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100 thoughts on “How to Create Free Business Email & Use it with Gmail

  1. This is the best Tutorial to setup a business account and use it with a ease of Gmail. Perfect Mate Can't thank you enough for such a simple and affective Tutorial.

  2. hi, i'm somakiran, i'm starting a my new studio. so i want to create a new gmail account, and fb page, insta page, can u give me a guideline to create this all

  3. I am not getting mail 8n my gmail as I am able to send from donon name mail but not getting mail in my gmail account.

  4. Email Forwards from Godaddy are not encrypted. Gmail showing a red lock for these emails. How to overcome this problem?

  5. Incoming emails don't reach gmail, it rather reaches the zoho mailbox only! Even the verification code reached zoho mailbox only .. There is a glitch in this video .. These steps doesn't work 🙁

  6. Hai bro I did the same thing,bit I got the ? Mark on the company domain name s which means that it was not verified,in this case wat I can do!

  7. please help. I have successfully added the first email. when i add the second it adds successfully but when i try try to send an email, the send button greys out and refuses to send. i used this method after i was unable to set up using the updated 2018 video. i hear godaddy has made changes. please help

  8. why is my domain not working on zoho is there something am missing or its because i haven't paid for the domain??

  9. How many id's how many passwords. How to remember these for normal person who don't have net technology knowledge get c/O mentally disabled hospital member. Some easy method exist. You advising people hiding it.

  10. I love… Your video.. Tysm. Can you do a video about how to create a business page in Facebook and link in to your site?.. All the best

  11. By following your videos I created 1 website for my business . Please make a video on how to use multisite on WordPress with two domains . in and .com please this is my request.

  12. gentlemen, i am still struggling in sending the email using the from business email id using gmail. Although i am receiving on it. Please help

  13. Nice explanation !..and I liked your vedio very much😍 ……., can send mail but I am not receiving mail at all, plz give me a solution for this

  14. Appreciate your efforts for sharing this tutorial as in video and to put it in a clear text format, amazing work team thanks a lot.

  15. You guys are doing great job, very precise, to the point and clear. Editing and presentation 200% great, I wanted to integrate zoho+spartkpost with godaddy domain, make tutorial once you have time.

  16. I noticed after I did this my signature did not auto populate on my emails like it used to. Is there a fix for this?

  17. Dear @Shubham,
    Thanks for Your video
    Can i need to Purchase Hosting Plan for connecting

  18. Do you have to purchase a domain email from godaddy in order to proceed to the first step? I'm doing this for my Shopify store.

  19. Hi! Thank you so much! I started this and got all the way through until I got to gmail set up of emails sent as ([email protected]) – the tutorial and the zoho pages and info don't match and although I tried setting it up, I can only receive emails in but can't send them from the new domain email. How can I fix this? Thank you

  20. you are a life saver! I was having a hard time setting up my email but thanks to this video I was able to finally do it. Thanks so much, keep up the good work.

  21. I can't connect my zoho with gmail account as GoDaddy said it may take up to 24 hours for the forms I added to work.

  22. Hello, my only question is why sign up to Zoho and not going straight from GoDaddy to Gmail? Otherwise, thx. Very nice video…

  23. This is bullshit.. You can’t copy the TXT host and destination because it’s not there 🙁

    This is old info and no longer works.

  24. Hey, thanks for the tutorial. I tried but most of the emails are getting bounced back and the error is 553 Relaying disallowed.

  25. Sir When I go to manage dns on godaay account it says "we can't display your dns information because your name server aren't managed by us" (as I'm using cloudflare)…now plz suggest me the solution to copy paste cname from zoho

  26. I have already email with godaddy and it work with gmail without this process but godady charged annual 500 rupees

  27. I just need to use email of my own domain. How I can transfer my domain to Google or others for free to continue sending/receiving my domain email?

  28. with every hosting we get some email accounts
    then can we directly setup with c panel ?
    In the zoho case what if I don't want to forward mail to gmail
    One more question what is wp smtp plugin. Suppose , I am using wp user management plugin that requires to send a confirmation mail when new user added but I am unable to send mail to users when new users added

  29. This video helped me a lot for configuring my server that I rented from

    Please upload more videos.

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  31. I didn't get mail like you got in 10:26 in video, i.e i am not getting mail on gmail but i am getting mail on my business id. Please guide why this is happening.

  32. In 6mins 40 secs how you are getting mail client configuration section? I tried to create a free account, but when I am trying to create email forwarder, Zoho is showing that I need to upgrade the account from free to paid service. Please let me know your feedback

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