How To Easily Create A Web Presence For Your Business (even if you have zero technical skills): V1

You’ve got a business idea that you know
will provide value in the marketplace that you want to turn into a profitable
business. But how do you get your message about your products and/or services you
offer out to the world? Or perhaps you’ve been running your business for a while,
but you’re just not getting enough customers or consistent sales? Something
is holding your business back. Whether you are planning on starting an online
or offline business or have an existing online or offline business, you’ve got to
go beyond just a website and create a web presence for your business. This
video series is designed to help show you how to do just that and this
particular video will lay out what is in store for you in the rest of this series
let’s do this! Hello and welcome to the introduction video for the video series
How To Easily Create a Web Presence for Your Business – even if you have zero
technical skills. I’m sure we can agree that getting the word out about your
business and the products or services that you provide is a pretty critical
step to take you from business idea to successful business. The greatest idea in
the world will do nothing for you or those you wish to serve if people aren’t
aware of it. So what’s the first step get a website set up and wait for the phone
to ring of course not but many business owners have a static website that just
sits there and perhaps works for providing some background information on
who you are and what you can do for your potential clients or customers if and
it’s a big if if they find your site somehow but that’s about it
so what exactly is a web presence then unlike a passive website that just sits
there a web presence is engineered to actively bring specifically targeted
prospects to you giving you the online equivalent of the opportunity to
introduce yourself and your business to that prospect having them get to know
you like you and trust you by offering them value in advance before even asking
for their business by figuratively taking them by the hand you can lead
them through how your products or services can solve potential problems
they may have all the while monitoring and tracking all visitor activity to
improve the efficiency of your system following up with your prospects to
increase the number of touch points they have with you and your brand because as
you likely know prospects rarely buy something the first
time they see it either by capturing their contact information in exchange
for value from you or by utilizing retargeting or remarketing to get back
in front of those that have shown enough interest to visit your site watch a
video of yours or click on one of your ads imagine how
dramatically different the result would be for the business owner with just a
website versus the business owner with a full web presence as you’re starting
your business or trying to re-energize an existing one wouldn’t you like to
have an advantage like that over your competition in this video series my goal
is to help you from a marketing perspective fill in as much of the gap
as I can between your idea and the profitable
business you want by showing you how to set up the critical backend of your web
presence for your business what do I mean by back-end just like a store maybe
has a retail presence at the front that’s all nice and polished and
hopefully inviting to their customers etc but in the back part of the store
the part that says staff only is where all the behind-the-scenes work happens
maybe a warehouse with deliveries coming and going inventory up to the ceiling a
small office where the owner manages everything pays the bills does the
bookkeeping calls the suppliers etc or like a restaurant at suppertime has a
comfortable dining environment for its patrons at the front but behind the
kitchen doors all hell is breaking loose servers running back and forth cooks
preparing meals dishwashers washing managers managing etc the reason I bring
up those examples is to highlight the contrast between the front end the
inviting showroom or comfortable dining establishment and the back end or the
behind-the-scenes activity that you rarely see but where the true engine of
the business is housed in that sense it is not much different than the online
version of a business there’s a pretty website and social presence you see or
at least hopefully see on the front end but there is also the back end that
helps make the front and look good and hopefully run smoothly think of the back
end of your web presence like your business’s marketing infrastructure
I’m Kevin Striker with Tru Lift Digital Marketing I created my first web-based
venture way back in the dinosaur age of the internet 1996 but obviously a lot
has changed since then technological advances have in many
senses made marketing a lot easier for business owners but at the same time the
internet space is also grown more competitive you simply
can’t run a business today like I ran mine in 1996 since starting that first
online venture way back then I spent some time in the corporate world before
going back to entrepreneurship full time in 2006 with different businesses I’ll
do my best to pass along what I’ve learned in running those businesses from
a marketing perspective in this video series while there is no shortage of
theoretical information on the Internet to point you in the direction of steps
to take in setting up your business what I’m going to do in this video series is
take you behind the scenes with me or you can watch over my shoulder as then I
take an idea of mine and set up the web presence for it that you can follow
along with and apply to your business you’ll see each step each screen each
click so even if you’re not tech savvy or have anxiety related to technical
overwhelm you can follow along at your own pace with the ability to pause
rewind resume etc as a side note if you’re wondering I created this video
that you are watching now after going through the web presence set up for my
business I should also point out that my videos tend to be longer videos and in
this instant world I know that hearing that might cause people to want a tune
out or lose interest even if just subconsciously
but the reason for that is definitely not to waste your precious time because
I do want you to get your business off the ground
as quickly as possible so just the opposite I just don’t want to go through
them super quickly just for the sake of having a shorter video but then leave
you with a whole bunch of questions and gaps in your understanding of why
something is the way that it is so you’ll not just get the what to do but
also the why which I think is important because understanding the process and
rationale better allows you to see the specific connections and will ultimately
save you time and hopefully save you from the situation of okay I did this
even though I didn’t know what I was doing now I don’t know how to undo it or
fix it which from personal experience can lead to massive frustration and
become an unnecessary time waster or if you do go the route of outsourcing some
of your web presence setup you’ll have enough background on what is involved to
ensure contractors don’t take advantage of you or overcharge you having said
that in each video there are also time stamps kind of like a digital table of
contents that you can click on to take you straight to that part of the video
that you are interested in or want to see again if you’re watching this in
YouTube to get there just go below this video if you’re watching this in YouTube
and on a desktop or laptop and in the description area just click on the show
more button and in the area labeled timestamps you’ll find various sections
of the video that you can click on to take you to that part of the video or if
you are watching this on mobile click the little downward pointing triangle to
the right side of the title of the video and the rest of the description area
will be made available to you and inside there you will see that digital table of
contents or timestamp unfortunately as of the time of recording this video the
timestamp links aren’t clickable in mobile so you’ll have to note the
desired time and move the scrubber manually to that point of the video so
knowing what you now know why doesn’t everyone have a web presence while I
can’t speak for everyone I think there are likely a few reasons they may not
know what you know now about the difference it can make in your business
or they don’t know where to start or what order to complete the various steps
involved or perhaps they get overwhelmed by the concept of doing something that
they think is only for the tech guys and they simply don’t think that they can do
it themselves well hopefully after I explain what the advantages are you can
now strike number one off the list but if not this video series will help you
get a clearer picture of the power of having an effective web presence setup
if you don’t know where to start or what steps to take or in what order I’ve put
together the ultimate web presence checklist that is designed to provide a
roadmap for you to solve that specific problem and act as a companion to this
video series if you like that you can follow along with in it you will also
find access to tips and tools to use during setup perhaps that is what
brought you to this video in the first place but if not if you want your own
copy of the ultimate web presence checklist you can download it for free
by clicking on the link in the description area and lastly if you feel
like you’re not tech savvy enough to do this yourself that is where this video
series steps in by showing you step-by-step how to implement your own
web presence for your business let me show you what we’ll cover in this series
like I said having website is still very much a part of establishing your web
presence in fact it will serve as your business’s hub that you get potential
customers to by various different means for that reason provided you have a
business name in mind we start at the very beginning in video 2
with a live demonstration of how to register your domain name with namecheap
then in video 3 we’ll get into choosing a hosting plan and getting started with
Hostgator if you don’t know how to use your hosting plan it isn’t going to be
much good to you so in video 4 we’ll go over getting to
know a hostgator’s customer portal and cpanel or control panel we’ll then
connect your domain name from video to and your hosting plan from video 3
together in video 5 and if you’re not following along with what I’m saying
here don’t worry these videos will explain everything in video 6 will
install your content management system onto your website specifically WordPress
once WordPress is installed I’ll give you a crash course on WordPress in video
7 so that you can comfortably use it yourself to create content like pages
and posts in video 8 I’ll show you six must-have plugins for your website we’ll
do an introduction to search engine optimization or SEO in video 9 as well
as how to configure the Yoast SEO plugin I’ll show you different ways that you
can find a theme for your website that will change the look and feel to suit
your taste and best serve your customers and clients in video 10 once we have all
that website stuff doing what we want it to do we’ll switch our attention over to
setting up key social profiles for your business including Facebook Twitter
YouTube and Google+ in video 11 part 1 so that we can get traffic coming to
your site from more than just search in part 2 of video 11 we’ll set up a
facebook business manager if you’re interested in going that route and also
creating a Facebook ad account to give us another means to bring even more
traffic back to your website this time using paid means and once we have all of
that set up in video 12 to improve as much as we can in your web presence
system we’ll set up analytics to track the actions visitors take on your
website helping us make sure we remove obstacles that are standing in the way
from getting the value you offer which ultimately results in more sales for you
we’ll also set up methods to track those that came to your website YouTube
channel or viewed any of your ads but didn’t take the action that you wanted
them to and rather than losing that potential prospect getting in front of
them again through retargeting so you can create multiple touchpoints with
those that have already shown interest in you or your brand like we spoke about
earlier after all that you have the backend of your web presence set up
and ready to turn the machine on to get more prospects and convert more of them
into customers through the value that you provide to them to better position
your business for real growth much more than just a passive website that just
sits there and is hopefully seen by somebody that might be interested if
you’re possibly thinking man that sounds like a lot of work while many would try
to suggest how easy it is the truth is it does take some work to set up
initially but after that it is largely an automated function and rest assured
any efforts made have a massive return on investment of your time time for
direct honesty if you are looking for easy then if you’re not aware of it yet
you’re gonna find out very soon that running a business can be very difficult
some times so make sure you are clear on that going in but the good news with
that is that as you encounter each obstacle and overcome it you’ll get
better at tackling those obstacles and each success gets you closer to the real
reason you started a business in the first place whatever that is for you not
always easy but definitely rewarding so if you’re on board let’s get at it and
start your web presence at video 2 where we’ll get you a domain name so that your
prospects have a place to go to find you on the web and even if you don’t join me
after this point I wish you nothing but the best of success in your business but
more importantly happiness and fulfillment in your life to go to video
2 now just click the link on your screen or in the description area I’ll meet you
over there

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