How to Find Business Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

Are you frustrated because you see others
come up with great ideas but you can’t seem to come up with one!?
The truth is that great ideas are everywhere, by the thousands and they’re right in plain
sight, you just haven’t programmed your brain to see them.
In today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to find countless quality business ideas.
Here are some of the tools you’ll need: • A pen
• A notepad • And a working brain.
Let’s start with a quick exercise: Look at all the circles in this video and try to find
as many RED circles as you can in the next 3 seconds… Read, set, and go!
So, how many BLUE objects did you see? You see, your brain only sees what you program
it to look for! Since you were looking for red circles, your brain ignored the blue objects
because you were not focusing on them. The same thing happens with your idea brain.
Unless you know what you are looking for, ideas become invisible to most people.
But that’s about to change. By the time this video ends, you’ll be seeing ideas everywhere
you go. Ok wise guy, so… How do I find ideas?
If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that in essence, most — if not all — businesses
have something in common, they all solve a problem, a need, a frustration, or they make
an existing product better. Amazon took the frustration of ordering online
and made it simple. Google looked at Yahoo, and made a better product.
In order to find great ideas, you need to train your mind to see opportunities in frustrations,
needs that aren’t being met, or find things that can be made better.
The secret is to pay attention to your surroundings and notice opportunities.
Start with your personal life. Have you ever feel frustrated about something? Do you ever
wish there was a better way? Chances are you are not the only one feeling this way.
Your job as an entrepreneur is to find problems and create the solutions.
Look for people saying things like: I hate… How do I… This sucks… I don’t
like…I need help… I can’t find… I’m frustrated… I wish there was… Find solutions
to those complaints and you got yourself a business.
Here is exactly what you do: Carry a small notepad and a pen or use your
phone to write down 10 ideas every day. Force your brain to look at your surroundings and
find problems, needs or potential improvements to existing products and write down at least
10 everyday! It doesn’t matter how dumb or simple your
idea might sound, just write it down. Maybe you went to a restaurant, and the service
and food were crap, yet the restaurant was full. Imagine what you could do if you started
a nearby restaurant with incredible food and service!
Your friend complaining about how he hates using excel for work because he doesn’t know
how to. Why not create a course that teaches people how to use excel and sell it to all
those people feeling frustrated. Or maybe you hear a realtor talking about
how he has no way of showing his international clients the potential properties other than
by boring pictures. Well, why not use existing technologies like 3d scanning to create an
interactive, visual and professional way for realtors to show their properties?
Like I said, it doesn’t matter how stupid something sounds, the trick is to build up
your idea muscles like a body builder works on his body. With some practice, you’ll notice
that you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere. Eventually, you will find an idea that will
get your incredibly excited. You’ll feel it in your gut, and you will wake up the next
day anxious to get started. Those are the type of ideas you need to look further into.
Have fun with this, and don’t overthink things. Don’t spend too much time in the idea phase,
find something that excites you and go for it.
So what are you waiting for? Get out there and starting finding treasures! These treasures
are disguised as problems, frustrations and needs. So start digging.
I hope you found this video helpful, if you did, visit us at for even more
information. Have fun and thanks for watching.

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95 thoughts on “How to Find Business Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

  1. What i learned is that we should launch excel courses world wide !! YES! XD Thx for the video bruh i really learned from it jk on the excel ofc. Salaam from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Your brother in Entrepreneurship !

  2. When at the start of the video you said this will help me see ideas everywhere I said to myself: Yeah, I heard that before. I was wrong. 🙂

  3. i like this video, its an wonderful way to find new business ideas, i am grateful to you for providing this knowledge, thanks a lot….

  4. Even if you arent looking at this through the eyes of an entrepreneur it is still very interesting and helpful

  5. I hate not knowing how to find business ideas.
    How do I find business ideas?
    This sucks…
    I don't like not knowing how to find business ideas.
    I need help finding business ideas.
    I can't find business ideas.
    I'm frustrated with not knowing how to find business ideas.
    I wish there was a video that explains "How to Find Business Ideas – The Ultimate Guide"
    Oh shit I'm watching it now. Thanks man!

  6. Hey this is a really good video, I love your animations.The sentence starting examples are great too! I always recommend carrying a pen and paper for my ideas 🙂

  7. I know! Find a house hold solution to climate change. There were these people who packaged mountain air and sold it. He has high demand in China, where there is a major air quality problem.

  8. Great message but it doesn't help as much as you think to write the ideas everyday. Everybody can find the problems in the world, the interesting thing and the most difficult part is realizing how to solve the problems they find. In fact, it's not that difficult if you are really into it.

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  10. Researching is the best business start. You need to know the demand and best location where you can access clients.

  11. Great video. Ideas are everywhere, but we just have to be open enough to see the opportunities. But the #1 for any idea, is execution! Easier said than done, hey!

  12. First video for which I was looking for add to favorites button but cannot find it lol.
    But seriously quality advice we'll see how it goes.

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  14. TIP: if you have a hobby and you wanted to form it into a business but it won't make you money or someone has already done it better like for example Technology, I love making it but it won't give me any money because Apple has beat everyone to it. Well develop a business that makes you a lot of money, then make a business about your hobby so you can use the money from the last business for the Electronic business.

    A simple Entrepreneur TIP from a 12 year old genius.

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