How to get an Associated Website verified on your Youtube Channel

155 – How to get an Associated Website verified
on your Youtube Channel
— I’m in my Youtube Annotations editing section.
I wish to be able to put my Associated Website link in here & it has to be on this drop down
box so that can be clicked & your URL can go in there. I already have this URL established
as an Associated Website here so I’ll cross now to another channel where it isn’t established
so that I can show you how I did it. Click the Icon at the top & go 2 Youtube settings.
Click View additional features. Click Enable monetization. I have that enabled. Click Advanced.
Whether you have this checked to allow or do not allow, is not important at this stage.
This is the area that I’m interested in & it is here that you type the website you’d
like to have associated with your channel * then click Add. I’ve entered my Website
URL here. I’ll now click Add. If you own the site, click verify that you own it. You
are brought to webmaster Central & you have these various verification methods. I prefer
the Add Meta Tag to your website’s home page. I’ll click that. I’m given the code
to copy & it goes into the Head section before the 1st body section & I’ll go now to my
CPanel on my website hosting. I’ll take this code to my CPanel where ny website is
hosted. I’m at my CPanel dashboard. Click on File Manager. That’s the site I wish
to go to. Press go. Scroll down to find Index.html & highlight that. Click edit, edit again.
I’m at my Html editing page & I find Head & body & I put it between these 2. I see there’s
other Meta tags here. I will post my code in here. I’ll save changes – success & return
to Webmaster Central to verify. Click Verify at the bottom oof the page – Great job.
My URL is now verified. I’ll return now to Youtube. I’m back at my Youtube channel
site in Advanced section & I see my Associated Website is still pending. I’ll go to Features
& in this External Annotations section, I see it’s not green yet. I’ll learn more
– click on Associated website annotations & in this section here it tells me how to
enable an associated website by clicking on Video Manager. Click the down arrow next to
the Edit Button. Click annotations & if this is the 1st time you’re using External Annotations
you’ll see this blue banner enabling your Account & I once you’ve accepted the Terms
& conditions, click Add Annotations button. Click the Link box & this drop down box shows
your Associated Website is now available to us & you put your URL in this box here. I’ll
scroll right down to the bottom where they have some FAQ’s. My Associated Website appears
as pending what can I do? & it says this might take some time – so we did strike a wee
hitch there & I hope you’re more successful but that’s the way it’s done. I hope it’s
been useful to you to that extent.

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17 thoughts on “How to get an Associated Website verified on your Youtube Channel

  1. thank you for you Video, Is very helpful. I only have one question, on my Cpanel I only have the page Index.php i don't have the .html what I should do ? what method do you recommend to associate my verified website with my YT channel ?  Thank you for your help. 

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the explanation. I get stuck at a certain point. I have two youtube accounts which I both wanted to link to two seperate external websites. I monetized the video's and the the accounts are both in good standing. I am the owners of both external websites and verified them succesfull by uploading an html document. So far so good it seemed. But in my advanced settings on youtube, the adding of the additional websited are both still pending (for one of the accounts is already pending for more than a month!). This results in the message 'not a valid url' when I try to make an annotation with an associated website.

    I e-mailed youtube, but unfortunataly got no reply. I don't know where to go with my question, so decided to post it here. I hope someone can help me out.

  3. I do not have the "associated website" section in my advanced dashboard. My channel is in good standing and I am trying to create a custom URL via linked corporate website.

  4. Could you please help me with Annotations with Associated Website. The External Annotation is green and Associated website is verified unfortunately the "Link" still say "Please enter a valid URL".

  5. Thank You, This Is the Most straightforward You tube tutorial i have ever seen and you made it so easy for me
    And I Hope your book will give me same experience…
    Thanks Again.

  6. Thank u so much sir! im from indonesia and u teach me so good with this video, i hope u can open my channel too 🙂

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