How To Find Your Niche- Top 20 Tips For Any Online Business/ Blog

Hey All! Bridget Bartlett here with vision
marketing in and today I am going to give you the top 20 ways that
you can find the perfect niche for your online business and if you stick around
to the end of the video I’m gonna tell you how you can get a free copy of my
new book find your niche so let’s jump into the presentation and let’s get
started okay so when you’re thinking about starting an online business or
blog it’s crucial that you take the time to define your niche niche marketing
involves focusing your business marketing efforts on a small
well-defined group of the population so that you can better serve them when you
can serve your target audience well you’ll enjoy success in your business so
let’s get started on the 20 ideas to find your niche so tip number one carry
a pen and notepad it seems common sense but taking note of everything that
happens to you in a day writing things down that you hear read about talk about
any issues that you have it puts things in the forefront of your mind so it
actually makes you think about what a potential client or customer would be
thinking about as well tip number two look at your interests take a look at
the hobbies that you like to participate in and the topics that interest you tip
number three look at your problems consider what problems you face daily
chances are you’re not the only one dealing with these same problems tip
number four watch TV the news is an excellent source for discovering obscure
niches TV shows and documentaries also offer great insight and two favorite
topics it’s also a great way to notice marketing efforts
tip number five check out Amazon browse the various categories of products they
sell each category has a potential niche that also has sub niches tip number six
follow Yahoo trending you can see what’s trending in the news for the day and it
can be a great place to find hot niches that are ready to be exploited tip
number seven look at stumble upon this site allows you to find websites you
like based on your interests you can either browse through the categories on
the site or stumble your way through to see what niches you can find tip number
eight Google Trends Google Trends provides you with an up-to-date
information on the topics people are searching for you can browse by category
or look at general searches tip number nine checkout Technorati Technorati comm
is a blog aggregator you can search for the top 100 blogs browse by category or
enter keywords tip number 10 eBay popular the eBay popular feature on the
site shows you what items are currently selling well you can look at them by
category or get a random list of items tip number 11 Google Suggest
simply go to and enter a keyword then look at the suggestions tip
number 12 longtail Pro this is an advanced keyword tool that can help you
find money-making keywords it will also find low competition and highly
profitable keywords in a niche tip number 13
uber suggests ubersuggest org provides you with an A to Z search result from
Google when you enter a base keyword which can become your own niche market
ideas tip number 14 list vers a site that features a top ten list of
different things which can provide you with a ton of potential niche ideas here
tip number 15 reddit reddit com has thousands of subreddits or niches that
you can browse through to get ideas for your niche business
tip number sixteen howstuffworks an excellent site for finding out about
subjects that you likely never considered if you find a topic on this
site then the chances are that there is a demand for it
tip number 17 watch late-night infomercials you can hear about products
and markets that you might not know exists plus if someone is spending a
sizable amount of money to create these infomercials you can be sure there’s a
good reason for it tip number 18 Yahoo Answers if someone
is asking a question on Yahoo Answers chances are they aren’t the only ones
looking for an answer tip number 19 udemy the online business
course site your dimmy com can be an excellent resource for finding a niche
look at which courses are selling and you have an in-demand niche tip number
20 Pinterest take time to browse through what people are pinning on Pinterest to
find out what topics and products people are interested in okay guys so that’s my
top 20 tips for finding the perfect niche if you’d like to get a free copy
of my new book find your niche you can go to niche dot Bridget Bartlett comm
you can also click the link in the description box to download your FREE
copy see you next time

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