How to Create an Ag-Based Business Plan

When starting any Agriculture Based business,
before you can start making a profit. First you have to start with this, a business
plan. Whether its cattle production, locally grown
fruits and vegetables, or a field-grown fresh cut flowers, every ag-based business venture
must start with strong, organized planning to help insure future success. A structured business plan can result in a
better loan at the bank, special grant funding, and overall success to an ag-based business. In creating your ag-based business plan, there
are several main components that you will want to include. First, every business plan should include
an executive summary that gives a logical overview of the entire business. Secondly, your business plan must include
a description of your business and the products and services you will offer. Next you will want to include information
about the market you are entering to demonstrate your knowledge of the competition. One of the most important parts of your business
plan is your marketing plan where you will detail your business image, advertising plans
and promotions. Next, you will need to detail the operations
of your business such as your personnel, location, facilities, and overall logistics of your
ag-based business. And finally you should include a financial
plan that includes your start-up and operating budget as well as cash flow and sales projections. By including these components in your ag-based
business plan you help insure that you have thoroughly planned the many aspects of your
business. North Carolina Cooperative Extension and Burke
County Cooperative Extension are always available to assist our residents in planning ag-based
businesses as we develop the economy in our communities. If you would like more information about starting
your own agriculture-based business and to access important resources for your business,
please contact the Burke County Cooperative Extension Office.

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