How to get small business loans from banks, private lenders and microloan lenders

hi everyone how are you this he is going
to be about a small businesses in getting a small
business loan %uh just to start I I don’t really recommend
getting a loan for your business I’ll it only really works for rare
occasions but people ask about I on my business plan aP’s ami various
mobile app switch to now there’s about like two hundred
thousand dollars which is kinda exciting but keep so there’s many people and many
people there ask about raising money in specifically
how to get business loans so let me just to the explain how to do
that but everything that I in most cases I would if I was to the judge I will kinda steer the person against getting a
loan but you guys are adults I it’s your business
I can only suggest here’s the information okay so most
people think that when they’re going to get a loan it’s going to be fun day but thats and when they’re starting
business that’s not going to be the case because
banks only loan money to a businesses which have already started
and mean and business for about maybe two years and have a month the regular revenue
stream over some numbers some number of thousands
depends on the banks a different banks I have different
threshold but basically you have to be an established serious business you have
to have revenues a because banks are very they’re not risk tolerance right so if
you not started if you’re early thats risk for them if you default
that’s not good for them so down so the accidents are actually
like you’re not gonna though it is going to
deal with the time if you’re starting if you’re already started any if you
have a business bass are a viable option but if you already have that option
there’s a tremendous number other taxes lenders who on are also an
option for you because you just gotten to a point where the risks to
loan money to you has become kind of less I’m so you have
a lot of things so some other options %ah obviously depend on how much money the
race you millions it’s very difficult you small
amounts it’s actually pretty easy so from it’s a rare cases business really
long millions of dollars and usually those guys would not be
watching this video that they already know what they’re doing so for most
companies which are just starting and which I kinda if you wonder you know as I get just maybe a long 10,000 20,000
50,000 just to get equipment were get product developer
something I just to get started or you know paper sometimes something and different businesses have different
things deferred expenses so whatever you need on there are a various loan options available to you own like micro loans so some might rule on the matter word
likey but you buy that or prosper dot com on and one that I like is that when the O the reason I like men Deo is because you
can’t give them information about you and a match you with a lender so they
gonna do the really hard work for you on russ was another good one because a it’s kind of a crowd funded funded lending experience not going in into the
details its its innovative on its kinda an exciting thing that’s happening it’s
an innovative way basically people like me maybe you and I a can loan little bit money to somebody else so it’s a way for
us to make a little money but it’s a way for that person to raise
a lot of money by taking a little from everyone on so it’s got kinda like you need to that
sort of thing it’s a little complicated mile um by it works I have never actually I
think their trash folders a little bit I so I’ve never actually seen anybody from
my house raise money a your money from there but people from my apt they actually
have gotten down alone from India is that lend you I’ll the actually it seems like they do the
hard work for you on which is to get find you the person
who long you the money on so I like those guys because they think at seeing
results I see people have a result and I’ll have all the links in the
description of the video the footnotes so you can take a look at all
those for yourself on and then there’s this whole concept love so when your sis starting a they really you know you might have
registered the business but there really is in the business it a
so what many people do is actually be taken
personal loan and just the flight that loan their
business right so its kinda the same thing almost but technically it’s a personal and also
it’s way more risky for for for you because you have to pay back pay that back like
if your business is doesn’t make it if it fails %uh you
personally are on the hook for that loan whereas it was a real business loan to
your business %uh then if the business sale then you
will never be alone a but it’s just that much harder for you to get business loans for
business which is not started yet so those are the kind of things to
consider right whether he wants to I’ll get a business loan I mean that’s
that the thing itself I mean there’s risk in in there then the
kinder lenders a you know the base the don’t tolerate
risk and you know things like when the oh and
prosper in cuba a the do with smaller amounts and the they can take it that they can they
can’t figure out how to pay how you can you can get along for smaller business which hasn’t started they don’t
like that either they like businesses which have started but by their little bit more accepting I
mean like the there is a way to get money from
them if you’ve got started on and then
there’s the whole concept of a whether the business loans actually
gonna be a true business loan or just your personal loan that you can
apply them to your business up so those are things that are covered
in this book media so far I’ll be making more similar videos about
different types of ways to raise money to start a company to market your
business %uh if you’d like issue like this you
can press like or subscribe to subscribe you get updates when I upload new videos
and and turned like a video week I just gonna sit down UCO casual on on your teacher just a low production but hopefully the
stuff I on look production sort of a effort but
like I hope this stuff that I’m saying make sense so although that was helpful um and you know also before I forget you
guys can maybe try my abs you can use it up let me know that come
to take a look at all the app’s their US Android in the world look and there they cover all and the
business topics and also I have a blog on Lone Star dot com which also haven’t notes %uh so months resources I’ll anyway I thought you guys in the next
video by

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43 thoughts on “How to get small business loans from banks, private lenders and microloan lenders

  1. Thanks fo the insight.  Getting loans for business can be difficult when you do not understand what the banks are looking for

  2. Thank you for watching! If you have questions or comments about any part of the video, please comment and ask right in the YouTube comments. I see all the comments, and promise to get back to absolutely everyone!

  3. I hate loans..Seems like too much obligation.Rather go the "free", less obligation and trouble route..Pardon my thinking.Glad you were honest in this video.

  4. This is an old one but a good one! How to get business loans (at least YouTube likes it)  #loan #loans #businessloan

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  6. so, If I need a small loan (say about $250-$300) Just to get by for the month on some expenses.. How would you go about that?

  7. hey i want to start a paintball field and i was wondering if i should get a loan for my business that i have not started please help

  8. sir :
    i have few questions maybe you can help me with
    i m trying to start an industrial business , to make liquid oxygen  what  are the things i would expect and  have to have   before having  everything set up  , i m trying build my own machine and buy some others  so i diffidently need money to do that 
    i appreciate  any information or guidance you would help me out with

  9. Hello, I want to get a loan of about 20k-30k to open up a small business. Can you suggest me any good loaners? Maybe ones that don't have much APR. Thank you.

  10. why do you smack your lips a lot? ok so now that is out of the way, I'm I able to get a loan with a 658 credit score?

  11. enjoyed watching your video. I liked your explanation of how banks work with consumers and businesses. anyone is free to check out my youtube channel and webpage. #hardinquiries #inquiryremoval

  12. what's your opinion on these guys advertising loans in the comments, ( Jimmydavis ) (williamsfunding) and others plus those you mentioned .. i have a small trucking business,thinking about a business loan, can't get bank loan just yet (600-650 credit score depending who's looking @ it ) don't need much $5-$10k just to tighten up loose ends. Haven't tried business loan at bank yet.

  13. What do you suggest I do if I need a 500,000 – 600,000 business loan to start up a fleet of 3 semi trucks and all expenses? I'm looking to pay back the loan roughly 100,000 a year for 7 – 8 years paying back about 200,000 dollars interest. I have a portfolio I'm working on and I would be making about 700,000 gross, 400,000 of that goes to spendages, 300,000 profit per year in which 100,000 I put back into the company and 100,000 I pay back the loan every year.

  14. I have 75,000 followers and sold 200,000 items this year and have done it all on my own with no backing,,, Now I have found over 100 more clients wanting my product in bulk. Now I am Looking for a loan.. I have put into the company 100k next year the out look is 12 million to 30 million if i spend thousands promoting my product. the demand maybe 500,000 people in the United State.. I don't think a bank will give me a loan.. I have one investor offering 150k but , I just don't like the guy much so why make him a partner.. were can I get a loan/Backer for one season.. 30% on there money .. any advice ? this was my second year in business and shows profit,, Going for everything now till next season..

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  17. If that can help anyone, I got a small business loan from Fortunately I had good credit so I got a line of credit at low rate but I know they also offer other financing options for less than perfect credit score for both US and CAN. Good luck to all and expand your businesses !

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  22. looking to make a large purchase, can anyone spot me? need $1600 to obtain some sewing equipment, will pay back in intervals of $66 a month for 24 months (possibly a little more as the months go by and income is generated from the projects). HELP!!!!! >.< i don't wanna use a loan website! I want a real human!

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