How To Create A Website For Your Business In 4 EASY STEPS

Do you think about creating your very own
website? One of the easiest way to start without having
programming knowledge is WordPress. Why do I think that? Because around 27% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs and celebrities to the biggest news sites online. Hi, my name is Robert and in this video I
will show you how you can start your WordPress website in just 4 easy steps. Keep watching! 1. CHOOSE A HOST The first step in creating a website on WordPress
is choosing a hosting provider. If you already have it, please skip to the
next step. For the purpose of this video, I’ll take
SiteGround as my example, and show you all the steps you need to take to have your WordPress
website launched there in less than 5 minutes. There are are a lot of hosting providers and
in the free video-course I prepared a video with the Top 3 hosting providers compared
so that you decide which one is the best for you. SiteGround is one of the most efficient shared
hosting providers for WordPress. After you choose the perfect plan for your
business, click on Get Started then register a new domain or tick if you already have one. I stick with the second option for this tutorial
because I allready have a domain name. Proceed to the next step, fill out every field
with your own info then enter the payment information and choose the period for your
hosting service. You are able to select from 1 month as a trial
to 36 months which is the best price. Read and confirm that you agree to the SiteGround
terms of service and hit the Pay Now button. The next screen will be a warm welcome to Siteground. 2. INSTALL WORDPRESS Usually installing WordPress from your cPanel is automated. For more in depth information about how you can install WordPress, check our free video-course where I made a video about the most common
ways to install it. If you are using SiteGround, you can continue
to install WordPress on your domain by clicking this “Set up in 2 min!” button after proceeding to the customer area. What type of website do you need? Choose it wisely from options below then tick
to use WordPress. Proceed to the next step and fill out the
email, username and password you will use as WP Admin. Skip choosing a template for now because i’ll cover this widely in the next step …so keep watching. Click the SUBMIT button. If you got errors like I do correct them and
submit again until everything works fine. I see that Siteground request a username with
eight characters as minimum here, which is a good security step. Do not use “admin” or your “sitename” here! After a couple of seconds the WordPress installation
is ready! From now on, you can start using WordPress. It only needs a bit more tuning up to make
the website truly yours. To login to your dashboard, access the admin
URL, which is usually, then type in the username and password you
set during installation. What you’ll see is your WordPress dashboard. This is where you get to customize everything
about your site. 3. CHOOSE A MODERN AND RESPONSIVE THEME Now that you’ve got WordPress installed,
it’s time to make it look beautiful and attractive to your visitors. Keep in mind that more than 50% of the internet
users will access your website through their smartphone or tablet. This means you need to pick a theme that is
mobile responsive and mobile friendly. There are lots of free and premium WordPress
themes and a lot of places where you can go to get one. We’ve compiled some lists and videos of
the best themes out there to make this easier for you. This is also covered in our free video-course. To add a free theme to your site go to the
WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance/Themes. Once there, click on “Add New” and search for the theme of your choice by its name. It should appear right away. Hover the mouse over it and click “Install”
and then “Activate”. Every theme can be modified by clicking the
“Customize” link in the sidebar of the dashboard. This way, you can change a range of visual
details about your website design, from colors to backgrounds, menus, widgets, and
etc. The features and customization options vary
from theme to theme because themes are different under the hood, and each one comes with its
own settings. For more premium themes with extended custom
capabilities please access the link with our special offer in description below. 4. MAKE YOUR WEBSITE AWESOME Now that your website is live, you can start
adding content. You can create pages like About us, Contact or
Mission. For news or announcements you can write posts
and share them on social media. One way to make your website AWESOME is WordPress
plugins. These are little scripts that make your site
work better, rank better and help you interact with your visitors better. There are plugins for SEO, contact forms,
caching, backups, photo galleries, spam comments, social media, online shops, reviews, you name it. Trust me, you can find plugins for any new
feature you’d want to add to your site. Just like themes, plugins come free and premium. Let’s focus on free. Plugins are easy to install. Go to your WordPress Dashboard / Plugins / Add New. Type in the name of a given plugin, or look
through the list of recommended plugins. You are likely to find something useful there. When the plugin appears, click on Install
Now and then on Activate. That’s it! Some plugins have extra settings, others do not. Either way, you’re going to find guides
on how to work with your given plugin on its official website or its page on So, at this point, you’ve made your website
look stunning and added some cool new features to it. Now is a good moment to take it to the next
level: promotion, marketing, monetization, SEO! You choose what to do first. Watch the next video in this free series and
you will find 7 great marketing tools that will help you boost your website. To start, click on the top right corner or
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