How to Generate Leads for Your Small Business

– Hi, my name’s Mike. I want to tell you a story about how far lead generation has come. In olden times, lead
generation was pretty crummy. – Step right up, don’t be shy, register to spin the wheel. Win this brand new kitchen scale. – Where do I sign up? – Here you go, sonny. Fill out this form for your chance to win. Well I’ll be hog-wallered,
I got one on the hook. Give the wheel a spin. Better luck next time, kiddo, next. (upbeat ragtime music) (upbeat ragtime music) (upbeat ragtime music) (upbeat ragtime music) (upbeat ragtime music) – As our barker has discovered, a lot has changed since the early days. Fortunately for everyone,
lead generation has improved. With the right software, you can create better
lead generation strategies that include getting relevant
content to the right people. Now, small businesses
can compete with anyone by creating and sharing relevant content. – Check out this article on some ways a kitchen scale can improve your cooking. – Ooo. This is awesome, deals, sign me up. – I know, right? – Oh sweet, I just got 20%
off just for signing up. I’m definitely getting this. – You should read their
article on the pizza pocket, life altering. – Wait, you have to show me. – A well crafted lead generation strategy always includes lots of
relevant content options, the kind of content that speaks
directly to your audience, turns visitors into leads,
and grows your business. We’ve compiled a guide
full of proven tactics and best practices, that
have helped countless small businesses turn their
lead generation strategy into a lead generation
machine for years to come. Get the guide to get goin’. I’m gonna get grubbin’. Mm, wow.

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