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Facebook retargeting is great, because it allows you to show adverts to people that have already been on your websites, so they’re already engaged in your brand. The other great thing about
Facebook retargeting is it’s a super cheap way to advertise. In this video, I’m going to show you how to do that. Marketing tools That win you more work Digitool So to create a Facebook retargeting ad, you need a Facebook pixel and a Facebook retargeting ad. In this video I’m going to show you how to do that. What I’m going to do is flip my screen over to my computer screen to walk you through how to do it. What is a Facebook pixel and why do you need one? Well, the Facebook pixel is a little bit of code that sits on your website, That collects information about the visitors on your website. And it then tells Facebook about this information. So it can tell Facebook who’s been on your website and what actions they’ve taken. But why is this important for Facebook
ads? Well, for two great reasons. The first, is that you can build custom audiences from your website. So for example you can build a list of people to target your ads to. That have been on your site. Or more specifically have been on a
particular page on your site. With this information you can be now really
specific targeted ads to these people. Secondly a Facebook pixel will help
optimize your ads So for instance if you’re advertising goal is to get people onto your website. Or into a specific page on your site. Or to take a specific action on your website. This information can be fed back into Facebook. So you know which of your ads are doing this. And which are working. Then you can start to optimize the ads that are working. And cut out the ones that aren’t. So a Facebook pixel is a really powerful tool . And even if you’re not planning on doing
any of these functions at the moment. It’s worth adding the Facebook pixel
code to your website now. So it can start to collect that data in the background. And then, when you do want to use it. You’ve got all that information there . So
let’s set up your Facebook pixel. To do so after the three lines in the top left-hand corner. Scroll down to all tools and in the assets choose pixels. If you’ve never created a Facebook pixel
before face that will quickly walk you through
the steps to create one. So just entering a name and ensuring you’ve check the box of terms and conditions. Next you should see a screen that looks similar to this Install pixel base code. If we scroll down this bit of code here is what you
need to paste just above the head tags on your website if you feel confident to
do this on your own website go ahead and do that now if not scroll down hit next scroll down and hit next again And then you can email these instructions to your webmaster just put their name in the to
box scroll down again and hit Send that will then so many instructions to
whoever is that manages your website asking them to add that bit of code to
your website once your Facebook pixels been added to your website after a
couple of days you’ll start to see some data on this pixels dashboard this pixel
fires graph here shows you how many times your pixel coders fed data back
into Facebook and at the bottom you can see the last time that your pixel code
spoke to Facebook so that was within the last hour for me fantastic now you set
up your Facebook pixel code I’ll be explaining what powerful advertising
techniques you can do with your Facebook pixel now that you’ve set up your
Facebook pixel you can start to create custom conversions now a custom
conversion is when someone takes a specific action within your website so
they go into a specific page and the custom conversion allows you to record
the information on Facebook this is really important as you can start to see
when people take specific action on your website based on the ads that
they’ve clicked on on Facebook so let’s create a custom conversion to do so go
to the 3 lines on the left hand side of the page go into all tools and then
under measure and report hit custom conversions and let’s create one by
clicking on this blue box so here we can set the rule of what happens on your
website so for instance we might count something as a conversion if they go to
a page that contains thank you in the URL notably for our contact form that
has the word thank you within it so we know that for someone to have completed
that contact form they will be heading to this page and we
could count that as a conversion because we know that they’ve get in touch with
us well you can scroll down to where our equals and that is the exact URL that
you want to send people to so if there’s a very specific page that you want to
send people to on your website perhaps for me it would be this one smell a
carpet cleaning thank you then I can send people to that and it will count as
a conversion and note that you can add a couple of different URLs in here when
you’re happy with that select a category so if the summons will throw that my
contact firm and headed to the Thank You page as that’s where they’ll be
redirected I would count that as a lead because it’s someone that’s interested
in my carpet cleaning services then I’m going to hit next and give it a name I’m
going to call this firm contact form filled out and you can set a conversion
value if you wish to that be whether it is worth to you in limitary value for
someone to fill out that contact form I’m gonna happen leave that one blank
and hit create now if someone runs on my Thank You page which they could have
only wept to you through filling out my contact form for Facebook that will be
counted as a conversion another cool thing that you can do
now that you set up a custom conversion is select the conversions objective
within a campaign let me show you what I mean by this so let’s set up a new
campaign so I’m going to go to adverts manager create campaign and I can select
this business objective conversions so the conversion that I’m wanting to do is
get people to that Thank You page by filling out the contact form so contacts
are filled out and hit continue and the first books that are appear is this
conversion one and here I can select that custom conversion which was a
contact form filled out now mine’s still red because I haven’t got any activity
on it yet as I use this one as an example but once you’ve got a bit of
data on there it’ll turn green this campaign objective will now try and show
this ad to as many people that are likely to convert for the lowest
possible price which is pretty cool another thing that you can do within the
ad set if we scroll down under bidding we can optimize your adverts for
delivery based on conversions here Google will deliver your ads to the
white people help there as many conversions possible that the lowest
cost so that’s different people clicking on your website or seeing your ad this
is someone taking a real action on your website and Facebook will do its best to
help show you ad for the people that are most likely to take this action and
they’ll try and do it for the cheapest cost possible now think of the different
custom conversions you could add to your Facebook perhaps they’re a certain page
that you’re wanting to get people to go on maybe it’s your review section
because you’ve got great testimonials or perhaps like me you want them to fill
out a contact form or a callback request another example is I have a claim a free
spot remover on my website my conversion could be if someone fills out the form
to claim their free spot remover similarly I’ve seen people have cleaning
business where they have claimed your free offer
or free coupon on their website this could be counted as a conversion to if
you sell something on your website perhaps you sell some of your cleaning
products when somebody enters something into their basket or if they click
checkout that could also be counted as a conversion – so get creative and think
that your conversions could be then create some compounds that could
optimize this another fantastic thing you can do once you’ve created your
Facebook pixels is create custom audiences based on who’s been on your
site and what pages they’ve been on this is also how you make retargeting ads you
know the ones that follow your own and Facebook when you’ve been on a certain
website and they look a little bit stalkerish they’re really effective ads
I’m going to show you how to make them – so let’s create that custom audience to
do so click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner go to all tools and
under assets head to audiences then we’re going to click on the blue button
create audience and create a custom audience then we’re going to select
website traffic there’s a real list of people who have visited your site or
specific pages the only way that Facebook can know who’s been on your
site is aired in a pixel which we’ve now got now you can choose to create an
audience of any limits been on your site or we can get more specific we can
select people who are visited specific web pages some that are visited sundel
or others or people that haven’t visited in a certain amount of time so when that
I want to create is people have visited some pages but not others so the people
that I want to include in my list is anyone that has visited my website so
I’m gonna copy and paste my website URL into here however I want to exclude and
even being part of this audience if they filled out my contact form the audience
I’m in contact with them so I’m going to put here my thang
Paige because that means that we forgot my concept so lastly we can change how
long it was that someone must visit your website so I’m going to extend list of
45 days I’m also going to give my audience a name so remember to keep the
audience name really specific so what this whole rule means is any member be
added to this audience list if they visited my site but you don’t visit my
Thank You page meaning that they didn’t fill out my contact form and I’m going
to click clear an audience okay now when creating an ad I can choose to show that
specific custom audience my adverts so a really clever campaign that I run is I
make a campaign where the business objective is to get people into my
website then ad set I set the target audience as this custom audience website
visitors who didn’t fill out my contact form and then in the actual advert I
have a video where I say to people hey I know you visited our website did you get
a chance to get in touch with us if you still under your carpets cleaned hole up
and call because our slots are big getting booked up for this week and that
gets such a positive reception because all of the people are interested in
carpet cleaning because they’ve been on my website but they didn’t fill out the
contact form the reason or another this advert maybe drugs people’s memory or if
they’re researching carpet cleaners and didn’t choose to go with anyone this
puts me in such a competitive advantage to all of my competition you can get
really creative with these custom audiences too here’s another example I can click people who visited some pages
but not others and if I have a shop on my website and when people put items
within their basket it means that they fit onto the basket I can add basket
into my url but not people that headed out to the checkout
so here you can see that is people here then on my website went to that basket
but didn’t go to the checkout so people that abandoned their basket so I can
create a custom audience and then send adverts out to people who abandon their
baskets maybe pictures of the products that are available in the shop when my
mood people to keep buying them these real marketing audiences are super super
effective to try making one today and see how it works for is now it’s your
turn to go and create a Facebook retargeting ad I’m excited to see what
you come up with if you’ve got any ideas for great retargeting and put them in
the comment section below it’s great to be able to share ideas with other
businesses right also if you could give this video a thumbs up it means more
people are likely to see this video on YouTube and help grow their business so
if you could press subscribe it just makes me super happy every time I see
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  1. This demo was so fricken dumb. You were supposed to show how to create the pixel and install it. You never ever demonstrated how to install the pixel. I am sure that even you do not know how to do it. Quit giving demos.

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