How To Create A WordPress Business Website pt 1

hi guys Timothy Samuel here and I’m showing
you how to buildt this engaging business website next up we’ll be going to an
overview of all we need so we can get started
briefly go through all we need to get started to build our business website
first is domain name , a domain name is our unique identity used to find us on the
internet for example Google’s domain name is
Facebook’s domain name is and yours will be your business name or
your name dot-com and the best price I have seen for domain name is a thousand
two fifty and this payment is done yearly hosting hosting is our online
real estate which holds our content contents like pictures words etc so to
make them accessible we need to host them or keep them somewhere so that when people check our domain name they get to see our content
and the best price I have seen for hosting is 400 a month and for 12 months
that will make it 4800 to install WordPress is free and to install the
theme also that we using to build website is also free
now for DATA if you have free Wi-Fi good luck to you and if you are if you don’t
to to be to build this website needing say 2Gig for it so on this and the
price it depends on your service provider so in total we’ll be needing
about six thousand plus to build our business website so let’s get started
hi guys following the link in the description i sent either by email or
in the video description you should be on a page like this whogohost they are
hosting company as thier name implies
and they’ll be doing our domain name registration
and hosting for us so quickly why I recommend and I also used them because
number one they are affordable and truly deliver on their promise of 99.9% uptime
what that means is 99.9 percent of the time your website and web pages will be
available and add an accessible 99.9 percent of the time which to me is a
great great thing and also they have great customer service
you should them an email with the problem and they are back to you with
the solution in five minutes or ten or fifteen but they will reply your your email
your email sent so quickly that’s fine you domain name and if you are doing
this for the first time it might be a little bit difficult for you finding the
perfect domain name because somebody else might be using it so briefly let me
just start i want to use domain business demo site business demo that’s the domain name i
want to choose just quickly pick I am not robot I remember a domain
name is your unique identity used to find you on the Internet
so like I said earlier Google’s domain name is facebooks domain name is and so on and so forth so he has to be your name or your business
name that comes now quickly the pricing of your domain name depends on the
extension for example that ng extension will be paying 12,000 air for it while
the rest loads up and get the prices for each and every one of them I believe the
cheapest you be taught online and that Konrad ng as we have seen now that mg is
12,000 that Africa is 13,000 that online is 1,000 250 that conduct ng is 1,250
now but I wanted to quickly see the price for the remaining to have a clear
let me use demo site let’s see what comes out in other madness and set it
out as usual the price for team inside
business the demo sites that ng is 12,000 then that cone is 3900 that
energy is also 12,000 dot sight is 1,000 now that Africa 13,000 online 1050 and
also his dot-com dot mg so we have and despite this this amount is paid once a
year Massa pay once to the next year so you
see it’s not really badly but may I prefer demo site business demo site and
for the purpose of this tutorial I will be choosing dot-com that inch because
it’s cheaper and you just demonstration to to doesn’t like chiptunes so add or
click the Add button and check out ok yeah told you the many administration’s
once yeah so now we have to click you have to click new hosting click to add
so let’s scroll down see ok there is the one geeks piece for geeks
face line line no.6 keke 10 gig and 25 gig you can go ahead and read the
summary of the packages that they have but if you are starting out our command
you choose the 409 a month plan then as you grow definitely as you grow begin to
upgrade to other plans then we click use business like them business demo sided
convert energy use alright and quickly I will also recommend you choose not
monthly but yearly that’s annual payment for it that way you see if I think about
twenty or thirty percent there apart if you choose the annular payment and also
sorry dot-com dot mg comes with a free domain
name registration meaning you won’t have to pay the extra one thousand two
hundred and fifty now if you choose dot-com that ng to me see why I said
yeah very very affordable so before the purpose of you to Tory I don’t want it
still long unlined is just for demonstration purposes I will be
choosing found a nine month and continue okay we have an order summary over one
thousand six fifty time to show you how Lou it is for us to begin to put our
business online you should be around four thousand right if you choose that
Conrad energy and if you choose all yeah and if you also chosen calm if you have
between I think six and seven thousand which to me is a really really good deal
and if it is your first time just type just come here this apply promo code
click it and put in the code hello-hello automatically gives you 25% discount
that is if it’s your first time this is not my first time so I’ve used my own
hello chance already so click checkout now check out
number your address and the rest so you scroll down scroll down and I will be
choosing payment by bank details because I prefer to make the transfer to their
accountant and get the account details very soon so just click I have read and
agree to terms they will complete the other because you have an unpaid invoice
like this state in the bank payment details and once your payment is made
send email so clearly not who guru so that you be activated and I also
recommend that you should send a screenshot or a picture of to for
payments that you have made to them to another for them to make your activation
fast and easy so let’s go right ahead and make payment and I’ll see you soon
all right welcome back so after payment has been completed you
receive an invoice payment confirmation and your hosting details so we go in and
click open that email up you scroll down to temporary control panel we click it
could proceed so we should have a control panel
telling us to give it the user gives the user name and password which already
doing emails and sensor also go back to the email the username is 47 busy for
seven we had light right click copy they will paste that in there for a
parcel to be doing the same thing to sorry
let’s get all the numbers correctly or missed again
I’ll means again okay let’s try to miss now I missed again let me stress on the
side all right copy I hope is that in there then log it
if you take a saw control panel cut all right welcome back
so after payment has been completed you receive an invoice payment confirmation
and your hosting details so we go in and click open that email up you scroll down
to temporary control panel we click it could proceed so you have a control panel telling us
to give it the user gives a username and password which already doing emails and
sensor also we go back to the email the username is 47 busy for seven we had
light right click copy then we’ll paste that in there for a
password to be doing the same thing to sorry
let’s get all the numbers correctly I missed again I’ll miss the game
okay let’s try to miss now I missed again name is trash on the side
alright copy I hope is that in there then login if
you take a sock entrepreneur control panel is back in and the control panel
is simply an interface that allows also money to various hosted services in one
place and one of the booster services were about to use now is called
WordPress you’ll find it when you scroll down we click it then go to install now
we delete this that is the in directory the detective then site name site name
can be changed at any time before now we use boss boss then I’ll give that to my
world is fine it can be adjusted in time like I said area then of the next is the
admin name username and password I prefer to use admin then to change my
password generally we hide that so you can also do that for yourself then that
is done scroll down and click install you should take some minute or two to
activate all right combat Edition software has
been installed successfully now drew the bodies some web developers charge a lot
of money for those few steps we just have turn now
so what we do next go to our admin back-end by clicking I’m sure what I did
by clicking the user the URL with admin your front alright congratulations
it is our wordpress is successfully installed so it looks overwhelming at
first but it’s really simple to manage with the swiss this minimize that
minimize this minimize that minimize this then to italy to setting right now
first to go to the permalinks and once that opens up we choose post name first
name visit physically helps to use a nude page they are on is better than
choosing question mark P equals one two three or sample post post name is easy
and it’s best for search engines to able to recognize your page when searching
for it to save changes and the next thing we’re going to go to use plugins
plugins basically enhance the functions of your website for example on your
phone you have applications for your website you have plugins so alight
everything here deactivate because without doing sometimes it conflicts
with our team that we’re going to be installing so we do that again we delete
completely apply okay all right
let’s quickly take a snap look of how our website looks like this is how our
website looks like dry boring unimpressive but because the team hasn’t
been installed yet so what I could be doing next is installing our team that’s
here so to do that we go to appearance go to team then click on add new and by doing that
I hope you have downloaded the team from the unity scription that I sent to you
in the via email or the video description you have a team looking like
this to inspire ultra and also the home page pictures or content that if you
want the following step-by-step but if not whenever you need something I’ll
show you how to get it step by step like promised so what we do now is upload our
team so we choose file go to desktop the Muriel mine is my TV on the desktop so we fetch it Timmy fire ultra then we click open
click up install now now we see it’s uploading right by the
left hand corner of our desktop now there are basically two ways to install
the WordPress theme or the editing fighting and I’ll be showing you both so
let’s just wait that loads up all right so if you get this message
there’s no need to worry when I said there are two ways to install the
WordPress theme so and if you didn’t get the message
good luck to you congratulations even study team so let’s quickly go back and
install the team the second way you remember we just installed WordPress by
using the WordPress distant you click on go to control panel then with for our
file manager they will do next is click on public
heat on the score heads ever then contact things then click upload it I
will select file or we drop the file either way it’s still going to work so
to scroll down to where your team has been installed on mine is on my desktop
so didn’t watch are open you should see that uploading then we wait for it it’s
gets 200 all right after the upload is complete hundred percent we go back to
home we don’t treat this so sorry I’m a cancer that will highlight this
look for extract like flat files close files then refresh or reload you have
our team installed right here so they don’t worry if your shoot that what
should you should if you’re sure this error is no need to bother with just
solve that by uploading to our control panel so over the next bit is because we
don’t need it anymore trash it then we go back here and click refresh here
just refresh the page then we should have our team is if after
refresh you can find it just come back here and click on themes and it should
load up right up so we click activate he acts this out so let’s quickly take a quick look of
how the website looks like with the team finally installed now trust me this is
better than what we had there before this I think we see javi here
this is so by refreshing this also did you change to what we have there
currently so congratulations again on having the team installed so over the
next now is fixing up pages to do that go back to the dashboard then we go to
pages or pages and after that opens up with trash the
South page because and after that opens up or trash the sample page because we
really won’t be using it enough attraction a we go back to trash I will
click on delete permanently and then we click on add new I was first pretty lady
home page then we click publish don’t click on add new again then our second
page will be e about page like it capital letter first about go to publish okay then click on add new again we’ll
be adding in our services page services services click on publish the add me
again this will be our blog section and then
we scale if start thinking what you blog about I’ll show you how to do or how to
find topics to blog about a click publish and then we adding our last but
not least page I knew and in title of our page will be contact sorry I’m actually published also should be
done with that we have our pages of now so it’s time to create a menu for me to
do to appearance then menu can our net menu page you click you have to create a
menu name so we go here click on choose any name you like this has no purpose at
all so I were picking C top or top nav or anything like so click on create menu
now we’ll be doing next is like this this this page we just created will be
added into the menu we also just created that is top then video biffed beautiful
part about this you can easily drag and drop to arrange how you want it to play
and by dragging this to decided you will be creating it drop down menu now show
you how that works very soon but we want everything all as the main menu no job
done yet okay home about services blog contact looks good then we click on main
navigation then save and then let’s quickly visit our page to see what we
have done all right we have our pages operating home page the about the
service section and blog and contact now let’s go to some of our pins and see if
it works check the about box fine services let’s go back to our homepage we can
check the rest if you want to and I forgot to show you or something I want
to make this page my home page I don’t like this for example this possess demo
it had a comment ng front slash home I don’t like it I don’t like it plain
without it so to how change that is very simple go to customize and automatically
brings us to this page we’ll go back they were good to go to the home page
setting we click on static static page then pick the home page and go to go to
publish X that what we have now is just the domain name that come that Indian no
phone involved so all about to do next is do some basic to me five settings
adjust the footer and the header so we’ll start building quickly and begin
to configure our settings we go back dashboard and I want you to scroll down
to team Wi-Fi settings okay so now that were on the page academically to this I
like to see everything happening life opening it up so scroll down to alright
show all google fonts I don’t know what show all good font and kiss yours is not
setting yet then we click on save and we scroll back to default layout everything
is easy before layout this is basically where we set our page
layout this is the archive course layout I’ll be showing what that is in a few
minutes this is a single post out and we were actually going to use the page
layout so this sidebar here and this title will be getting rid of them
version so pick this so no sidebar that is this then scroll down they hide all
page titles yes then we click on save after that is done rescued a quick
refresh so we have it all gone beside by it’s gone the title is gone so what we
do next is go to our page settings so we go back to our dashboard here cause then
we’ll go to theme settings scroll back up I won’t touch any other settings up
before you then the header design will pick the header designer one I think
this is the one two three four five six eight nine the ninth option so I like
that is this is the header here this is a hello
so we scroll down again let’s just save it and see let’s save it
sorry and let’s go back to our page I’m giving
a quick refresh so he sees now so what is next was remove is some fear that
things so let’s go back to our setting this is the site logo here this is a
site title so disable site logo site start line so this is the site tagline
I’m shredding the site title on the simple side tile and disable the search
for disable the RSS link this is the such this is the RSS link so I don’t
want that either then click on save then we’ll go back to see all we have quick
refresh all right it’s all gone yep our example so I just our footer this is the
footer text 1 this is for the text too there was a time I was working with a
client and she saw this part by what Christine and she didn’t really like it
and she stopped the whole project so you simply remove this real cool box our
settings and scroll down through the footer text 1 for that extra I will just
simply hide for the text to I will save let’s check out what happens next brush
by doing that our laughs if those who project but she never wanted it listen
so what do now is adjust this by the way is the part to top button if you like it
you can leave it and this is the footer logo I don’t like you so I want to take
it out we can leave it if you want to scroll up to
the footer setting exclude site logo then exclude back to top button a bucket
opportunities so if you want to give it there you can’t buy really things
everything is nice and it provides good user experience for your website so save
it up scroll down save let me give that a quick refresh and it’s gone so we now
have a blank canvas as it means to work with all right we’ll be doing next is
fixing our social links now before we go ahead fixing our social links I believe
it’s important for us to know the few things of how the right approach to
social media can help in the growth of your business and why also you shouldn’t
rely on it now there have been some comparisons to Google as the Audion
pieces where people go looking for something on social media as the new
hangout spot where people generally go and kill time now these places offer
great avenues for commerce and uniquely different from the way they approach so
what is the right approach through social media I believe it’s important
first thing you have to do is to connect with your audience now secondly is to
cultivate unnatural relationship after then you convert with the seller by
making an offer to them now to connect but you connect by offering something of
value that solves the problem and letting the audience about a particular
topic or does simply a compass of content that helps them move forward or
helps you move forward to building a relationship with them now the next
phase is cultivate this is where you build relationship
this can take a few minutes hours days weeks months even years have been you
know how the kids might be and this is largely dependent on your prospect piece
now the secret to doing this is giving them good feeling anytime then contacted
you that is when they get to see your post or to get to see your content or
your pictures or your videos there’s something happy or joyful about it
basically what you’re trying to do here is make them like you and one reason why
people buy from anybody is because they like them so then this next phase is
pretty easy is when you convert now here you give an offer in front of them that
is relevant to them now that also helps chase their dreams and desires and the
sense of destiny for themselves and an offer that also helps them avoid what
causes fear frustration and failure now most traditional marketing focus on
this aspect this is where you get to see somebody out of the blue making you an
offer a training class and put a fee that is very easy close now anytime I
get to see something like that my first question is who you be you haven’t taken
time to know your audience you have a taking time to cultivate relationships
and now you’re making out an offer name this person really doesn’t know what is
– it all comes first you haven’t connected to the right audience secondly
you have a cultivated a relationship with them now today there are many
options leaving you is simply as pressing back on your phone and the
passing or your client goes back into schooling
looking for other options now remember this you start with a point on a point
of value you cultivate it by giving them more of the fields that they want you
then offer more of that through your product
services also to a business person is one as I see this you should leverage
it’s very important you leveraging social media as part of your marketing
assets and let me point out some of these functions to you number one it’s
an outreach – this is where you get to reach out your content to folks or
people who are looking to be engaged on the platform now following the three C’s
of connect cultivate sorry connect come caught VD incorrect then you convert you
will be fine also it’s a great listening to what what
I mean by this is this is where you gain market intelligence you get to hear
conversations taking about you and your business then you have to now know
whether to make improvements what you have to do and what you don’t have to do
then your decision making process is a lot lot easier minimizes guesswork and
you concentrate to the point it’s also a great measurement to now this is where
you get to know what is working and not working on your marketing now this this
this is a little bit technical – it involves embedding pixels on your
website and now that goes beyond the scope of this tutorial but however I
will still be showing how to do this in subsequent videos
now the question my maximum service why shouldn’t I rely on my social media to
grow my business now you should why you shouldn’t do that is first of all you
are not in control your followers your like cars permit me to use the word and
not yours they are really owned by Facebook or Twitter or Instagram
depending on your choice of social medium you want to use and we can change
the rules anytime Sushil media or social media become an
NGO in a vaccine yes but some have proved like Facebook to be king of them
all and state over time but you remember MySpace remember high five
how most people have spent one or two spent hours days building connecting and
cultivating a relationship and at the end you don’t get to see them again
so remember you are not in control and I am be asking yourself how do I get in
control I will be showing you that shortly yes we could go ahead at fixing
our social links in profile okay in fiction in our social link
profiles all we have to do now is go back dashboard there we go to widget
under appearance we go look for Timmy five social links
pages then drag up pull it on that Sutra sushi widget then what we’ll do next is
open another window and save then what we do next is good to team five settings then we go to social links ages now here
we have all the various social media brands available there are Street our
Facebook Google+ and YouTube and in case you can’t find maybe like for example
Instagram is missing here all you have to do is add link well before before we
add link let me quickly show you how to put in your URL for example of using my
Facebook account you are very quickly type that out now after is opening your
Facebook profile just how to do is copy out the link on your threshold link toph
or your social profile sorry copy then we go to Facebook and add it in there no
opposition not on any other social media leave any blank just means that it won’t
come up so and I advise you at least get three another name that is the Facebook
Twitter or LinkedIn the boot grid avenues to doing business and getting
found by friends so go right ahead and victory I am
afraid Bosco’s does
if doesn’t have any social profit not it you do wanna have seen him uses iTunes
so don’t be a boss Quan it’s at least have the tree right I’ll see you next
when fixing our Europe and in the opposite that you can’t find your
profile for example Instagram is missing all you have to do is ugly then type in
the title Instagram and the link Instagram user profile is in a third
icon it is Brannock and we look for Instagram
Instagram then that’s it you see and what good what I’ll be using that
recluses what ravines did you all have to do just drag and drop drag and drop
and you’re good to go so you click on save let’s see what our site looks like all right so we’re good so all we doing
next restriction in our logo and the header that we’ll be doing so to do that
we have to go to customize and before then I realized a problem so let me
click ooh I’ll fix it we go to dashboard not just content inside cetera straight
up then good clean setting the medic mystical we’re setting our team setting
then instead of x-cubed site lobbies are taking it you’re
tic-tac so our logo can be able to come up so receive and as you see our site to fix it our
logo now to do that we click on customize then you have our Timmy fire options
here so what we do is good to advanced no options
it takes us directly to basically option so the one more options now before we go
fixing our logo our like us and not the few things people don’t bang the
consignee logo there’s always this force about getting the ghost on and time and
started business that’s great but let me tell us our shows what else to do a
platform gets in Logan stone and also your logo is not your brand and branding
is we be on Cola and graphics it’s simply what people are saying about you
a good brand has good inside about them and the bad brand also has thin said
about it if people don’t buy brands or logo what do people now by people want
to buy people I’m not talking about slave traders of the balem explain the
reason why people want to follow your brand on social media this is not really
your brand they are following what it is really what they are following instead
is the personality posting to social media now recently I I read of the
confession of 200 emails one selling clothes and the other selling
supplements now both agree that the more axes were standing up in public to
promote their brand the more people buy and now this is a reminder it has their
impact on how the clothes will fit you or look on you or hard supplementary in
part to health so what am I saying in essence is having a public face whose
image connect to the brand or logo certainly helps in making a buying
decision few examples I’d like to give for few
companies that have done these over time is Ray Kroc the he did the same thing
when he turned man do not into an international food sensation by putting
if she’s to the brand that is it chef behind the brand now Henry Ford also did
it with Ford models and few companies like they have do anyway their CEO puts
his face outside with his brand so if you want to create a powerful branch the
humans embrace the power of putting a face not just a logo up front so if you
sell clothes wear clothes take pictures with it if you sell shoes do the same
thing whatever you try to do instead of putting a piece of blue goo or anything
out that you should put your face also so people would recognize and connect
the brand to your logo or Kanaan let’s just go ahead and fixing a logo so to do
that we go to site tagline and logo that is under the advanced option logo you
can also have site title just in case where we can easily just in case you
don’t have a logo yet you can see use balls then change the line height
changes anything else you want to change preferably I’ll change this sorry I’ll
change the font with to maybe say 600 board just to make it more effective you
can change the front here so whatever font you like to use but I’ll be going
to some design techniques very soon well be showing you what necessarily need
do what some sample suppose you need to have to have your website fully
beautiful and functional because a bad website readers equally lead to people
going off that and we don’t don’t want that so what the essence of building a
website if people just visit you one and they go back in that is a 16-hour good
logo image we add upload files select files then logo Lulu so wait for that to
load up alright so we insert image all right so here you can adjust the
size if you want to and in uploading your logo make sure as a PNG file which
means it has a transparent background so it can fit in on any color that you
choose then logo position comes make it relative mizuki like that in case you
want to adjust it to the top to the bottom feel free to do that so what we
do next is fixing our header wrap which is header rub I think at this point I
should bring up my demo like a sample website I created for this to follow
along for reference purposes now this is what the header wrap looks like here
this is the header of abusing all white you can use users that grid depending on
what you want so then go back to choose the background color header again gather
up the background color through all white then so we didn’t like see some I’ll be
explaining some basic design techniques and to do that I will go to this website
here now these are really important tips that companies like Apple Tesla people
are using so first tip is stick to one font family for example let me go to
outpost Apple website now I have this font called what font tells us the kind
of funds they’re using but you can see here most of the fonts are just one so
you don’t have to make your website look very fancy by putting in very plenty of
various type of font son self is like a modern typeface why of self is a little
bit traditional unusually grid for long reading for blogs or PDF books there all
of them and I have some recommendation here you can use open sans lotto uber to
really monster pretty sons if you want to build a fantastic website remember
stick to one font family now my second tip is choose one main color and you can
also read about color meanings here so you’ll be able to choose the right color
for example Apple they just like using white or two rows 1 min color you don’t
need plastic corners to make it really really stand out just one simple color
is fine then the next tip I will be giving you is use natural neutral color
sorry can be used to separate content header footer and anyway don’t know what
color to use for example Apple again let me show you where they used to separate
content okay yeah for example now this footer color is different from this this
is a little bit likely now this is almost white I’m not sure is
right then to separate content let me click here sorry I need to exit front
exit what funds so go to mark part let’s see not separate content you use another
likely then black then scroll down to use dark green oh really black then
white also so let’s go back so now use separate content using white space
dividers and background colors now this examples of now this is an
example of separating content from each other now how could they do that they do
that well so let us go back and see the next tip okay crop images before upload
now I need from the website I will show you show us out where to get good
pictures from they usually come very big and this is like a moderate size to cut
or framing images and in choosing your body font stay within 15 to 25 pixels is
always great and good for reading not on the language and it looks bad 12 looks
too small so between 15 and 25 also so your line length use 45 to 90 characters
per read now this is good you don’t have to use make it really long and usually
provides good bad reading experience use headlines and sub headlines define
hierarchy which will be doing unusual do that this is great using a boat
headlined and something readable and I just define hierarchy which one should
you focus on more which on your reader to focus on this is bad but and also
avoid using for pure block let me show you in Apple’s website
this is not black also I will show you from the mock peach this also is not
black they avoid using black because it’s literally there’s always big
contrast between the white and black and also provides not good user experience
for your readers also woah final and last step is organize all your content
before building your website and think take inspiration from what our website
so so before you stop using go right ahead look at websites that we like
study to draw the layer draw your own layout how you want your website to look
like before we dive in to building our website now what we do next is fixing in
our or just in our header links so our main navigation so you go to more
advanced options on our customized main navigation menu container we have that as a relative that’s done
so we go to menu link we have here so many container drop-down okay sorry
okay many containers fix this put this as 3 3 percent picture of table sorry
the many link we go fix it at 16 many pixels sorry 16 then let’s open our
civil rotten 16 and the font weight put it as normal then the address in next is
our front foot reduce tutorial I’ll be using real way and by default the font
here is a open sans so really I will do fold with as normal so everything is coming out looking good oh
the next is our menu link cover what this means is anytime you hover over
this minification the colors change I don’t like the red default so you change
it to a 1 a 1 a 1 so gives it a very nice gray as which rather to load up let’s see what we have now don’t worry about it if you come in
DDC the changes usually you know something affect many active link means
whenever you are a particular page what color do you want it to show currently
now we’re on the home page so let me show you an example of what I mean now
this is a post home page this is the menu access link now you see the color
difference in the many on the active link than others so that’s what it means
my menu actively means were currently active or currently on a particular page
the color wanted to be our stitches a 1 a 1 a 1 so you can go ahead and sorry II won anyone anyone so accordingly homepage this has changed
already so that is it now the menu active link over that means any time you
over that’s why that thing changes and I move over on it what color do you want
you to change the same color they’ll just keep it constant and keep it
professional and the next part will be going to serve
is our mobile menu that is this so move I’ll blink over I want to change the
color to lammle in time yawn move by the color you wanted to show the same thing
a 1 a 1 a 1 so that should change automatically so we are good to go we
have done that click on publish to save our changes and we X out so oh so sorry what we doing exes of
changing in our footer section so we can see we’re currently on the homepage that
tells why this is on a little bit degree then you hover over it still that great
then what we do next is changing in our footer section because leave us as white
or pure gray but I like the team color that I choose which you’ve seen very
strong so we go back to customize if you want to change the footer now to change the footer color what we
do his crude I’ll go to footer the footer up my feet are above using four
seven four seven four nine four seven four seven four nine the little bit
darker is almost like my logo color if you look at it River then minimize that
our menu link I wanted to be all white so that this these are all linked so
that this can come out properly all right so footer our footer font also
I will be choosing all white this is a photo from the 2018 photo phone so
choose it – all right – just gives it that professional look and then we have
it we’re ready to start building our website now I’ve gotten the hot part or the
heart is out of the way of the next really really easy part of 15 our
contents pictures videos and our layout now all between next setting in our hero
image like a lock decoder and that basically means this picture you can see
the holes our text and this text is our is our unique selling point that
introduces people or visitors to our business so we have to get the image
right so to do that there are plenty places to get free pictures from one of
them is stock snap the i/o all you just have to do is find the one you like and
you download and you don’t have to create the use on you can also use them
for commercial purposes also and a place ism so I just have to do is
type in the kind of pictures you want and you get some search results tending
to what you’re looking for and that good place to find pictures from is pixabay
ther khon so in case in case you are a bit picky and you don’t know which you
can’t find your pictures that you’re looking for you can also try photo June
the net here you can get the picture for at least two dollars like you can see so
you just go here they have a bigger library so I just have to do is select
what you want to pay and you’re up and running so back to our website if you
have downloaded the content that means you have already have
the pictures for our goods using for our homepage now inserting a picture while
you notice any time you download any of these pictures from them from the
website you’ll find them very large and what what happens if you fix that
automatic into your website it makes it slow and the picture hard to load and
once you get slow response from loading you people my automatically click off
your website so another force to a deed and then crop
our pictures there’s a website called photo calm and I’ll quickly be showing
you how it works so this is it so what we do next good read it then what you do next is you add photo
from computer now you notice that the hue oh sorry all cropped this is it once
the opening up is usually very very large and if we if you use that it’s
going to be difficult for us to for people to load our website so wait for
the pictures load and you see he ate 4,000 by 2050 which is very very very
very large reaction so to easily resize it we just go to resize I prefer using
make sure the padlock is on I prefer using 1 5 by click on apply’ buy it for four then
what we do next is scroll up to crop well pick one five again by 800 so you see provides supply so you
provide mixer so it makes our work a lot lot easier so once you have that cropped
out perfectly we want it all you do is save and I prefer using normal because
you don’t want it too heavy now now it just comes down to 6 8 KB which is very
very light so download and it does automatic onto your computer but we
already have our cropped image so what we’ll be doing next is fixing it in with
our unique selling point all right in designing our you will
image on with the world and our KOAT action photos on it there are two is I
try to do this the first way is by installing a plug-in called smart slider
and to do that we just go straight to dashboard then we go to plugins add new
then the next thing to search for the plugin called smart slider 3 remember
plugins are what enhances the functions or the false analogy of our website now
smart layer 3 this is it yeah smart fighter 3 so we install now darling the party ticket study the
plugin install successful so we know what to do now activate all right I will
have this much later on our dashboard here so the Nexus click on it and we
have good to us well advise or suggest you watch this so you have you gain more
knowledge and how to reduce the smart slider but and this is also they have
the free version the one you can use for free template again for free which we’ll
be using and also they have the paid version let’s quickly go to the template
language so we have an idea of what we’re working with
so this is yeah that free template area I can feel trapped free so you can pick
any one of your choice and decide to edit this is for the pro so now from
this from this demo from this reference point later see you can move from here
gifted template already used which is this will click on import then close
this where advise you put in your Union address and get free sliders now this this slider offers the
smartrider offers options of way you can have one or more slides that means it
shows you it’s your your unique shows you more than one picture here but I
won’t be doing that I’ll just be picking just one so let’s just go ahead and
trash delete this delete this other one well you really
need to watch the tutorial tips have a better knowledge of what we are doing
through glitter through click got it they organize edit then we close this up they now collapse this so we change our
background picture by silicon here background image there is selected
picture want my already we have some cropped file so we go to upload select
file the cropped version of the hue on here images are going to be the largest
one thousand five by eight hundred etcetera select and voila we already have our huge image
well next up is changing in the world and the buttons these are called call to
action button now call to action is an instruction to the audience that is
designed to provoke an immediate response usually an imperative verb such
as a corner contact or visit our store today or find out law now and usually by
design should stand out from everything else on the page that is what call to
action really means and the words we get to see here part of the design unique
selling point the company has already developed now I promised to show you how
to develop a unique selling point so by doing that let’s let’s understand what a
unique selling point is it is from tuning your marketing message so that
prospect can buy based on value not price it’s sharing your unique selling
point prospects can begin to expect what to get from doing business with you
that’s what everybody’s after the all was a prospect gets your feet or your
business there after what they can get so by sharing your unique selling point
they have and a Percy a perception of what they expected to get now and in
carcinogenic saline message I believe you should understand a quote by by wife
Waldo Emerson when he wrote that the man who grabs principals can successfully
select his own method and the man who tries methods ignoring principles is
sure to have trouble now another four so half so who is best we understand how
the unique selling point has been developed now let us quickly go through
some unique selling points of different
companies like Tesla now Tesla will tell you let me just quickly refresh the
speech again so now by what you’re reading here to tell you quickest sorry
quickest acceleration make sure that quickest oscillation longest range the
safest cars ever now let’s look at one other one I like an exciting point by
people which is the simpler safer way to play online and if further translate the
same people’s for everyone who pays online so what a DVD doing now then let
me take you through the demo website I created to understand we say create a
business website without technical knowledge that is if this was a business
that I was willing to develop my unique selling point with this so what is it
really about unique selling point how do you craft it out it’s simply sharing the
big idea and the promise the promise are going to make the prospect to deliver
your big idea now we’ve run through some examples so let’s read them again so you
have a better understanding of what we’re talking about now let’s see the
big idea the big idea is the quickest acceleration the promises longest range
the safest cars ever nice people just went straight to the promise I guess
because they’ve been around for a very very long time so you should understand
the deeper the payment platform so they tell you the simpler safest way to pay
online that is their promise so in order for you to craft your own unique message
you have to understand have you deep understanding of your big idea and the
promises are willing to make and mine only from my demo site will be create a
business website without technical knowledge now remember don’t over
promise the greatest form of wisdom is integrity
now integrity to yourself dear customers and also to sentences
that have meaning and easy to understand there is really no time for confession
for example don’t see customers at defecation through diverse services that
will be rain that what does it mean or you see honesty is the best policy it
should be it should be quantifiable you should be able to define it or don’t see
it try I will convince you it doesn’t really really have deep meaning or if
any photographic business don’t see I should people and pets or construction
and say we are proud of our electric shows and if also insecurity business
don’t see our distance windows and having said that let’s just take time
out think about your big idea think about your promise craft a unique
selling point and you’ll be able to beat you will not be you want to compete
rather you won’t compete on price but based on the value that you offer so
let’s go ahead and fix it the one I have crafted for this demo site it is create
a business website without technical knowledge I will copy it and paste it in
there now having done that what we do next is
change the font change the fonts real way by the front real way Bobby yeah then I think I want to make this boat
boat yep then the color is fine for me then I
think that’s it for that well the Nexus are just in the one up that then what do I have here drug drop
Butte let me copy that out copy taste it in the space bar so that to
recognize it then think that’s fine for that then close it receive okay what
we’re doing is anything now our bottoms are caught Action Button fans do that go
to the bottom change text go under the text when you change the text option in
mind to begin now and I’ll be linking it to my service page and to do that I’ll
copy out my url for this side coffee remove this ash please then link it to
myself page then go to the design tab then change the font to be using real
way then my font color white the my
background color I’ll change this to 0 1e e 3f so it gives my kind of a dark shit view
then the Hoover section mean when we Hoover on it
the color you want it to be and preferably should be darker then I’ll
change that to 0 1 9 PP PFF so once you over need to get darker so
and when good colors you can also choose from I just picked that because of what
we have on our demo site right here so what we do next is changing our bottom
look don’t like this book so to do that we go to lead design they have various
options that you can choose from so okay I’m doing that I think it has changed
our protein color so I’ll just go ahead and change it back to very voice
so my baby since I was different
so when you move on it it changes color to go back to normal
change it to zero 1 e DG 3f and of so you have that setting already like our demo site I think that that for the
bottom yep that’s that then close this we move
to the other one then just begin to ADT go to the layer section from contacts
you I don’t know I was thinking I’ll leave this as contact our again I’ll
leave this as contacts to then the link will be linked into my contacts page to
the other striping contact then the field the look on design I like this
this is no good to some cool options that we have this rectangle there is the
Popo so anyone that you deem fit to treat to use feel free and use it so
that is that a vision to the tango real green so I’m doing that it will
automatically change our phones to real way so instead of typing in really like
we did for the other button they will be need for data in our background color I
want this transparent transparent yep and to say the color font for
contact but that is the font color you just could be change that to what I have
by 5 6 7 8 F so it gives it a kind of a dark brown field they won’t be doing
next is going to our Buddha so we change that to our Buddha color is 5 C be2c
FF then we change the water picks up
choo-choo so gives it a kind of a cool modern look and our Hoover button should
be preset already in for us so in case you don’t like it you can go ahead and
change yours – cool like this then what we doing next is save we go to our demo
slider free static you can edit name if you choose I’ll leave my like that so
what we’re doing is publishing our hero image to our desktop to our home page
sorry so to do that let’s complete configure
some few settings I don’t want arrows so it’s best if you
don’t always you click you know arrow button then general good general let’s
see what we have to do next all right I think we are cool on the
satellite I best prefer we leave it as default then go to publish all you have
to do is copy out this code a lighted copy then let’s save it we go to our site that’s our home page
we click on edit page so on our edit page all you have to do
is right click and paste in the URL or so it short code you just copied updates now after updating you view page all
right you can even notice again you notice
that it doesn’t cut across both sides like our demo site does so in order to
change this you go back to your smart slider setting so you go on the size
will be clicking full width save let’s refresh this page all right so we shall
have our banner image going through it now quickly before we go ahead within
our website I’ve notice that most designers don’t beautiful performance
now there are two terms of building a website I have noticed there’s the
online brochure website and they are the lead magnet website that are actually
built for performance allow me briefly go through the
framework for building a website for performance first you need to do is
convey Authority now to do this you give let’s talk about yourself focus on the
audience your message the immersive story should speak to their needs and
their problems now there are also what are called trust icons
maybe certification or your partners that you impute or embed in your website
to help you convey Authority and Trust secondly is the clarity now this is
where you define your user experience that is what the specific outcome you
will want a potential customer or visit or visitor to get down on your site now
also navigating should be very easy don’t in the name of creativity make
people think and also remember to use verbs for your call to action also for
beautiful performance doesn’t doing to consider engagement now there
are two ways to do this by social proof this way you use testimonial
either pictures or words to show how great your product and services was or
how it has helped or improved people’s lives or business also videos have we
found that the second one sorry videos have we found to be most engaging
because videos appear to ever sense apart from smell now the quick recap for
us to be the website for performance first need to do is focus on the
audience speak to their problems use trust icons convey your 30 and also be
clear about the outcome by focusing on the user experience and lastly and give
them by using social proof of testing and social proof of testimonials of
either words or pictures and also videos have been found to be a key factor in
negating your audience now let’s go ahead and turn on the buda with our buda
on you go to the text to module section we will select fancy head if I said we will do drag and drop into
this row here now for our heading to put in Y choosers you are creating our
service section here why choose one word Carmelita then for the subheading Adelita then for
my heading I’ll choose H and C and after doing the it legal to indeed
styling to the department section they select the apply to all pardon switch
this to percentage now putting five percent at the top switches back to the
same putting keep st. at the bottom and click Save just like the ladies are the
building our service section and if you want to adjust the font size I’ll show
how to do that generally which it receives use time now the white users
section is the meaning insight into the services that we offer all the way we
answer the question of why people choose your business over others so to do that
we go to our module tab look for the future module place it in there now for
example if hours to building is as a natural business our focus on my minions
that my services will be low-cost build improve credibility Chris client did
something like that does the meaning insight into the services that you offer
and now just be copying and pasting the content I already have here copy and pista fit into the future title then
content Amyas go ahead and copy some words of
here paste it in there then scroll down to
the stroke section of using three and that is this little circle that you see
around here so the thicker it is the more number TK becomes higher number TK
become I believe three is a fairly good size so you change this to medium the
share looks like I mean your small work then
inside icon that is this icon you see right here our choosing money there’s a
money icon here somewhere around here okay that’s it
so we need order the Nexus to insert a link so once people first get on your
homepage and they get to see reasons why they choose you and then click on the
page that you to be needing them next is this services page then you scroll down
okay I think we’re good now so you need to change the color or I have a
particular color so you can go ahead to choose any color that you want to put
mine will be three eight eight to a one and that’s that for that alright so what
we doing next is going to the styling section go to link the link over should
be the link color of using a 1 a 1 a 1 then for link over of using 3d sorry
basis of using 1440 for somehow later so the even even call
no code so opening a new tab then after I was done let’s go to again after we
are done click on save then this is the best part one in best part things I like
about this buda oh now do is go under the future moody Colin’s part change it
three then all do is to petite this then duplicate a game they won’t simply do now is drag and
drop it drop and drop it so you can go ahead to change the let me just quickly
show you how to do that go to edit now so if you want to change the words you
can change it here for example improve credibility let me copy that out and
paste it in there then change you can change the words definitely are change
the words then change the icon just inside I can be chosen like a
diamond-shaped this is it then every rotten said save then edit to help them
adjust to that briefly increased and Leeds does white people should choose
your company instead of fighting over price increase value so changed icon
true to like a magnet yeah that’s it and we save could you show you something
good about this buda if you want to increase the width size you can just
simply drag it and drop it or just simply drag and drag it further
increasing with just simple drag just drag and drop finish and you’re good and
let me show you something cool about this buda save for example if you have
made a mistake all you have to do is for example let me say this was a mistake
i have to do is go to the undo button and say and also to avoid you making
serious mistakes apologizes received vision so maybe I’ll just do this was
services okay so in case of any serious all you have to do is come back here and
load the vision and so let’s quickly set in the header font so won’t have to be
changing it all the time so to do that we go to save well generalize the
heading font good to recluse this I will be doing is going to customize on our
more advanced options look for heading heading to every trend
change fixing the font really so whatever font we have chosen
is where you get to change it once then for size-wise I was using a lot because
I like t9 thing so what we doing after this is changing the body font and by
default the body font set already 216 pixels so like I said earlier I’m
designed to be shared between John between 16 and 25 pixels so here it
shows the body font you want also be using real way for the body font also
right by default this is 16 by default is 16 so now we’re changing the font
weight from one grade to normal so we have that in there
Salameh see we can quickly I forgot to do something
to change the font color of our heading you just go back down and change the
color right here I think I prefer like in light color also using 4440 so it’s
kind of light and easy to read averages inflamed bladder like I said earlier
then publish makes that so we are done without saving section
preview so on each of these links directly through our services page again
certainly our mission and vision statement also with our code inclusive
we split our rules into two then good flowers low options make this a food
container go to styling then change the background color to the one I have here
sixty sixty-nine c5 alright so after that is does the cool down tower patty
select apply to all pardon I’m six percent at the top
why is the same is the I usually more for make mobile friendly then pictures
then two percent also at the bottom and I believe that that safe also go to a
multi section look for our icon okay they to say and cite it in there
they mostly make settings make this extra large the size extra large I come
back outside none then for background color which is
black what is no really black black but black
then for icon liver of digital adults then inside icon of changing the I close
to something else sorry-sorry icon then go to web okay we
should have like a code sign but I can reset addresses I know what I’m looking
for good left that’s what I have then I
believe that is that for that okay okie go to the styling go to margin Mickey 15
and talk and see also the splitting this row into two using this for the last now
it says earlier then we go on picking our text module takes more than edges we
start it there now before we do that let me just duplicate I sorry I’ll text the
copy back then save it also duplicated here by going to do options then drag and
drop it inside there so our text I can easily out what I’ll be doing through my
Texas copying and pasting in this code so if you have any favorite coded like
or you have developed or you have your own code also for your business you can
go right ahead and put that in so delete the contact content piece there see if
before they receive this so let’s make some quick adjustment go to the styling
for font color change it white all right all right fffff then for the
party to select that chain you 2% sorry 10% up top then for the right 5% by the
right and bottom 5% sorry five percent so safe I think I do me
that so for this overdue he is easily change this good styling let’s change
the background color to white all right then save it and for our text
module we go to edit all the video so here is copy and pasting in this mission
and vision statement is it there then see if you can see
looks some also be adjusting this I just anybody go into styling good so apart in
options then deselect this make this 5% add top by right also 5% by the right and bottom also 5% then my left also 5% alright so by doing that were almost
doing our mission and vision statement what does I like to do with goods here
to my actions and selected me to column alignment so they have are equal sorry
when you see them so Save we are done what we didn’t actually
fatten in our video and after that our testimonial table
so for video to fix in our video for engagement primarily all we do first is
going to options select full width’ no container go to the styling let’s do it
some padding quickly – 22 % poly 5% top bottom is a 3% then scroll up to
background then I’ll be setting the background color f6 f6 f6 a little bit
like way just a separate content then save I will be doing next is going to a
module tab look for our fancy heading place it into the row and delete this
give this change to how it works then our changing the HTML tag to hit
through that is heading to our damage and for styling our go-to card in the
selected and select say 6% rate 6% of bottom also Joseph crimson then save
that so we’re getting to where we are going to so let’s also do the same thing
for the second option that we have food container styling background padding to
select that to six then bottom two percent and background color the same color of
soil so it will be in uniform f6 and save then to simply add in our video you
go to youtube copy and paste whatever videos you have about your product or
service I already have then this is copy at the URL I know you have to do is go
to video look for the video module sorry and we’ll post that go to the video
module and select it and place it into the magic table then all you do Nexis
replace your URL by a copied here we place it into the video url I need to
finish what don’t suddenly now put in our video and receive so what we do next
is setting in our testimonial talk you demo sites testimonia is this so to do
that it’s quite easy all right before we go ahead fixing our testimonial lay out
what is Wilma do I CLE noticed a mistake here so are we making an adjustment
right now so for the fancy heading we go to styling go back to pardon instead of
6% and made it a little at 6 pixels which that was not the original plan so
after that let’s give that a quick save and scroll down so for a testimonial
layout let’s go to study then we quickly go to our row option Stark sorry ok
change that to foolish then go to styling padding let’s make
that s decrease that I’m going to select that
make it six percent drop then the same at the bottom rescue the quick change
I’ll receive so now to add in artist when I will go to another section look
forward testimonial slider hood and drag and drop to it so far for this manner
content Ravi do real quick is copying and
pasting content from our demo site copy paste right then for the title for the
title click copy these dummies tasty then scroll down need to browse
library to add in a picture of our testimonial page browse library select
files let’s just select this at once to 3 copy open sorry alright so for our
first page for fastest and I think this is picture day so for the first one
inside URL then for image with the make this 150 this has some cropping
advantages so going to copy to 150 Danny height also be 150 then you can go
right ahead and change name position company name company website if any
then what our change is this has a image at top format which I don’t really like
so picky the second one image at the bottom then save it then wall between X
is going to our rule options select the third one so we’ll be doing is to
placate in this and the placated game then this easy a
spotter with all his drug and drop and drop it so we can go right ahead and
editing each one of them here going to the Edit tab the instead of done with
ease of using perfect solution copy paste that the images already cropped to
150 150 Sunni to make any for the adjustment browse library pick him and
sad the save then for the last said I would save us save those millions of the
same of millions of making the correction so I did copy/paste it saved
the right so this ammonia like I said earlier also
called mintage IGAs what meant at cheetahs either wins when somebody gets
your page I see good reviews of how your business
service or product has helped make life better faster and easier for them
it quickly stimulates a kind of a an authority figure that you know what
you’re doing and gives you proof of being good with your service or your
business so just like that we have our testimonial it’s already set up so you
can go right ahead and if you don’t have any yet what I would recommend you to do
is find somebody who has said something good about your product or your services
somebody Deafness out they will have heard something nice to say about it so
and don’t be scared to shade with others so what we’ll be doing next as our last
social proof or creating our winning or engaging possess website set in our just
icons this basically I could call show cycles in my own case my partners here
describe either your partners or your credentials or your clients for example
now I choose my partners because this is just a demo and I’m currently using a
Windows laptop I’m using empty and as my Wi-Fi connection my laptop is HP
imaginary toe is tunku the team wasn’t provided by Tim Fi or chart invited me
company and KJ electric has been faithful to settle next to 30 degree in
giving me electricity so these are my current partners for this project that I
wanted to do that was just to continue the same process that we have done they
just go straight up put enough she has a is it there it is delete that sorry then for heading options are we a little
um touching our partners make that capital letter sorry partner
so see what did I do sorry okay change this to h2 last
mistake I made then for styling just debug paddy and deselect it make it five
percent at the top or six rather 6% at top 2% blue save that and to do to put
in our images over how to do these go tools
no not let us just quickly adjust our row options change it to fool with then
save I’m good Ladue bar look for images image this
drag and drop it they definitely make some quick settings
here let’s make this centered image now make the width to be 125 then height
also can be 125 then what else getting quaternion then safeties I will be doing
here is splitting it into three by the column settings three yep then all we
simply have to do now is to placate this duplicate duplicated game then the best part drag-and-drop two important our images we go to edit
choose the Browse library because if you use upload sorry I didn’t see that
LF you use upload the images can come out blurry and which ones just be nice
go to upload files select file and let’s begin all trust icons open and for the first one is this in such a
RL and we click on save and for the second one I did browse library and such
here and by the way these images have already been cropped so if you are
following it step-by-step you have the cropped already and if you
are using your own content I suggest you drop them as you require
as you need them to be just make them nice and good then also use PNG files
does this files with images without background so we go again to browse
library browse very thick this insert URL and save the what we’ll be doing next is simply
duplicating this row here soon duplicate then the same way we have done it edit
browser will insert URL or for this I’ll be moving the height so
it comes out nice then save you no no so for this also
edit going the Heights true then browse library then picking on Sakhalin save
almost on they did then I think I should leave this browse library fifty last one
unless itís okay doesn’t come out go solace the moody height also and see if
then lastly what we’re going to be doing is the column alignment just go to the
row options then picked up centered button also for this also will be
picking the sense that button so while looking good
all right so I don’t our trust icon soon receive we’re almost done with our
homepage also so far last and layout for our home page will be doing simply is
good to options make it a food with root container go to styling make the
background color for this particular one it will be easier 949 then for hiding you deselect apply to
all patent I keep the four percent at the top and two percent a bottle so
receive there we go also to the row column divided out something the
picketers alright then what we’re doing is adding in a text module into the
middle where I’ll be calling this see how how can we then highlight it changed the heading to
heading to then save now before we go into putting our but name is let’s
quickly meet this to the meatus will go to styling go to paragraph sorry font
rather then make the text align at the center so we’ll see it goes straight
into the center then we save then we go back to our module tab look for a button
icon i bottom were to drag it and drop it in there then i’ll making the size
large I’m making the body style squared I’ve chosen this light blue kind of
something then new tab changed the links if you want to so I’ll be changing this
for money contact us page copy paste Maxima contact page
a blinking is Allah to my contact page then the button text should be contact
us then I’ll be properly styling deporting am I saying I’ll go to styling so to
style this our good to styling go to font first let me make it center then we
go to our button English start styling it so for our background color routine
for back and color will change to white furry
ethniki black then make it transparent all the way and for background over that
means when you over the button will be changing that to be changing that white
and also for then we go to our link the color are we changing this to from a
color vision alright then for my color over I have I’ll be using 2 e 2 in 90
then I transfer and to be like 0.9 and change these puppies to e to e9c then transferences with seven
point nine zero point seven nine then we’re good
I don’t yet sorry they were good our bada make it white also then increase
this to one okay then what are pixels will be true so you see we have a very
pretty button coming on it up letting after with or without receive all right
so to see what we have done let’s just save this generally and access let’s see
what we have down yeah all right this is a button looking cool
and like it so I think this is too close so to do that let’s just turn on our
builder and add some padding to give it some need to be white space so we go
straight down and add some padding here styling finding selected so bottom to
see like three percent so it gives it that cop let’s see then what good so
what vertically down with our homepage so what we do next cretin are about
speech which will be done in a jiffy so save that an ally and to drop out then turn on the Builder

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  1. Amazing video. Lots of information necessary to start a business website and also run a startup company. Thanks.

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