How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Store with Content Marketing

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11 thoughts on “How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Store with Content Marketing

  1. i think if you have one product, clickfunnels might be interesting to look into, as customers can checkout on one single page.

  2. Neil, what kind of content can I do for a t-shirt business. since there's no "problem" that my product solves? Also, how do you get backlinks for a t-shirt shopify store? Thanks for the great content

  3. Hi Niel, I am an 18yr old living in Australia. What are some ways to start earning passive income from scratch. I don't know any business basics.

  4. I do like what you always post dear Neil, Please keep posting this kinda videos everytime, you do support us ,, I wish all the best for your carreer , thank you so much again <3 <3 <3

  5. Hey Neil, great content. One thing that I don't fully track with is the full cycle of this… how this ends up monetizing for you. So in the example of the high heels, if you create the info graphic and it's on your store… then sharing it to content writers will just direct people to your site, right? Just want to make sure I get the full circle of life here. Also, I assume I can apply the same info to woocommerce in WP as well? Can you expound on your thoughts about Shopify vs woocommerce? Thanks Jen

  6. Hello Neil, thank you for the content.

    Neil, how should I use facebook ads with "my one product"?

    If I am selling shoes for example, should I use images showing the product ? I don't really understand how a person look to a facebook ad and at some point buy it.

    Thank you Neil

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