How to Get TRAFFIC to Your Website and Online Business!

– Hey, what is up guys? In this video, I’m gonna teach you how to get traffic to
your online business. So no matter what kind
of business you run, whether it’s in affiliate marketing, whether you own your own products and you do Amazon F.B.A., whether you do dropshipping with Shopify, whatever online business you have, you need to get traffic. Because if you’re not getting traffic, you’re not getting eyeballs, if you’re not getting eyeballs, you’re not getting clicks. If you’re not getting any clicks, you’re not getting any sales, and at the end of the
day, the bottom line, the only thing that matters
in online business is sales. So, with that said, let’s
jump into this video, I think you guys will enjoy it. Peace. (electronic whoosh) Hey, what is up guys? ODi Productions here. If you’re brand new to the channel, allow me to introduce
myself, my name is Odi. I go by ODi Productions,
and on this channel, I create entrepreneurship content videos, basically, trying to help people to
start their online business, in order to earn passive income online, through affiliate marketing. So, real quick, today, what
we’re talking about is traffic. All about traffic. And this is the number two question that I get asked every single day, aside from, “What is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing?” And I actually shared
that in my last video. So if you missed that last upload, definitely check it out. I teach the best way to
get started for free, and the video before that, I teach three ways on how to
get started on any budget. So whether for free, for
$100, or up to $1000. I teach you the best way
to invest your money, to get started with affiliate
marketing on the right foot. So, today’s video is
a little more general, because, I’m teaching
you how to get traffic, and this can apply to any online business. So whether that be affiliate marketing, or getting traffic for
your dropshipping business with Shopify, or even Amazon F.B.A, traffic, at the end of the day, is what any business needs
in order to get clicks, and, ultimately, conversions and sales. And if your business isn’t getting sales, then you don’t really
have a business, do you? So, it’s an extremely important skill to know how to generate
massive amounts of traffic, and I know many ways how
you can generate traffic. But I’m gonna break it down today simply, so you guys can understand it
in a more simplified manner. Because I know a lot you
guys are Day One beginners, and you guys have never, ever, you know, really ran an online business before, and you don’t really know that different techniques
that are involved. So, I’m gonna lay it out for you guys, and show you guys all the different ways that you can get traffic, both free and paid. So, that’s the subject of this video. Real quick. Now, I’m gonna put the
time stamp right here, to skip to, you know, the
actual topic of the video, but I’m gonna include a little
bit of a vlog right now, just so you guys can get a
little bit day in the life. All right guys. So, I’m about to head out
to the gym real quick. I’ll let you ride along with me. Then I’m gonna grab some lunch, come back here, and then share all those tips on how to generate massive
amounts of traffic. Say hi, Taco! Hi! Say hi to the subscribers! Hi Taco! (laughs) Wow. All right guys! Gotta
get the key real quick. Oops!
(electronic whoosh) Oh, would you look at that? (car engine starts) (engine revving) All right! What is up, lovely people? I am on my way to the gym. Just doing a quick drive over there. It’s pretty sunny day out. Got the shades on. Anyways, I’m on my way to the gym, and, you know, one quick
thing I wanna say is, for me, it’s really
important to, you know, make sure that your physical, you know, fitness is at a peak level, because in order to succeed in business, my philosophy is that
you have to be there, not just mentally, but also
physically and emotionally. I feel like you should have, you know, all stages, or bases, of your life, kind of, covered, if you want to, you know, see the most success, if you want to perform at a high level. All right, just got back to the gym. (electronic whoosh) All right, what is up guys? Just got out of the gym. Had a pretty good session. Ate some lunch, afterwards. Now, I’m heading back home, so that I can finish
the rest of this video, so we can, you know, talk about traffic. I can explain to you guys, you know, break it down for you guys, the different sources of traffic that you guys can use
for your online business. And I’m also gonna go home and play a little Call
of Duty with my boy. (electronic whoosh) All right guys, we’re gonna be talking about traffic now, and I’m basically gonna break
things down for you guys, and simplify it for all the beginners who are brand new to online business. And, so this video is more of a a primer, and serve an introduction to explain the different
types of traffic out there, and just basically break
it down for you guys, so you guys can figure out
what kind of traffic method that you want to pursue, based on, you know, your
interests, your desires, your skills, and on your budget. So, basically, I’m gonna break down
traffic into two main types. Now, there’s a million
ways to get traffic, but there’s only two main
types, in my opinion. So, the first type, right here, is what I like to call, organic, and this is also
known as free traffic. So, basically, for
organic or free traffic, this is your promotion
through social media. You can use Instagram. You know, you can use
blogs, you can use forums. But, the main type of organic
traffic that I prefer to use, is called SEO, which is
Search Engine Optimization. So, for those of you who
are not familiar with SEO, this is basically, if you were to search
something up on Google, or you know, on YouTube, and a article or a video pops up, that right there is Search
Engine Optimization. So, basically, if you’re ranking highly
in the search results, so, you know, in the first page of Google, then that is massive
amounts of organic traffic, depending on your keyword. So, in terms of organic
traffic, SEO is the best. It’s the most ideal, because first of all, if someone is looking for
your specific search term, or your keyword, and you pop up there, then that right there means
that they have intent, and you’re meeting them when
they have that intent to, you know, make a purchase,
to research something, and you’re meeting right
when they have the intent, right when it’s at its highest. So, it’s very important
for organic traffic to focus on SEO, or Search
Engine Optimization, and focus on ranking. So, I’m just gonna write down here, SEO. If this is brand new to you,
you wanna look into this. SEO is something that
I do have expertise in. Ranking is one of my skills that I’ve used in many
of my online businesses. So if you can rank for
some high search terms, then it can be very profitable for your business and your brand, simply because if everyone’s
looking for something, and you’re popping up
again and again on Google, then that’s gonna result into clicks, and ultimately, sales for you. So, basically, SEO. The other forms is just social media. So, this is just social. This is using the
platforms, such as Facebook, such as, you know, Facebook Groups, using Instagram, using YouTube, using social media in order
to promote your business, your links, or whatever. So, this to me, is, it depends, the quality of the traffic
that you get from social, really depends on the platform. Honestly, I’d say something like Twitter would not get you very qual– high quality traffic. In fact, traffic from
Twitter, in my experience, is usually very low quality, which means low conversions,
and no sales, basically. So, you know, this isn’t
a hard or fast rule, but basically, something like
YouTube, on the other hands, is very high converting, because video, which you
guys are watching right now, video is a very high
conversion form of media. So, basically, you got
social, you got SEO, this is organic traffic. It’s free. You know, the plus sides
or that, it’s free, so you’re not risking anything. The downsides to organic
traffic, or free traffic, is, we see it done poorly so many times. You see the people who are
spamming YouTube comments, who are spamming Facebook Groups, and who are trying to get their business, business, or their
affiliate links out there. But this is not the way
to go about it, guys. There’s a right way,
and there’s wrong way, and this is the wrong way. When you’re just spamming your links up, don’t expect any sales anytime soon. So, basically, that’s
the first type, organic. Now, to move on to the
second type, right here. The second type is what I
like to call pay traffic, or paid advertising. So, paid ads. So this would be something
like, Facebook Ads. This could be Google Adwords. So that’s putting ads on
Google’s search results, or on YouTube. So you got Facebook Ads, Adwords, and then you got Instagram Ads, which just tied in with Facebook, because, in order to run the Instagram Ad, you do it through Facebook’s interface, and Facebook owns Instagram. And then you have other
types like Pinterest. Another type of paid advertising
that I wanna touch upon, is, basically, sponsored content. So, this is what some people
refer to as influencer. Influencer posts, sponsored posts. Basically, the way this
works for most people is you hop on Instagram. You find a page with, you know, 100,000, 10,000, 100,000,
maybe even a million followers, and you pay them to
post about your product, or you business, or your photo, for about an hour or so. And, you know, this can range. Some people charge $20, $40. I’ve heard up to $150 for,
you know, a single post. I’m sure it gets way higher, depending on how long
the post is gonna be up. Depending if the post is, like, actually a real post from that account. Like, it’s gonna be there forever. So, these are the different
types of paid advertising. The two that I love to use
and that I use the most, and I’ve spend over $100,000 myself, is through Facebook Ads and Adwords. So, basically, those two, you’re using Google, or
you’re using Facebook. And, with Facebook, it’s nice, because you can target so deeply, because Facebook’s data is just so big. They get everything. All the demographics about their users, which you can use to specifically
target your demographic. And then you have
Adwords, which is Google. Google is the largest search engine, and if you’re running ads on Google, you can immediately pop
up to that first result, because the first result on Google, the first three results, are usually, they’re always ads. So, basically, paying for ads is a great way
to leapfrog the competition. You don’t have to worry
about SEO, or ranking, or anything like that. You can literally just jump to the top if you know what you’re doing. So, yeah, these are basically
the main forms of paid ads that most people would use today. Now, there are paid traffic where, this is referred to as media buying. Some people have heard of solo ads. You know, I don’t wanna get
into that in this video, but basically, I would
focus on these right here, to begin with, because these are your
highest quality traffic. Because, you are getting people who are actual users of Facebook, who are actual users of
Google search engine, who are actual Instagram users, instead of, you know, running those display your banner ads on websites that could be sketchy, and you know, who knows? So, basically, paid
ads and organic traffic are the two main types. Now, basically, what I recommend, that most people do when
you’re starting out. It’s a bit of a conundrum, guys. So, when you’re starting out,
you have no following, right? Most people have no following. And, when you have not following, no one’s gonna see your content
if you release something, if you post something, you know, you make a new video, not many people are gonna see it. Maybe nobody will see it. So, that’s a problem. One way to get past that
is by paying for traffic. So if you don’t have a following, one way to get traffic, to get views, to get clicks, and maybe get sales, is to pay for it. You know, you gotta pay to play it. It is a business at the end of the day. So, you know, you need to spend money, and set aside a budget for advertising, if you want to see your
business grow and flourish. So, it’s really hard to just do everything without spending a dime on advertising, because, at the end of the day, your marketing and your sales are ultimately what’s gonna result in getting those conversions. So, it pays to play in the
beginning, and, you know, further on when you
can reinvest more money into your paid advertising, and again, optimize, and
just continue to, you know, rinse and repeat. So, that’s basically, you know, how it goes with paid traffic. So, my strategy, if you’re
just starting out is I would spend money on paid advertising. You know, I would use
either Google or Facebook, so that would be my first step. So go to Facebook, or Google Adwords, and this would be my first choice, because again, we’re talking
about quality of traffic here. Now, these are a bit
pricier than, you know, running ads on some sketchy websites, but at the same time, you’re
gaining real users here. It doesn’t matter if you’re
getting 100,000 clicks from some, you know, weird website, or solo ads, or whatever, when you’re gaining zero sales. I’d rather spend more money,
get more quality traffic, and have a chance at getting
a higher conversion rate and sales from people who
actually use Facebook, and who actually use Google. So, the first step is I would either look into
Facebook Ads or Adwords, and, here, I’ll just
give you guys some tips for maximizing your money. Because if you’re gonna run paid ads, one thing that you wanna do is, you want to really focus on targeting. And, if you’re just getting started, the thing is, you don’t really know what
your exact demographic is. You don’t know if your
age range is 18 to 25, if they’re male or female, what interests they have specifically. You don’t really know that. I mean, you could guess, but it’s important that
you test at the beginning of any paid ad or paid traffic campaign, because when you test,
that’s when you get the data. You collect all this data, right, and you start to see, “Oh wait! “I thought my demographic was 18 to 25, “but the people who are actually clicking “and buying my product
are actually 26 to 30.” So, that’s just an example right there, but, targeting is something
that you wanna test out. You wanna test out different ads. You wanna test out different demographics. You wanna collect that
data, look at the data, and then start running
new advertising campaigns based on what you collected
from that testing period. So, that’s just an example. So, targeting is something
you really wanna focus on. Now, another thing I wanna bring up. This is about organic traffic. So, again, we’ve talked about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. So, the thing with SEO
that’s tough at first is that you can’t just pop up
on the first page overnight. It just doesn’t work like that. You know, it takes months to actually get a first page ranking, for the most part. You know, depending what method you use, it could take up to a year, but it could be as quick as, you know, a couple days or a week. It depends what method you use. But, you want to focus on SEO and ranking, and you want to do this because, other than the paid ads, which is great, because, basically, you pay money, you get guaranteed impressions. People are gonna be seeing
your business, basically. There’s visibility. So that’s why I love paid traffic, especially if you don’t have a following. It’s especially important if
you don’t have a following, because, if you don’t have a following, no one’s gonna see your stuff, but if you pay for it, then that’s an easy way to, kind of, leapfrog and get past that,
sort of, initial hump. Now, SEO and ranking, this
is your long-term strategy. You want to be focusing on
ranking for specific terms in the long run. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but let’s say six months,
a year down the line, you wanna try to end up on that first page for high traffic keywords. So, that’s another thing I wanna mention. This is another tip for you guys, is to do your keyword research. So, what does this mean? Basically, you want to look
up keywords and search terms that people around actually searing for. And you want to rank for keywords that are high traffic, okay? And I get some people who would say you should target low
competition keywords, and you know, I disagree
for the most part. I disagree with that. I think you should of for at least medium to high traffic keywords, because, the goal of
business is to compete. And when you compete for these medium, these high competition keywords, the results, and the spoils, are so much higher than
winning the first page of a low competition keyword. Cause, let me just give
you guys an example. Let’s say, there was a keyword. It was a long tail keyword. You know, it’s three to five words, you know, it’s a whole phrase, and let’s say there’s
only 10 searches a month, and you rank first for that. So, big whoop, you know. You’re first on Google, but only 10 people are
looking at that per month. That’s not gonna do you good. However, if you go for something, you know, you go for a bigger keyword, something with higher competition, and it gets 100,000 searches per month, and you don’t even have to be first place. Let’s say, you’re fifth place, right? You get fifth place on that term. You’re getting thousands, thousands of hits, thousands of visits, thousands of clicks on your search result, just by being fifth for a
high competition keyword. So, honestly, at the end of the day, it’s about volume, it’s about potential, it’s about the ceiling of your keywords, of your niche. And if you’re going for something that’s doesn’t have a market, you know, doesn’t have a lot of clicks, doesn’t have a lot of traffic, it’s not gonna result in many sales. However, if you go for something
that does have that traffic, and you compete, because that’s
the whole point of it, guys. We’re not looking for the easy way, and we’re not looking for shortcuts. But you compete, you
get on that first page. It doesn’t have to be number one. You could be number two, number three, even then, we’re still
talking about thousands, if not tens of thousands of
clicks, and unique visits. So, that right there is
just some basic, basic tips. I think these are very effective tips, and things to focus on
when you’re starting out. I think this is a great way to start. Again, this is just an intro/primer for people who are brand
new to paid advertising and getting traffic online. But, this is, basically, a simple strategy that you guys can use for using
both paid traffic and for, aiming for that organic
SEO ranking down the line. You know, again, it doesn’t
have to be overnight, but if you think about this. If you, kind of, plan things
out through keyword research, and then you aim to try and rank, you know, over the months, over the years, then that will be very beneficial
to you in the long run. So, I hope you guys enjoyed that. Again, this is just a primer. I might go deeper into it
if you guys request it. If this video gets enough likes, enough comments requesting to go deeper into paid advertising, to go deeper into SEO, into ranking, then I will definitely look into making more content videos like that. All right, that wraps up this video. I hope you guys enjoyed
it and found it useful. If you did, please take two
seconds out of your day, just to leave a thumbs
up and a comment below, letting me know, so I can
create more content like this. Oh, and one last thing for anyone who is interested in my mentorship, and in my affiliate marketing course. I actually teach how to
do all this right here, from, you know, the
Facebook Ads, the Adwords. You know, I give tips on targeting, I teach SEO and my
strategy for ranking things on the first page of Google and YouTube, and I also teach keyword research. So if you’re interested in any of that, and learning my exact strategies, I do include this in the course. Right now, you know, my students have been
using those techniques to rank on the first pages
on Google and on YouTube. So, if you’re interested in that, the link is in the description below. Check it out. If you have any questions,
leave it in the comments below, but basically, that’s it for this one. Catch you guys on the next. Peace! (electronic whoosh)

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