How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website

Dr. Dr. gave me the news I got a aren’t you
glad this is a WordPress channel and not a channel about singing ability because I am
a lousy singer I do karaoke sometimes though I’m glad that you join me for this video because
I’m going to show you how to do some CPR on your WordPress website if your site is not
working right any and everything you’ve been on YouTube you been looking at all the different
videos you’ve been googling and you been doing everything he can to fix your WordPress websites
I’m been to show you how to give it like one of those things relate to the metal plate
city is it a shock a mushy headed to that your WordPress website right now so when I
had happened to me about maybe six months ago nothing was working right on my WordPress
website I couldn’t update themes right plug-ins were not the and it was a disaster and I couldn’t
figure out what the heck was wrong I did database optimizations and I was disabling plug-ins
to see what was causing the problem but nothing seemed to fix it in that I thought why don’t
I install a fresh copy of WordPress how do you do that though without losing all of your
data in all of your your posts in your uploads and all that and that’s what I’m been to show
you how this is how to do this video this is the video to show you how to replace everything
in your WordPress website but retain all of your posts all of your pages all of your media
all of your content and you know what when I did this damn it fixed all the problems
that I was having with my website a man what a miracle now sorry from his dialogue blisters
get into it the first thing you’re gonna want to do is go to and download
the latest version of WordPress so at the recording at the time of recording this is
version 4.2.2 case of just go there and go ahead and click on this download button right
here to download the WordPress installation zip and go on your computer and unzip its
not initially what it looks like unzipped okay so this is what your WordPress what you
downloaded in this is exactly what your WordPress installation is gonna look like now we need
to modify this a little bit to make this process easy for you so the first thing we want to
delete is this file here this is WP config sample.php only just go back to remind you
what were looking at is what you just downloaded from and then you unzip the
file and this is the contents of what you unzipped Rena modified is a little bit than
Morgan Ariz enumerator uploaded to your website so you can go ahead and delete this WP config
sample nonautomatic sorry I know most of you might be on a Windows machine EU should be
of limited to figure this out so okay someone go ahead and delete wp can for example now
your WordPress website where an overwrite is everything except your WP-config file that’s
got all the connection information for your WordPress website to the database so we don’t
want to overwrite that again the next thing we don’t want to overwrite is anything that
you find in the WP content folder that’s got all your stuff Dr. Dean it’s got your plug-ins
and it’s got all of your uploads also we don’t want overwrite that so go ahead and delete
WP contact okay so now I’ve gone ahead and deleted as well now let’s highlights and make
a new zip file of all the remaining files and folders that were in that we just unzipped
again this is a right here so for me I just need to right-click and choose the compress
17 items in its kinetic compress them all and make it into this file called archive
it doesn’t really matter what the follows: but you know what I am going to name it WordPress-wp
crafter is to make it so that you can download this file if you want you cannot download
it for my website tomato throw this on a post on the website you can download this if you
wanted to save a little bit of time and skip this skip step you can do it yourself just
downloaded for me okay so now I’ve got this file now I need to upload it to my website
now and go back to the web browser so you most likely have a in web hosting that has
something called cPanel it’s it’s the main control panel for your web hosting account
in controlling your email and all that just about everyone’s gonna have cPanel and just
going to log into your cPanel and scroll down to where it says file manager when you click
on file managers can open in a new tab and this is what receives a file manager for all
the files on your web host on your website K so already you can see some of these folders
look familiar WP admin WP includes remember we see right here WP admin WP includes and
then a bunch of other files so what we are to do is working now upload that zip file
that we just created to the hosting account okay and what you want to do such as click
upload and this can open up a new tab and I am just going to drag and drop it right
there Andy uploads can start immediately now the upload shouldn’t take that long because
the ER itself is not that big RA sells about little over five makes it is already complete
song to close this and then I wanted to a reload right here now you see the file I just
uploaded now will redo in this is those scary part were you
unzipped this and was in it uses can overwrite your WP admin it’s been overwrite your WP
includes and all of the files but it’s not can overwrite anything that is important K
meaning actually that’s a bad choice of words is not an overwrite anything that’s in a mess
anything up okay so all you have to do to unzip it is go ahead and click on this extract
dear and then click extract files and it’s good to just take a moment and it’s unzipped
everything now click on close now if you did this on a Mac when you’re on a Mac it always
includes this little folder here you can’t see it on a Mac but when you take as the file
you created on a Mac and you put on a PC or something else you see it so I’m just going
to go ahead and delete this but if you’re doing this on a Windows machine you’re not
can see it and it does no harm okay and then you can go ahead and now remove this as well
the zip files on the go ahead and delete that all right and as you can see I’m going to
go ahead and go to this website gets a client of mine let’s make sure it so works and here
I am out their website still works fine this is just basically landing page test looking
not type of website but it all worked out fine so anyways a lot of what this process
is doing is what can happen over time as your file permissions on the new happen in your
file permissions on the files in your that make up your WordPress website the depressions
can get messed up or something to get corrupted and when you’re doing this process your replacing
all of those files with one thing and that you know are correct or not there they’re
not corrupted their not having file permission issues and I tell you when I did this on my
website all my problems that I was having went away and this is really like CPR to your
WordPress website so I wish someone to make this for all my viewers that have been asking
for specific help with solving issues this is something that you can do that will really
get to the nitty-gritty and fix things for you so I was if you like this video go ahead
and click on the thumbs up if you’re watching this on YouTube if you have any questions
about it you can ask me on YouTube or head over to my blog and all have a post every
can ask a question sometimes I can get to those little faster head over to my website
built in sign-up I’ve got 30 videos that are for beginner and intermediate of people and
learning WordPress and it’s really going to make this process of learning WordPress instead
of having a steep learning curve like this is good to be like that so go ahead and said
I had over to the website and check that out later watching this video I really appreciate
you my audience and I look forward to seeing you in the
a moment to click on the comes up share this video with your friends also subscribe to
our two channels at the moment software website, the question with our newsletter thanks again
for watching this video and make sure he is on the social networks

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72 thoughts on “How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website

  1. 8:25 realy? I thought, if you upload the wp-files and override the existing files, the file and directory permison isn´t changeing.
    So, if you have permission troubles, this wouldn´t help a bit I think.
    It would be helpful, if you could talk about permission settings of all the WP-directories and files (with FileZilla on a Windows PC.)

  2. Hi and thank you so much for your videos. I'm a great fan of yours, they are easy to understand and straight to the point. In this, I did have the same problems as described in your video and I followed it to the letter, however I'm getting this message, when I try to update the plugins: Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable. Could you please guide me in this, Thank you so much. Nick

  3. Hello hope you are well, I had a problem on my site, I saw your video on YouTube How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website I made the moves for showing video and still there is a problem with the website I was talking with the host and they tell me that hacking the hacker site you advice on what I can do Thanks in advance Daniel

  4. Hi could it resolve this issue, my content just disappeared randomly out of the blue the other day but the header and menu is showing. I can see the content when I'm in my admin panel when I turn on the themify builder. I tried deactivating all the plugins and it didn't make a difference. Then I tried changing to a basic theme, that also didn't sort the problem out in fact it made it worse, all my customization for my previous theme has gone and my email sign up form is no longer connected.

    I'm using Themify Ultra Theme Basic, my site is I'm quite newbie so I need really basic step by step instructions.



  5. You've been a great help – thank you. I note that a lot of people commenting didn't get their website to work. I am in the same boat. I do, however backup my WP site – any way of using this to reinstall my site? I tried placing mautic on a subdomain bbut my site wouldn't come up. I deleted mautic, but get the "index" of my site. It's there – I see it in my hosting account. So – could I upload a saved copy, and if so, how?

  6. Hi.. thanks for that video I followed each step and got it done…my issue was, and still is now after following your video, the ADD MEDIA button/icon does not open, I cannot add content to my posts and pages..what else could be the issue?

  7. hey man, I got a a question. I'm having a hard time doing my website. I got a them and everything (theme plugins) installed, but Everytime I upload a bankground image it doesn't show up 🙁 It shows up for a bit, about a second and then went blank 🙁 I followed your instruction on how to overwrite everything except for the config and the other folder. do I need to just reinstall everything? i only got a few uploads anyway. I just want to make sure it will restart smoothly.

  8. Thank god for your videos! This fixed a big problem on my site when it was updated to wordpress 4.7 version. I'm so thankful for all of your videos!

  9. hey man , i need help with this page am trying to make . what happen is that i start building it in wordpress everything is going well but as soon as i add certain plugins like buddypress for exemple i get a fatal error and my dashboard dissapear i dont know what to do so i create a new one and as soon as i add certain plugins same things happen again please can you help ps: when am adding plugins its like a russian roullete game

  10. Let me start by saying your CPR for you website is one of the best video that I have watch. I am using WordPress 4.7.2, I was playing around with themes and something happened. But now I have lost the admin editing bar across the top of the page when viewing in admin mode, and when I make a change or add an item to a page it won't up-date when I hit publish would your CPR fix work to correct this problem. (

  11. thanks sssooooo much brother you are a life saver my permalink were giving me the shit all the time you are the only one and one only fixed it hats off to you sir keep up the good work thanks again.

  12. my WordPress site says under construction, I tried deleting index.html (didn't help) and various other stuff. please help

  13. I can't wait to try this and tell everyone how it goes. Is the download file you made on your blog? Im so glad I found your video I'm having problems with high file usage which is weird because my website has only 10 blog post I'm pretty sure 5 pages is all. I started seeing this problem after doing a backup of files.I was having problemss with high cpu and memory after cleaning my database with plugins garbabge collector I stopped having this problem. I still sometimes get server overloads I do have a woocomerce store it's still not set up to correctly I have 25 products and a cron job.

  14. im on a regular pc how do you compress the folders? is it the same thing by copying and pasting the files?

  15. No my host hasn't informed me that my file usage was to high. However I always log into cpanel to go to my admin dashboard. I saw that it was in the orange area. If file usage gets to high will my blog no longer be able to save the data it needs? I didn't realize a plugin could do this. My website is small maybe 10 post 5 pages less than 10,000 visitors. I only have the one website. I was before having problems with high memory and CPU this was fixed after I used the plugin plugins garbage collector I had 60 tables it went down to 37. Is there any concerns I should have if the file usage is in the orange area?

  16. i figured out why the file usage was orange i went to disk space and i had a ton of stuff in the trash when i emptied this out it went from orange to green.

    here is disk usage data from my cpanel report below.

    Please requesting video on what these other files mean in file manager and video on how to determine how to figure out what's taking up space in disk usage please wp crafter

    Contained Disk Usage









    Owned by “root”.












  17. Hello – I read your articles on how to update the WordPress logo on the login screen and the admin panel. I went to the function.php and added the lines of code you instructed. After this, I referenced the image that was in my "media" folder within the the site for both section. The one on the admin log in worked. However the .php function for the admin panel did not work when I replaced the syntax that went before the path to the image. I just made put the absolute reference URL to the image I put in a CDN in the url quote. I tested the link putting in my browser URL entry and it did work so I knew I had the right link. This did not seem to locate my 16X16 logo for the admin panel. I went into my wp-content folder and created a folder that the .php link seemed to be looking for. I did not see the actual theme folder in FileZilla under the themes directory. It was really late at night, so I created the "Extra" theme folder and an "img" folder within there. I uploaded the image within there. No luck when I tried to reference that image within the function.php file.

    I get the 500 Internal Server error issue and I followed the right procedure within this video. I'm stuck. Would you PLEASE HELP! This is for my work and I'm in a state of panic. I don't know what further I can do or troubleshoot. There are no logs for me to figure out what got corrupted or changed. Please help.

  18. sir my wordpress dashboard is working (very well) but when i go to website or try to preview any page then its not working.
    sir can you tell me How to i Fix this WordPress Issues?

  19. Hey Adam your the best man! My admin bar on my home page was not showing on the front end and it was driving my nuts. I tried EVERYTHING in google and youtube and nothing helped but THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this little bit of WP magic, Ill be sure to get my hosting and elementor copies using your links when I finally dive in so I can do my part to help give back. Thanks a bunch bro!!

  20. I went through the steps and my problem still persists. My site looks like it has basic html structure but with no css. Can anyone help?

  21. Hi Adam, will this CPR method fix the "Warning, Fatal Error:No such file or directory in /home2/domain/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 308" which will not allow me to access my site?

  22. someone has plagirised my whole website including its look , feel and content . Can you please help me to resolve this issue ?

  23. First, let me thank you for all the great information you provide to all us novice website builders who have no clue what we are doing and small budgets (me at least)! The new woocommerce update (from my research) has my theme (Mystile Child Theme) shop thumbnails below the main product as the same size and one below the other instead of the way they were (should be) below the main product image, thumbnail size, and Horizontal. Do you know how I can fix this in the Mystile Child theme? If my research is correct, it is because they (Mystile Child Theme) have not updated it to work with the woocommerce update? It is Cyber Monday and if anyone happens to land on my page they most likely will click off and move on :(….Thank you, in advance, for any advice /help with this as I have spent days trying to research and fix it. This link helped someone with the same issue but I do not know where to place the code from the information into the Mystile child theme? I placed it in style.css and custom css in several areas but it did not work for me. Thank you in advance!

  24. hi budy my elementor dont work . I don't know what to do I install the elementor 4 time from different locations but the same issue . that while I want add a new section with the button it show th select structure message but there are no structures showing . but when I click the aria it add a row with columns the I can to drug and drop the left side element ti the row please answer me . thanks in advance .

  25. Hi there!
    Can you please help me to solve the following wordpress php(footer) fatal error? –
    “Unable to communicate back with site to check with fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP”.

  26. HI, my friend I am thankful for all your videos is an awesome help, but I have a problem with a website I created I am not an expert on pc but I did the site that is over an year already, but now the WordPress don't let me in, I am using FatCaw for host and this is what come in when I try the WordPress : W3 Total Cache Error: some files appear to be missing or out of place. Please re-install plugin or remove /hermes/walnaweb02a/b1737/moo.expresswingsstore/ Just look at that and I don't even have this plug in instilled and when I try to instill it says this :Upload problem: json_syntax. but I cant fix it can Upload problem anyone give me a direction please! thank you !

  27. Hi Sir,
    I am getting 502 bad gateway error and I also tried to make some troubleshooting, please tell me how to fix it.

  28. hi, i have two domains and first time ininstalled wordpress in both than i delelted them. then i tried to install again from hosting it gives me error cannot extract package in red. please how to install wordpress

  29. Hello, I am having a very confusing experience with wordpress, Ive used it before to build websites from scratch but now Im trying to help a friend fix theirs that they let someone else work on and things are showing up on the front end that have all these typos that need corrected yet they are not showing up in the editor backend. All the pages have some things built in regular blocks but other things built in the visual composer and there are things missing from both that are still showing up on the front end. There are buttons that are showing on the front end that are missing from the backend, images, text blocks and Im confused how they can be still seen on the published side without a way to edit or delete them in the editor…. When I try to use the front end editor, where your supposed to be able to still see the published page, the blocks and chunks disappear. Can you please help? My friend is really stressed out and Ive never had to try and correct someone else's work before where they screwed it up so bad for someone else… Thank you!

  30. Hello I need an urgent respond. I created website with elementor that is perfect on my mac. But now I look at this page on an olh HP PC and all the elements are mixed al photos are not in the line, font is changed. How can I fix this problem. On the other side I will have to do all without elementor. Please help me. Other computers change the site. Pleaseee help.

  31. When i try to login wp-admin then show wordpress show 'error 404' (url:domain. Com/wp-content/deleteme) what should i do?

  32. I have errors on Elementor i can open file elementor all the time gives me error the says The preview could not be loaded any one know how to fix that ?????!????????

  33. Hmmmm i dont get it this is such a great channel why so little views…people are crazy if they dont watch this………

    Also was wondering i found the chanel recently so i did not get to watch all the videos for now so i was wondering is there a video on how to change the domain name?

  34. Dear WP crafter, let me tell you that i changed my hosting to Inmotion using your promo code! You wont believe what experience i am going thru now, the website is dead coz they did some mistakes during transfer. And obviously they have claimed that my “reputed Ecommerce site” was malicious and hacked thats why this is happening! I really followed your most of the vdos like a child to learn. I would appreciate if you take your personal interest and guide me in solving this issue! I assure you, i will advertise fir you in return.

  35. The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.
    WordPress site error massage

  36. I installed SSL but after that when i try to login its saying Your connection is not private and page is completely blank, no login option is coming up, then i saw your this video, however I am on the same page, Nothing worked, WHY??????

  37. Thank you, i`m just getting into web building and it`s good fun, but there`s always problems to learn and fix when building them

  38. I had my current host move three wordpress blogs from a previous host and now i can only log into one wordpress site, the other two login pages don't display correctly, the login is in the top left of the screen and when I click login, i can't login and files are downloading on the bottom of my browser. current host says that it's not their problem and to contact a wordpress developer. My question is, will the steps in this video help?

  39. I'm having problems with my ads on adwords and they showed me that my site is not crawelable since it has Errors 304, 302 and 204. They told me to contact my web developer and fix it, however, I have to fix on my own since I need it done now and can't wait to find a developer to fix this. Do you think this will fix my problem?

  40. hi. first of all I wanted to thanks you for this because it helped me a lot. but my main problem is with the slider revolution plugin in which when I'm building a slider and trying to resize text content on the image it goes on top of the page and my scroll wont work. i'd be really grateful if you could help me with this

  41. Do you have any solution for this-

    Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.

    Please help me to solve this problem, I will really Thankful to you.

  42. Hi, I'm on Godaddy filezilla, everytime I tried to transfer the file it gives me an error permission denied. I also cannot find the public_html. I only see html. What am I doing wrong? I'm new to this. Please help. Thanks

  43. Does this work for broken image links from Thrive Themes? Default image posts can be fixed by a permalinks reset. But Thrive Themes is a real bugger. This all happened when I transferred to another webhost.

  44. Hi … I am not being able to see any image in the media folder … It's continuously loading but only one broken image is coming… Please help what should I do ?

  45. Why should am getting this error how can I fix this one plz help me even I didn't open my WordPress panel

    Warning: require_once(/home/ige/public_html/wp-content/plugins/amp/includes/widgets/class-amp-widget-media-video.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ige/public_html/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/accelerated-moblie-pages.php on line 590

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/ige/public_html/wp-content/plugins/amp/includes/widgets/class-amp-widget-media-video.php' (include_path='.:/opt/php54/lib/php') in /home/ige/public_html/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/accelerated-moblie-pages.php on line 590

  46. how to fixed connection lost. saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. we’re backing up this post in your browser just in case????? Plz sir make this problem solve step by step on WordPress

  47. I have no clue if this is a good place to ask, but I have my website on an Apache server that I have let's encrypt on and things were running great until I just switched from spectrum cable internet to greenlight for fiber internet. I've updated the new ip's everywhere I can think of and everything seems to be port forwarded correctly , but I can't figure out why my site is only live over my own network but not the internet. Anyone feel like helping out this newbie? Thanks for considering.

  48. So interesting and preparatory for uncertainties! Though I hadn't experienced this nightmare may be because I leverage testing stuff out on a staging site! However, if this happens, will this remedy apply to the latest WordPress 5….?

  49. Great Video and I did follow and this part of it works fine but i am Still getting an error message "An error occurred while updating Caldera Forms: Download failed. Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable."  So guessing my trouble is in the content folder, any suggestions?  It's not just Caldera Forms I get the message for all plugins as well as WordPress Update.

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