How To Create A Website | Make A Website Step-By-Step | Easy To Follow Tutorial

Hi, James Stafford here from Websites Made Easy. If you’re looking for a very simple straightforward solution on how to build a website or you are just simply frustrated with not knowing where to even begin to start building your site you are in the right place. We all know that having a web presence today is very commonplace as just about everything is online. Websites are perfect for Blogs, Hobbies, online merchant stores or for your local business. I am going to walk you through how to setup a website in 10 min with a completely free platform know as WordPress. WordPress is a full-featured, fully customizable website creation tool used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations around the world. WordPress is super easy to use and just about anybody can have there first website up in no time. There are so many really cool features about WordPress.
There are thousands of free themes to choose from to change the look and function of your site. There are thousands of plugins available to customize your site to your specific needs.
You can build your site from anywhere no software is needed. There is additional education on YouTube that covers just about everything you can do with WordPress.
WordPress is search-engine friendly.
The First thing we need to do to get started is setup your hosting.
This is where you will pick the name of your new website and where the site and its contents will be hosted. This really is the only cost you will incur in this process and is so cheap for the value you get.
In my business over the last 5 years I have always gone with Hostgator Hosting. I go with the Baby Plan as you can build as many websites as you would like for $10.00 per month. This comes with 24 hour PHONE customer support and when it comes to WordPress these guys know their stuff. Also your websites will be backed up weekly so they are in safe hands. Ok so now we will head over to Hostgator to pick the name for your new webstie and I will show you how to get your new site up with WordPress in 10 min! If you choose to use the link below this video you will save 25% off your order with Hostgator! I will see you in a moment over at Hostgator.

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100 thoughts on “How To Create A Website | Make A Website Step-By-Step | Easy To Follow Tutorial

  1. I just recently opened my website through WordPress. I was considering using Hostgator, but I have a few questions. Can I add an already made WordPress to my Hostgator instead of creating a completely new one like you did? Also, will hostgator allow me to edit the HTML of the website? I don't want to pay the $100.00 wordpress is asking me to pay to be able to change my domain name, and edit my wordpress site. If you could answer these questions I would be so greatful. Thank you, and great video!

  2. Hi Melinda, Absolutely if I understand the question correctly. You already have WordPress website with another hosting provider and want to bring that website over to Hostgator. Is this correct? You would need to submit a domain transfer with Hostgator to initiate the hosting/domain transfer. I this not correct give Hostagor a quick call they will be able to step you through any challenge with your website and get you squared away. I hope this helps.. Thanks James Stafford

  3. Word press is a great tool, once you understand the ins and outs of it it will make your life a lot easier.

    After you sign up at host gator with the link under the video above, check out this free training on word press at It has great step by step training for getting all set up.

  4. Hi I did all of this until the link at 6:04 when I click on it the website is correctly directed but the page isn't available? Does it take time for it to configure? How many minutes/hours? Please reply asap.

  5. Yes it takes some time for the new domain to propagate.. It should be working now. If not contact Hostgator they should be able to sort out any details..

  6. I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THERE TOO. I was careful though, in that I only purchased 1 month hosting. I live in Australia could not get through to the 24/7 assistance line on either telephone numbers and the on line assistant was unable to assist. I think the support supplied by hosting companies is the most important.
    Do you think they had trouble with my acsent?? Only lost $10

  7. No you don't need to download wordpress, most webhosts have a control panel that allows you to install wordpress in just a few clicks. It's really simple.

  8. Yes, wordpress was primarily used for blogs, but themes have now been created that allow you to build normal websites as well.

  9. Cesvoir cesvoir com also allows you to make your own website for free, ie make your own website , design it, all for free of cost…

  10. My account is locked for the first 60 days of its creation. I didn't expect that following the make a website in 10 min video 🙁

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  13. You forgot to mention that you have to register domain name as well. When you signed up for hosting, this does not register a domain name for you.

  14. After the first payment do you still need to keep paying every month for word-press like other hosting pages to keep your domain name?

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  16. After i downloaded wordpress and hit the link to go to the site it says that the server can't be found rather than an option to sign in… any ideas why?

  17. Because the new domain need time to propagate.. This is completely normal as you are more than likely aware by now.

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