How To Create Your Online Business From Scratch #1: THE BLUEPRINT

So, welcome to Day One of the
Four Day Jet Set internet series. In this series, we’re going to be
going over four different things. Now today, I’m going to give you an overview
of how to create your online business. Tomorrow we’re going
to go over people. How do you get people? The center point of any business
is getting people into your business. Customers. Where do you find those people? Where do you get
your traffic from? In video three I’m going
to go over products. How do you find the products to sell? What products do you sell? What products do you
recommend to people to buy? And in day four, you’re not going
to want to miss day four. I’m going to go over
profit automation. How to automate your business
so you can basically live your lifestyle
the way you want to. You can have your business
support your lifestyle. So, in this four-part video series, I’m going to go over a few things. Now, today, just in a second here,
I’m going to go over an introduction to the business model of how
to create your online business in the same way that Uber,,, and Airbnb have created their
business, having no inventory, and simply connecting people
with products online and making massive
amounts of money, and how you can too. In video number two we’re
going to go over people. How do you get people
to see your links? How do you get people to
view your online material and engage with your content? And in video number three I’m
going to go over products. How do you decide
what products to sell? What products, you know,
how do you get paid? Where is the money coming from? Once you’ve got people
what do you sell them? In video number four I’m going to go over profit automation. So, how do you systemize and how
do you automate your business to get it to the point where,
no matter what, whether you wake up at noon or whether
you’re on a beach in Thailand, how do you get your business to make
you money while you sleep? And how do you keep that
coming in every single day like I have and many
of my students have. So, the biggest companies in the world
right now don’t own any inventory, they don’t stock any products, they simply connect
people with products. Now, let me give you
an example, is the largest hotel
company in the world right now. It’s the biggest hotel company
and it doesn’t own any hotels, it doesn’t have any property, it simply
just connects people with hotels. It just recommends people to hotels. People go on
and they book a hotel. is an affiliate. They’re a very large affiliate but
they just are a connection point and that’s the most scalable
sort of business. Airbnb. Airbnb is actually an affiliate company. They are one of the biggest
companies in the world yet they don’t own any
of their own locations. They don’t own any locations and
they’re just simply connecting people who have places that they’re willing
to rent out with people that are interested in renting out a location. And they make a cut for referring
both of those parties together. Now, it’s a beautiful business
because it scales at will and it runs without stopping because
it’s all based on the internet. But Airbnb is an example of an affiliate
company that has grown insanely large. Again, the opportunity is not in
creating your own products. The opportunity is not
in managing support. The opportunity is not in managing all
these different layers of business, you know, that will suck your time
and your energy and your money. The opportunity is all
in connecting the world and providing either better
usability or more information to help consumers make decisions
and purchase products online. All of the companies you
book flights through, most of the major ones,
like does not own any airlines. They don’t own any planes. They don’t have any locations,
they don’t have any facilities. Yet is the largest airline
company in the world right now and they don’t own any airplanes
and it’s completely digital. is an example of
an affiliate marketing company. They connect people with flights and
they make a cut of the transaction for bringing the two parties together. Let’s go over another example. If I haven’t convinced you yet
that affiliate marketing is the number one way to make money in
today’s economy I’m doing a horrible job. Another example, I mean,
there are tons of them, basically every major
business out right now is an affiliate marking company. It owns no inventory and it just
connects people with a service. Here’s a great example of an
affiliate marketing company. Uber is actually an affiliate
marketing company. Now, Uber doesn’t own any cars. Think about this for a second. The biggest taxi company in the world, the biggest transportation company in
the entire world, does not own any cars. The biggest transportation company
in the entire world has no locations where
people can get cars. Uber is an affiliate marketing company
because they own no inventory and they simply connect people
who want rides in a taxi, or who want to go somewhere, with drivers
who are willing to take them there. And they take a cut of the transaction
for referring the two parties together. Now, I’ve shown you some very big examples
of affiliate marketing in today’s world. But there are actually millions of examples
of people making money as affiliates in very small niches, which is
something I’m going to talk about later on. Anything that’s bought and sold online, people can be affiliates for. Anything that is bought and sold online. There are affiliates making a cut
of the money and their business runs completely independent
of their time and effort. All you need to do is get your little websites
running or get your system set up and you’re continually making money. So, sorry about the horrible
handwriting, but basically, people plus products equals profits. So, whenever you connect people
with products you can make money. And the easiest way to connect people
with products is using the internet, is using links, it’s using Google
or Facebook or YouTube, or other social media that people
use every single day. Now, I’ve shown you some examples
of very large companies such as, Airbnb, Uber,
that are connecting people with products and making billions of dollars. But let me show you some examples
of some students of mine that are doing this is small niches making
hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars, per year. It was just really great that
I found John’s course. It was exactly what I needed, honestly. I was sold before it was even
for sale, I was already, you know, whatever it costs I’ll get it. After 25 years as a curriculum
developer and instructor in a large computer company, I think
you guys are doing a great job, I commend you for it. I think it’s be best decision
that I’ve made, yeah. I think my life personally changed when
I decided to jump under you as a student. First commission done,
I would like to thank, actually, John Crestani and the Jet Set
Program for the call they made. So, did you learn anything? If this video was interesting to you,
I put in a comments area down below, so make sure you leave a comment
if this video was helpful for you and you learned something from
watching this presentation, and if you’re excited for the next couple days’
worth of videos that you’ll be receiving. Now, as you see, you went through video
one right now, which is the blueprint. But, tomorrow, I’m going to send
you out video number two, which is, how to get people
coming to your websites or viewing your links or
clicking on your links? How to reach people. So, everything about tomorrow
is about getting people, or as we call it in the internet, traffic, getting traffic to your posts,
your videos, your sites. Then, in two days from now, I’m going to release
to you a video about selling products. What products you can sell
and how you can sell them. And then, in day number four,
in three days from now, I’m going to show you the complete
system of how to automate it all so that you don’t have to be doing
all of the work on a daily basis and you can have the system run itself
and truly get lifestyle and time freedom. Now, make sure, if you want
these next videos, if you want to get the next videos,
make sure you click this button below. The video, it says, Send to Messenger. And that’s going to send you a note
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new videos on there, so you’re going to want
to subscribe to that as well, by just clicking that button there. And again, if you’re excited, I’m excited, and make sure to post a comment and let
me know if this was helpful information and what you’re looking forward to seeing
the next couple days and getting, you know, the system
all pieced together so you can start your very
own internet business. So, make sure to post something
in the comments. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and make sure to click
these buttons up there. See you tomorrow in the next video.

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