How To Delegate In My Business

so isn’t it funny when you’re finally
able to afford to hire employees to help you do more stuff in your business that
you have a challenge with delegating I always found that really interesting in
my business I’m gonna share in this video some things that really helped me
become a better delegator delegating is really the key to buy back more time in
your business and to get more done with less frustration wouldn’t it be nice to clone yourself
how great would that be in your business unfortunately we’re not there yet so
until then delegating will be the key to grow your business with a lot less
frustration so again I just always I found that interesting as my business
has grown I had the ability to hire people you put people in place and then
you’re kind of off to the next thing and you just don’t take the time to work
with them or sit with them or train them and then really what I realize is you
know I was in releasing their responsibilities so delegating really
comes with some with trust and faith in whoever it is that you’re delegating
with it also is really important that the person that you’re delegating with
has the abilities to handle whatever it is that you’re delegating with them and
that they’re the right person when I got started my business about 12 years ago
there was things that I said that no one would be ever able to do in my business
and really just all came down to with me getting over the fact of releasing that
control and allowing someone else to do whatever that was in my business there’s
been things now that have been passed along to three or four or five different
people there’s things that I’ve delegated out that to be honest if
someone in my business asked me to do today I would need a refresher on it and
I’d probably have to get retrained on it so anything that you’re saying no one
can do this besides me it’s BS get over yourself and there is probably nothing
in your business that can’t be trained or delegated to somebody else if there
is then that’s a whole nother problem if you can’t delegate out a majority of the
things in your business you’re never going to be able to grow to that next
level and you’ll never have any time and you’ll just get completely drained so
the first thing is don’t jump in at the first hiccup or speed bump meaning when
you hire someone to do something they’re gonna be handling things now in the
business something’s gonna come up and issue a problem a challenge
they might know not exactly what to do they’ll probably come to you for that
your knee-jerk reaction is gonna be just like mine is gonna be to jump in and fix
that problem it’s always faster and easier just to do that and to get done
and to move on to the next thing and it just feels so time-consuming to do the
opposite which is do nothing explain to the employee how to handle that what to
do take the time and walk them through it really in the beginning you’re the
the delegating is going to this hands-on training until you have
the right team in place the right management team that can really start
helping with the delegation so in the beginning when we hired anyone and
always felt like we were taking three steps back because you have to sit there
and spend the time and be really hands-on and allow them to solve the
issue solve the problems it’s always gonna feel like it’s a little bit longer
but if you take three steps back to the short term in the long run it’ll be a
game-changer and you’ll have people in your business that will be able to
handle the things that you just shouldn’t be handling anymore the second
thing is something I utilize that’s called clarify and verify a lot of times
most of the things you say get interpreted completely differently this
is something you can use in your business and in your personal life as
well too when you delegate out a task or something for one of your employees to
do it’s really important to clarify and have them verify back to you what it is
that you want them to do and exactly how they heard it you’d be surprised a lot
of the times they hear things differently and they go and do something
different and then you shake your head like why why did they do this it’s not
because they don’t care because they weren’t listening they weren’t listening
just the way you said it was interpreted differently so clarify and verify this
will save you a lot of back-and-forth and aggravation it’s really simple to do
it’s really easy I recommend trying it the third thing is that is really great
that we’ve started to really utilize in our business is something called rpm it
stands for results focused Purpose Driven massive action plan when you’re
explaining something or delegating something to your employee focus on
their results like what’s the end result of doing this and what’s the goal here
what are we trying to accomplish if they can understand the results it’ll make
things a little bit easier for them to understand more importantly is why
what’s the purpose why are we doing this if your employees can understand the
purpose light bulbs will probably go off things will click and if they can
understand the purpose of why you’re giving them this to do or why there’s
this big change a lot of times the dots will connect for them and will make it
easier to delegate our tasks especially when those tasks involve something
that’s changing or a process or something new in the business and then a
massive action plan is really simple don’t overthink this put together a
simple plan of how they’re gonna go and do this and get this accomplished so
practice rpm it really makes it a lot easier when
you’re delegating out to talk about the end result the purpose of why you’re
doing it and then the plan and the step-by-step things that they need to do
in order to accomplish this I really hope that you found this video helpful
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