How To Earn 6 Figures Online In YOUR Business | My Blueprint

hey what’s up you guys in this video I’m
gonna show you guys how you can reach six figures in one year online so check
this out right here you guys it’s needed that gets welcome to this video here’s exactly what we’re going to be
covering in this video and that is how to earn six figures on line in your
business ok so let’s start exact talk about
exactly who this is for this can be for affiliate marketers definitely for
network marketers maybe you have a small business so small business owners but
pretty much it’s for anyone who wants to take their business in learn how to earn
six figures on line right that’s exactly who this is for now this is what we’re
gonna be doing alright we’re going to reverse engineer everything we do and
I’ll step you through it and you’ll see it’s really not that complicated but
what does that mean well really what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna
start with the end in mind so what is our goal here well it’s to reach six figures on line
and that’s what we’re starting with we’re starting with the end in mind and
then of course you need to plan your work which we’re gonna go through but
then we gotta work the plane right and you’ll see work is involved because you
have to be able to put in the work to get the results you want can you make
six figures on line absolutely is it possible absolutely can you do it without doing
any work absolutely not alright so you gotta be
willing to put in the work alright guys so here’s how this looks I wanna make eighty four hundred bucks a
month with my product or with whatever product you have and I’ll explain the
eighty four hundred bucks a month in just a bit alright so in one month that’s the goal
so I need to promote product X alright in the reason that I have $8,400 playing this a little bit later is
because I know how much my product costs so what you need to find out is what
product what service what membership do you want to sell and how much does that
cost so you need to find that out and then what we’re gonna do is we need to
know how many units so X units are whatever product you choose how much per
month to make that $8,400 ok once we find that out we can break down again I
need to sell X number of units per day to reach this goal right so pretty
simple retracting with me pretty simple so far and then again you have to work
your plan you you must know at this point that there’s going to be work
involved right does not push button magic plan this is a plan that if you
work it will work for you right so here’s what I said I wanted me to $8,400
in a month okay now this is where I was talking about my products on my product
is in enrollment every time I told someone I’d make $100 commission now
that’s a membership but you need to determine what product you’re gonna sell
and what are you promoting and how much do you earn each time you sell even for
affiliate marketers you know you’re selling other people’s products this
works for you to how much do you get paid per sale that’s what you need to
find out here so now let’s break it down I know if I wanna hit that eighty four
hundred bucks I need to enroll eighty-four people per month now that
sounds like a lot of people in it is but look at what we’re doing here we’re
trying to make a six-figure income right working with big numbers here but you
can also scale this down but what we’re talking about for the purposes of this
video is how to make six figures so I know in one month I need to enroll
eighty-four people if you’re selling a product you need to sell eighty four units at
$100 per unit now I know if I break it down one more time I need to enroll 2.7
people per day alright so that’s the breakdown I was
selling a product it would be 2.7 units per day or whenever you’re selling and
that’s assuming that the product like mine is at $100 per transaction right and this is what does equal still
six figures right just a little over that so that’s my ultimate goal in this
is the breakdown of what I wrote a realistic breakdown of what I need to do
to reach that goal and then again you got to work your plan it’s not push
button it’s not magic you have to put in the work if you want your plan to work
for you so now I want to talk about why should
you be promoting a membership now this is especially if you’re in network
marketing because it’s like an autoship its residual income and that’s exactly
what this is is it pays you residual E it’s not only one and done
sale now do I think there’s anything wrong with promoting products no do I
think people get value out of products absolutely but do they pay you on a
residual basis the answer is no and that’s why I’m pushing here to find
something for you that will pay you residual e ok so let’s take a look back
at that $100 Commission enrollment you remember that when I said I get paid
$100 commission per enrollment guess what that gets paid out annually so when
I enroll someone they continue to stay with the product if they like the
product they stay with it they continue to pay their dues and I continue to get
$100 per enrollment thats residual income so you remember those 84 sales
equating to eighty four hundred bucks well guess what that’s not eighty four hundred bucks one
time literally if I eighty-four people I get paid $8,400
residual monthly income and that’s why it’s so powerful to be pushing and
promoting our membership right guys that’s what that’s what the powers is
residual income and then again so a six-figure income on a residual basis
now we can also take into account well are people gonna quit joined quit you
know whatever absolutely it will be a roller coaster of your ups and downs of
people joining quitting but guess what you’re going to have some of those
people where you know it starts to sustain itself and you will start to
build your residual income and that’s what we’re looking for all right you do the work one time and
you get paid over and over and over again and of course you have to work
your plan ok and that’s a bet is the beauty about
what is second place here to earn money online is you cannot just earned you
know ok cool maybe you hit six figures are you might hear some people hitting
six figures but are they gonna do it again and if you have something in place
that pays you residual e the chances of that happening
again her lot higher so that’s why if you can get into you know a network
marketing company get into an affiliate program that actually pays you over and
over not just the one time and that’s what I would highly recommend so how
exactly do you work your plan guys now I want to take a minute and stress what
we’re about to talk about because this is a side from the product you’re
selling alright this is the most important thing in your business in how
you make money and that’s marketing now I say aside from the product because
obviously you need to have a good product you need to have something you
believe in you need something that works if you’re pushing a crappy product well
you’re probably going to give up on it soon enough so why in the world would
you be marketing or promoting a product so though the reason I say this is
because think about in your life have you ever seen anybody I know I have in
mind where they have a good product and they have the potential to make a lot of
money to be very successful but the marketing is not in place and what
happens if your marketing is not in place if not enough people see your
product you will fail you have to be able to effectively market your product
and here’s how I recommend doing that online learn how to brand yourself
online and I’m gonna continue to use network marketing as an example here I
want you to think about if your network marketing think about all the people all
the representatives in your company who are promoting the same thing and I want
you to think about how are they promoting their business online most people if you look on the internet
I can tell who’s in what company they’re promoting their products are right there
not branding themselves and when you learn to brand yourself online we know
that people join people people joined strength they they joining leaders so if
you can learn to lead by providing value on the internet so people you’re gonna
build your brand building your business a lot better than those other people who
are simply promoting their product and I hope that makes sense because really
there’s no value when you join some things instead of joining some one and I
hope that makes sense to you so if you can actually put yourself out there
online and provide value brand yourself and not your company you’re going to
resonate with people so much more very important branding yourself online
is something amazing that you should you should absolutely be doing learn
attraction marketing now you may have heard this online or you know have come
across it maybe don’t know exactly what this is all attraction marketing just
going to think about this if your network marketing the very first thing you do you make a
list of people and it’s your warm market which is simply people you know your
friends family co-workers and you present your opportunity to them well
thats actively prospecting so you’re going out there your prospecting people
and a lot of times they don’t want what you have right well attraction marketing
is providing value onto the internet putting your products or services
putting yourself on the internet for people to actually come find you they resonate with you they buy from you
and they join you because they know like and trust you and that’s what attraction
marketing actually is attraction marketing is very very powerful it is an
amazing skill to develop and I highly recommend attraction marketing so here’s
a look at it for you guys and went on to Google and I did a little search and all
I did was I searched for work from home and I want you to see what came up here
there’s an average monthly search of 74,000 people on the internet searching
for work from home now if you’re in the home base industry if you have a network
marketing company or even if you’re promoting affiliate product that’s in
this niche that should excite you you should be excited about what you’re
seeing on the screen right now seventy four thousand people every month are
searching work from home now what does that mean for you that’s potential
prospects ok thats potential business that’s that’s building your business ok but what does that take it takes the
skills such as you know you gotta learn to market you learn how to brand
yourself you’ve got a brace in track contraction marketing because all these
people are going in their landing somewhere on the internet why not your website you know what I
mean does that make sense you if you can learn to position yourself in front of
these people you can grow a successful business online all right and then you also need to have
in abundance mindset I Lee struggled with this especially like
network marketing when I first came online I was like man doing this there’s
no room for me there’s no room for me to make my mark for me to grow my business
and if you guys have that mindset you need to get rid of it you need to get
rid of it now because this is just once EDB slice of an example of how you can
grow your business all right there so many other techniques
there’s so much more to marketing than what I’m showing you right here but you
need to start with your own mind you need to understand that having an
abundance mindset is a must because there’s plenty of business for out there
for you you just need to learn how to go and get it so this is for those of you
who are serious if you’re absolutely serious you want to hit six figures in
your business and I’m not making any claims here but what I am saying here is
if you’re serious and you want to go deeper in you want to learn how to
market your business effectively online you want to learn how to grow your brain
and you want to learn how to use attraction marketing and even yes learn
how to make money from the 90 percent who say no to your business you know
this was a funny concept when I first heard of it but it especially if you’re
in network marketing you already know especially if you’ve been in it for a
little while you know that 90% of the people you prospect are gonna say no to
your business haha but why are you not making money even from the people who
say no did you even know that’s possible it is
so for those of you who this interests you but in your serious I’m not talking
about if you’re not serious I want to work with people who are serious who are
ready to put in the work I put the the word work in bold on the past few slides
because I’m serious is it hard work know it’s pretty simple is it time
consuming is actual work yes R are you gonna make a ton of money on the
internet is it possible absolutely it’s possible is it possible
to do it without putting in any work absolutely not and that’s why I’m
stressing to you those of you who actually want to learn skills required
to grow your business and grow your brand online those are the people who I want to work
with so if that interests you guys go to results you probably on YouTube
watching as if you are on YouTube you can simply click down below right on
your screen and it’ll take you to another page put your name and email in that page in
on the other side you’re gonna see the exact system that I use that you can use
to teach you the skills you need to learn to grow your business and I will
be working with you directly to answer your questions to help you accomplish
this so if you’re on somewhere else on the Internet seeing this video or if
you’re on YouTube you’re unable to click the screen there’s a link below click
that link putting your name and email and I look forward to seeing you guys on
the other side take care

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