How to do product market research in retail stores 2018 — Part 2

what’s going on this is SEF i am
currently waiting for my Lyft we are gonna be going to my first stop
to do product market research at the stores I made it to my first stop from my
product market research at a fiscal retail store and the place that I’m
checking out right now is Office Depot let’s check out there so what I’m looking for right now is
bubble wraps pink in the right section let’s see so it looks like we’re in the
shipping aisle we got bubble wraps here office depot at
these large ones okay I’m at Office Depot but they’ve only got the office
Depot brands of bubble wraps and I talked to associate asking if they had
other brands or other versions of the bubble wraps and he said they only got
these here and maybe they just don’t sell the ones that we saw online here at
this online at this specific office depot I did find something as I was
talking with him so they’ve got these kind of bubble mailers which is
pretty much a design outside with texture
I mean bubble wrap inside with design textures on the outside like these but
they don’t have the ones that we were looking for online so well we tried
looking at this one and it looked like there’s only one type of one type of
off-brand and they’ll just Office Depot and talking with the associate again he
said maybe check it out the maybe checking out the shipping store that’s
down the street so these are the Office Depot bubble wrap brand it’s I believe
it’s just like a white label product but you know these would be great if I just
go and buy it and use it for prototyping but I think I might be able to do the
prototyping digitally using Photoshop and I’ll I get to you that I’ll get to
that in another video but it doesn’t look like they’ve got what we’re looking
for hmm bubble pouch mailers that’s about it
just a bunch of shipping supplies yeah so it doesn’t look like they have
what we need let me just stroll around and see what
else okay well it didn’t look like they have
what we’re looking for so when I do these product market research I’m going
to try to find out the less windy spot but when I do these types of research
when I’m going out to the stores I make a list of all these stores that I could
see this product being sold at and what I will do is go to that spot in that
store or in since the idea that I’m researching online are not online but
doing physically it’s a bubble wrap Christmas wrapping paper and I want to
go and find the stores that all have that also bubble wraps and office Depot
is one company that we researched online and I want to see what else they got in
person and it looked like this branch only has their office Depot wrap which
is okay all right so the another store that I have in mind of checking out that
would sell bubble wrap would be Home Depot and FedEx and a bunch of other
shipping companies or shipping stores so I’m gonna look to see what is around
there and make my way towards that area okay after doing a quick search it looks
like there is a FedEx slash Kinkos I don’t know if it’s FedEx Kinkos or if
it’s as FedEx now but there is a FedEx store that it’s also they do shipping
and shipping places bubble wraps so I’m gonna go walk over
that unfortunately is walking distance and we will see what kind of bubble wraps
they got at the store so let’s go FedEx okay just got to my second
location for my product market research at the retail stores and that is FedEx
office the reason being is that they deal with shipping as well as printing
and within shipping they sell bubble wrap some boxes and peanut foams so I’m
gonna see what type of bubble wraps they’ve got in there and if they’ve got
anything more interesting that we cannot find online let’s go inside looks like they got a few options above
a durable cushion wrap from Polyair so and big bubble and Polyair it here as
well which is all good these are all potential contexts we can hit up let’s
see same here all Polyair they got 10 feet
which is cool 50 square feet you see if they’ve got any other types
of designs okay just finish looking at the FedEx section or the store for their
bubble wrap set they didn’t have much they had only at Polyair on and then
another brand though – only two brands they didn’t really sell any of the
texture stuff that we were looking at him both those companies that we that
were found on the shelves are potential licensees now the third store that I
want to check out our hardware stores because hardware store also sells
cardboard boxes and packing tape and bubble wrap and fortunately this one
that’s really close by that’s also walking distance and that is ash Orchard
Supply Hardware it’s a little bit smaller retails or hardware retail
stores compared to Lowe’s and Home Depot but it definitely got a good variety and
they most likely will have the things that you know bubble wraps and carrying
things like that so let’s go and check it out I’m gonna walk over there and
let’s see what we discovered all right me to the Orchard Supply
Warehouse or a house that’s how I know it and let’s see if they’ve got some
bubble wraps in there come on I’m having a tough time finding it but I
know I’m close because we just walked by the cardboard boxes and usually they’re
by shipping surprise hi can you help me find bubble wrap yeah back wall okay
perfect thank you so much all right I think I found it
found the bubble wrap its right right at our eye level but because I was
looking up and down I haven’t looked straight above me so here’s they’re a
bunch of bubble wraps that they got here so looks like we got a bubble cushion
don’t know if that’s the name of the brand but we could write these down and
look online they’re all bubble cushion bubble cushion bubble cushion so it
looks like they only sell this brand bubble cushion let’s see if there’s
information on the back nope it looks like that’s it so what I would do is
just take a picture of this and then Google but bubble cushion online see
what type of products and try to find their contacts but it looks like that’s
it so it looks like there’s only the bubble
cushion brand and that’s fine I know that there aren’t that many bubble
cushions when we first did our online research and it’s a lot less definitely
with the type of brands that they hold at the physical part of research at the
retail stores that gives me a sense of more one the type of companies that are
selling bubble bubble wraps or bubble cushions and I could go and hit up any
of these companies that we found today during the
research but now we just have to go and follow up online and look at what what
research we find from the physical research so we hop back onto the
computer and then we’ll go and find what type of companies or what other products
they sell by looking on their website so hopefully you guys learned how a little
bit about how I do product research thank you so much you have a great day
so I hope you guys found some tactics on how I do product research and it’s not
as difficult as I as it seems especially going out you just it’s like doing
normal shopping and when you are doing normal shopping you’re doing the same
thing except you are just looking for the products that you need now this is
me doing looking for products that I don’t really need but I want to do more
research on so anyway I guess in a way I still need it but it’s as simple as that
just go into the stores where the find where that shelf of the where that
product would sit and then look at those companies and once you make a little
list of those company names I just go hop back onto the computer do a little
google search on their company side and try to see what other products that they
sell and see if they accept outside products submissions and and then that’s
moving on to step the next step all right hope you guys enjoyed it I might
do a bonus store I’m not sure if I would find it here but I think they sell
everything here and I would be surprised if they sell bubble wraps at this door
but I think I might as well try it because it’s right here and that store
is Dollar Tree and if you don’t know what Dollar Tree is it’s just our
99-cent store where or where everything here is a dollar and let’s see if they
sell some bubble wraps let’s go in looks like they do sell bubble wraps JOT
that’s the name of this company JOT cushion wrap and it looks like it’s only
that cool pretty cool just found that they do sell bubble wraps and one thing
that I do want to know about 99-cent stores or dollar trees that is a great
place to just roam around and see what kind of products that you could combine
together and create a new product so it uh it took it’s a great way to make
prototypes out of these things and stuff that you find at the dollar store
because it’s so cheap and it’s if you have an idea where it’s combining to
existing product ideas you could go into the dollar store go and find those
products and figure out a way to put them together either hot glue gonna cut
it tape it glue it so that is a form of the 1+1 three strategy that I talked
about in the three creative techniques video and doing doing the prototypes
it’s very similar the process is similar just combining two of the products into
one if you have an idea that’s like that so I did find a bubble wrap here and
it’s gonna be you know just a little bit more research online at the dollar store
or from the company that I found at the dollar store and
if I’m ready to move on to the next step which is creating the sell sheet I could
start doing that and if I need to create a prototype let’s say for the bubble
wrap Christmas wrapping paper I could buy bubble wrap for cheap here at the
dollar store and maybe even the wrappers and tape them together or cut glue gun
them together and make a quick prototype and put it into the sell sheet we’ll see
if that’s this next steps that I’ll be planning to take but we just got to do a
little bit more research before I you know go full-blown on this idea okay I
hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you guys in the next video and
in the next step. Bye!

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