How to Direct Your Own Photo Shoot for your Medical Practice Website or Social Media Campaign

– Hey hey! In this video, we are going to talk about how to direct your own photoshoot for your medical practice website, and or your social media campaign. My name’s Meredith. This is the Meredith Kallaher Show, where we talk about marketing
plans for busy doctors. I believe that every medical practice should have a marketing plan in place. Because hope is not a strategy. We can’t just open our doors and hope that patients will walk in. We have to put a plan
in place for success. So let me set the stage. You’re a doctor, and
your a website designer, or whoever set up your website for you, or your sister who’s
running your social media comes to you and says, “Hey doc, “these photos on your website are tired.” or we’ve got to get some photos of you in the social media campaign. So you’ve got to hire a
professional photographer to get some great photos
of you and your partners and you immediately think, “Ugh, no.” And there could be a few reasons
that no comes up for you. The first one’s going to be time. I don’t have time for that. We just did this last year. I’m sorry that they look tired. I grew this whole beard but and it’s fine that the beard isn’t on the website, which is not true. So you think you don’t have time because you, sister, asking me too often for photos for social media. Or you think that you don’t have the money because you’re right,
professional photographers are super expensive and you just bought some 30,000 X-ray machine, that your patients are going to love. So you don’t have the
money to pay a photographer for great photos. Which is ridiculous, by the
way, because you’ve got to market your $30,000 piece of equipment so patients will know about it, right? And the way to do that is to listen to your social media director
or your website organizer, and get some great current photos. But you’ve run out of money. So what are you going to do? Well, let me tell you
what you’re going to do. You are going to organize
your own photoshoot where you can, in one day, capture all the photos that you
need for your website and for several months of social media. Because you only need
to put one of yourself. I go every week on social
media but that means you can get 12 photos of yourself, am I doing that math right? For the next three months,
and you can do that in one day with a photoshoot that you run and I’m going to tell you how right now. Lucky for you, my amazing
business partner Boo, created an Excel sheet that I’ve linked in a freebie below and
you’re going to love it. It is going to help you create
your photoshoot shot sheet. And will serve as your schedule
the day of the photoshoot to help everything run super smoothly. If I were you, I might download it now and kind of look at it as you
listen and watch this video. It’s going to make everything super clear. Now the key to a succesful
photoshoot is planning. So in this video, we’re going
to go over six planning steps. And the first one is
securing your photographer, the second one is
creating your shot sheet. The third one is picking your location. The fourth one is selecting your wardrobe. The fifth one is getting
hair and makeup ready. And the sixth and final
one is editing your photos. Step one, select your photographer. Now this is where I’m
going to save you money. I, caveat, totally believe in the value of professional photographers. It is an art, great photography. They produce beautiful images. However, they’re expensive. And for your website and
your social media campaign, you can great photos
if you’re on a budget. If you’re not, go get yourself
a professional photographer. But if you are, we can save
money here by using an iPhone. The newer, the better the camera, okay. I wouldn’t go lower than a six. I’d do an eight, or a 10 because their photo quality is amazing. And you can’t take the photos yourself. You’re going to find a
friend or a family member to take these photos for you. Think about anybody that you know that isn’t a professional
photographer now, but maybe studied it in college, or really has taken a few photo classes, or somebody who your
friends with on social media that just always has
amazing iPhone photos. This is what we did. I recently launched a new business. I’d love for you to go see the photos that we took and used for our website. We ran through this
whole photoshoot process that I’m going with you now. And we used a friend of mine who was a photography major in college but has not really worked
in photography since, and it was about almost 20 years ago. So she was willing to
basically work for free which was awesome because
she enjoyed the process. If you cannot think of anyone
that can help you with this, then instead of just Googling
photographer in your city, go to Fiverr or you get really inexpensive
rates when you start looking for services across the ocean, like in other countries
but you’re able to put out what you’re looking for. You know a photographer to
take X amount of photos, over a three hour period. We’re going to go for
three hours on this day in Miami, or whatever city you’re in. And you get to set your price. Say I would like to pay
someone $200 to do that. Then people will bid on your project. And that would be a lot less expensive then some of these $750 an hour
professional photographers. Second, your shots sheet. But (laughs) say that five times fast. Shot sheet, shot sheet. Okay. The shot sheet, it’s super easy. We use an Excel spread
sheet but I just need you to list all the photos that you need, and list the size. If you can’t figure out the
dimensions, that’s fine. It wouldn’t hurt to put
the dimensions there. You could ask the web designer, “Hey you said we need
to update the website “with how many photos?” Ask them and what sizes. But really what you want to know are do you need rectangle,
you need horizontal? Do you need vertical? Do you need square? Do you need circles of just my face? Whatever. Or if you need them for Instagram and their for your feed, remember those, they
don’t have to be squares but usually you want squares
so, your shot sheet is what you want photos of, and what size? Alright? And so if your not sure, you’re like “Meredith, what do I need photos for?” If this is for your social media feed, I recommend for your practice that you put a photo of yourself once a week on social media, okay? Doctor Kallaher, if I was
a doctor, should show up on Instagram at least once a week. So if we are going to do three
months work of social media Instagram content in a day, then we want 12 photos for Meredith. I know that sounds like a lot guys but this isn’t all fun and games. It’s work, okay. But we’re going to work to
get the photos that you need. It looks very glamorous
photoshoots and they are fun. The results are fun. But it is work to get
12 photos of yourself. But you got to do it and
we’re going to knock it out, all in one day and it’s
going to be awesome. At this point, I want you
to go to Pinterest, okay? And look for photos that
you can use as an example for your amateur photographer. As much information as you
can get them, the better. You know which shots you need, right? You need 12 and you know
what sizes they are. And you know that you want to be outdoors. So now go Google that setups
that you like on Pinterest. If your website already
has a color scheme going, then you can say like
a blue photo at a cafe. Or doctor in front of a
graffiti wall, or whatever. But start looking, or if
you have a doctor’s website, a friend who you really like, or an old photo on your website
of you that you really like then save that, print it
out and we’re going to clip it to your production calendar, so you can show the photographer. Okay, but you’re also
going to take it with you when you scout out the
location for your photoshoot. Because that is the next step. So now it’s time to decide where this photoshoot’s
going to take place. I’m asking you to take two
days out of your busy life. One for the actual photoshoot day, and this one pre-production day to go scout out the location. I know this is super important. Don’t leave this out. Even if you think you
know, it will save you so much time on the stressful photo day if you’ll go plan where
exactly all 12 photos, if that’s what you need, are
going to be taken, alright? Your town might not be as amazing as Miami is for photo locations. We have so many outdoor options here, but I know there’s somewhere in your town. The Downtown Square or the boardwalk, a really pretty yacht club or country club that you know of someone that’s a member. We brainstorm, we think
we can get all 12 photos we need next time. Take the time, take your shot sheet, take your inspiration photos, and go plan exactly where
you’re going to take each of these 12 photos, ok? And then write it down, all right, into your production calendar. You’re now changing your shot sheet into the production calendar. Got it? Good. So now you’ve matched
each shot to a location, now I want you to match
what you’re going to wear to that location. This part may be tricky for some people. Ask a friend for help that you think has good
fashion advice, alright? But it doesn’t have to be
the most stylish outfit coming off the runway. In fact, I suggest solid colors so they don’t take away
from the space around you. And then the lines that you feel the most comfortable in on your body. Meaning, if you like the way you look in a V neck, then wear a V neck. If you like the way you look in a shorter dress versus pants, I mean, or a long dress,
then wear the shorter dress. Because you want to feel
as confident as possible during this photoshoot
because that will come through in the camera. On your shot sheet list, your
going to match a location, next to each shot and then
you’re going to match an outfit. Alright? Write it all down. I’m going to provide a freebie below that will help you create your photoshoot production calendar. Now that the calendar’s all ready, it’s time to schedule your photoshoot. And I want you to, you know, check the photographer’s schedule and schedule hair and
make up for that morning. It’s super important, you guys. We are saving money,
you’re going to spend money on the photographer if you have to and on hair and make up for the day. Yeah, it’s really important
to put on a full face that looks good for a camera. And then tell the makeup artist that you’re going to be outdoors. You can find a good
makeup artist in Miami, and we’re a little more
expensive for about $120. Finally, it’s a day of the photoshoot. I want you to allow three
hours to be on site. Not driving time, but
to actually be there. I’d go more, because if you’re
going to go ahead and do this, and get all made up, I
want to knock it out. But it is exhausting. Why is getting your photo
taken so exhausting? It’s a little stressful. It just is. So I would allow three hours. But you can get so many photos,
especially that you have your photoshoot production
calendar good to go. You can get so many in three hours. I want you to go with your calendar, with your makeup and hair done, with your clothes ironed, because wrinkles do show up in photos. And with the attitude of flexibility. Alright? Because even with all the planning, you might get to your
location and see something that looks great that
you didn’t see before. Or and your photographer
might look through the lens and not be feeling what you
thought was going to be perfect and that’s okay. So I want you to have an open mind, and that you are in charge of the day but when the camera starts clicking, you let that photographer
run the photos okay? You’ve got to empower
that person, alright? You aren’t paying him or her very much. You’ve told them that you trust them so listen doc, don’t try to
run the show at that time. Let it go. Let him or her do their thing. Show them that you’re confident in them. And then promise, you’re
going to get great results. Alright so the photos come back. If your photographer
used Photoshop or not, you’re looking at them, they’re fine but you don’t love all of them. You know one thing, I want
to say is first of all get over yourself, right? Like this is to market your business so we’re not trying to
run a beauty pageant here but if you think that there is some tweaking that somebody
could do to the photo, or maybe lighten it up a little, then and the photographer that we paid, not that much money to or maybe for free, didn’t do what you wanted them to do, we’re going to go back
Fiverr or Freelancer the place I suggested
to find a photographer, and you’re going to look
for photo editing, alright? And you get what you pay for
on Fiverr and but I have had great results
with $30 graphic designers or a $30 video editor. So what I mean by that is
you might get better editing if you offer $200, $500,
but you could start, $25. I’ve got 12 photos that
I really want someone to cinch my waist in, and
just keep the originals so if someone edits them
and that you don’t love the way that turned out, at least you have the original copy right? And you could just try someone else on Fiverr for another $25. But guys, if you plan and you wear outfits that coordinate and you go on a day that it
doesn’t have to be sunny, just not raining, overcast
light looks great too. You are going to get great
photos and knock them out. You’re going to update,
refresh your website. And you’re going to have a great photos for your social media going forward. Now listen, you’re like
Meredith but you said they’re only going to
last for three months. This is a photo of you. If you are running the Instagram campaign, and if you’re not, then
why don’t you check out my Instagram strategy,
which I’ll link here. I want you to put one
photo of yourself a week. If you can’t, get out
there and do this again, which you might have fun
and want to get out there three months from now,
just reuse the photos. You can reuse the photo
that you wear of yourself this week on Instagram, you can use that three to four months
from now again, right? And if you feel funny about
it, being on your feed twice, just delete the old one. Okay so then it’s on there once. Got me? Great. Okay good luck. You’ve got this. Your website’s going to be beautiful but if you have any questions
please comment below. And if you’d like to interact more with me then you should join
our free Facebook group, Marketing strategy for busy doctors. I will link it below. You can find us under groups on Facebook, marketing for doctors. But we have a live Q and A once a week, where my partner and I
answer all your questions about marketing and our
doctors that are members share ideas with each other. If you haven’t done so
already, don’t forget to download the freebie below, that Excel spreadsheet is
really going to help you out in this process. I hope you enjoyed this
video and if you did, please give me a like and subscribe so you don’t miss the next one. And I’ll look forward
to seeing you next time.

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  1. My business partner Boo and I had a great time with our dear friend Aubrie capturing photos for our website! We used the exact method described in this video. Want to see the photos? Check them out at

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