done and crossed off their list. So if you liked the video, please like it, comment, share it,
subscribe to the channel. Do all those wonderful, wonderful things, and I will talk to you
soon on the next video. Okay, bye bye. (people chattering)

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