How to Create Website for Free, Free Hosting, Free Domain and WordPress

In this video you learn how to create a
website with WordPress with free hosting service and a free domain name if you
want to make a website or blog in the shortest possible time without spending
money watch this video and learn how to create your website in minutes without
paying a penny let’s get started first we need to create a web hosting service
account go to three zeros web host comm you find all related links in this video
in the description below create an account just add an email and
a password the site name leave it blank we will add it later the next step is to
check your email and confirm your registration with the email verified go
ahead and on the top right corner enter on my domains next choose the option use
my own domain and to park a new domain we need to create one go to free NomCom
link in description and create an account
next and after you have verified your free Nam account you are going to
register a new domain here you enter a domain for your website if it is already
taken just keep trying until you find one that suits your site name and when
available choose one that is a free plan and next click on get it now next click
on checkout and choose the amount the free period available for free domains
these free domains are ánewá before teen days before expires the period time next we need to point to the domain name
servers from the hosting service so from the free hosting service website and
from the Park domain website details copy the DNS addresses and enter the
website’s domain next go back to free Nam Kham and paste
the name servers continue by adding your details read the Terms & Conditions and
complete your order and you should receive the order confirmation email back to three zeros hosting service
click to park domain to start pointing the domain to the name servers but keep
in mind that it may take up to five hours to start pointing to the new name
servers but no worries here it can take about 10 to 15 minutes just like in this
example when ready go ahead and create a new website name and password next
scroll down click on manage drop-down menu and link website and connect the
domain to website now with the domain link to the website we need install a
content management system like WordPress enter on build web site on the top menu
and install WordPress enter the admin username and password select your website language and click
to install when ready go ahead and go to WordPress configuration page enter the
user name and password and login and you have your fresh new website this is how
you create a free website in no time and without spending a penny but keep in
mind that like many other free hosting services have their limitations such as
bandwidth or storage to mention a few from the hosting service application you
can manage your website here is where you can access the details of your site
things like the ftp details to know the name servers bandwidth or disk space
statistics and even some quick links you just need to know a little of WordPress
that you will learn in the next videos so subscribe if you haven’t already and
stay tuned to watch those same videos in this category thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time Cheers

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51 thoughts on “How to Create Website for Free, Free Hosting, Free Domain and WordPress

  1. Hi already have my own domain name and if make a website in free plan overhere and i am not satiesfied with the services can i transfer my domain to another hosting company anytime.

  2. I have a problem, when I open my website it's showing me that my site is not secure and showing little red lock infont of url, how can I fix that?

  3. I have one question sir..if I make website with freenom domain so I need to pay for after one I can used permanent.. plz reply me.and really your video help me alot.. keep it up sir

  4. Sir when i add web name and password to start new website after domain got ready it shows "an internal error occured .our developers have already been notified." Wht can i do sir?

  5. OOOHH My God. this video is so so useful. i created my first ever website through the help of this video. Thank you so so much

  6. Thanks Sir, this video is so useful, but it happens to me that during the creation of the site, sometimes it does not load for a few hours, then it resumes to work etc., do you know the reason?

  7. i have parked the domain the status is showing ready but im unable to get the new website option. what should i do?

  8. Just note that Freenom seems to take away domains from people without any notice. I had like 6 domains registered with them, and they just vanished from my account. So I would suggest staying away from Freenom if you value your website.

  9. 2019-08-17 doesn't work any more. Not only that but I posted a long explanation of what I did then… and it's now ffffing disappeared. Where the ffff is my comment?

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