How to Create a Website for Your YouTube Channel in 5 Minutes

If you are serious about being successful
with online videos you need a website to go along with your YouTube channel. Not having a website will haunt you forever
so let’s change that. Today I’m going to show you how to create
your own website in 3 easy steps. There are so many benefits to having your
own website, and here’s an example right now. If you go to that
will take you to the full step-by-step blog post that’ll go along with this video tutorial
so you can follow along at your own pace and create your own website. See what I did there? I pointed you back to my website to help you
out. Eh? Now let’s get started. Okay step 1 is to choose a domain name & a
web host. There are many different web hosts, but the
one I use and the one I recommend to YouTubers and beginners that are creating their first
website is iPage because it’s simple, cheap, and reliable. So if you want to use my referral link and
help support Channel Empire, you can get a special discount by visiting Once you’re there, you should see the special
introductory offer. Feel free to read about all the features and
benefits that iPage has, and when you’re ready click on the Sign Up Now button. On the next page you’ll choose your domain
name. So this will most likely be your brand name,
channel name, or your actual first and last name if you’re a personal brand. For this example I’ll type in “”
and click Check Availability to see if it’s available. If it’s not available it’ll give you suggestions
so you can either choose from the list of suggestions, but I always recommend trying
to get a .com name if possible so I’ll try a different variation such as “”
and click Check Availability again. If it is available you’ll see this page where
you can enter your billing information. So enter your info in the required fields,
and choose your payment method. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. This section is where you’ll choose your hosting
plan. So you can choose from a 1-year, 2-year, or
3-year plan. The 12-month plan is the cheapest total cost
up front so for this example I’ll choose that one, but you can choose whichever one you
want. Domain Privacy is only $9 a year, but it is
optional. So I’ll uncheck that because it’s not a necessity. You don’t need any of these Website Essentials
because I’ll actually show you how you can get these features for free on my full step-by-step
blog post so I’ll uncheck all of these boxes. Now at the bottom you’ll see that the total
cost for one year is only $30 which is a great deal. Your price may be a little different depending
on when you’re doing this so don’t wait any longer. Make sure you take advantage of this deal
as soon as possible. When you’re ready click the Check Out button. Step 2 is to install WordPress. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform
and it’s what I use for all my websites so I’ll show you how to quickly install it on
your website. You should receive an email from iPage with
your login credentials so once you have that, go to iPage and click Log In at the top right. Enter your username and password and click
Log In. Now this is the Control Panel for your iPage
account. You can watch the Video Walkthrough if you
want to learn more about it. Next, look for the WordPress icon and click
that. It’ll take you to the WordPress installation
page, and click Install. Verify that your website name is listed in
this box then click Check Domain. If you see this message, just click Continue. Check the box to agree to the terms and click
Install Now. Close any offers that may pop up and at the
top of the page you’ll see the installation progress bar so wait until that is complete. When it’s finished, click View Credentials. Take note of your username and password and
click the Admin URL link. Enter your username and password from the
previous page and click Login. Now this is your WordPress dashboard where
you’ll be managing your website. First, open a new tab and visit your website. So if you see this message “This site is under
development” go back to your iPage Control Panel and click File Manager. Check the box next to Home.html then click
the red Delete button at the top and click Delete to remove that file. Now, go back to your website and refresh the
page and you should see your new website blog. Step 3 is to add your first blog post. You should still be logged into your WordPress,
so hover your mouse over the website name in the top left and click Dashboard to go
to your WordPress dashboard. The left column shows you all the things you
can manage so to add a new blog post just go to Posts, then All Posts. Here you can click on Add New to add a new
blog post. The top line is the name of your blog post
so type in the headline name of your blog post. Then in the text section below that that is
the body of the blog post where you’ll actually type in your blog post. So type in whatever you’d like. WordPress is very easy to use. It’s easy to add pictures and links using
the quick access buttons. Once you have your blog post written, click
the Update button on the right. Once it’s updated, click View Post and it
will show you the blog post on your website. That’s it! Now you can play around with your brand new
website, add a theme to customize the look of it, add your About page and any other pages
you want to add. It’s all yours. So now you have your own website set up. So I hope you enjoy it, and remember all the
steps with additional info, links, and all that good stuff is on the full blog post at Thanks for watching and I will talk to you
soon in the next video. Bye.

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