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hey it’s Chris Duncan here and I’m on
this beautiful beach and today I’m speaking to all of you entrepreneurs out
there I want to build a business online you want to take your business from
wherever it is and you want to explode it you want to be able to spend time on
a beach hanging out at a beautiful places like this on a Monday morning and
so I’m coming at you today with a live total freedom session for all the
entrepreneurs and this is what I want to say to every single one of you I want to
say to you there are only five metrics to grow any business and it doesn’t
matter what business you have there’s only five if you want to grow online if
you want to take your business and your company to the next level if you want to
explode your brain then make sure you listen to what I’m going to share today
because today I’m going to be dropping it to you straight this is going to come
out of my very next book which is coming out later this month which is the
freedom business explosion and let me just share this with every single one of
you is that you have the power right now to build an absolute magnificent
business online you have the power to build a brand so let me just share with
you the 5 metrics and then I’m going to go through them in detail the metrics
our attention leads clients sales percentage and then lastly frequency and
I’m gonna go through every single one of these here’s what you got understand
every one of these isn’t as a mover it’s a needle mover a shaker if you just move
just one your business will go to the next level if you move all five it’s
going to be exponential growth and I need you to understand that’s exactly
how it goes so let’s share the first one the first one is attention the question
I’ve got to ask you is are you getting enough attention online are you getting
enough people to see your business your brand are you putting yourself out there
enough are you spending enough on your social media advertising are you doing
enough video are enough people buying your books how many events networking
events how many times two people hear about you and your business and your
message and here’s what’s really important is what do people think of
your brand when they think of you and they think your brand what do they
actually think of I think that’s a really important question because when
you’re getting everyone’s attention it’s got to be like this total freedom my
brand is everywhere and I want to ask you is
what does your brand stand for you’re getting people’s attention but what does
it actually stand for that’s attention it’s number one if you do nothing else
but increase your attention that you’re getting online your business is going to
increase the second thing is your leads percentage what’s really interesting is
there’s so many of us they can get attention online we can get people we
can do videos we can get blogs read we can get our social media media blowing
up but how much of us are actually getting leads now let me let’s get very
very clear on what a lead is a lead is somebody that subscribed to you whether
they’ve subscribe to your email list subscribe they’re giving you their phone
number they’ve liked a page of your school they’ve done some sort of
subscription meaning this you can actually push out your message to them
you can push it and this is super important this is the second percentage
so you could ask yourself how many people are seeing my message that’s
attention but now out of all of that you know that ocean that that amazing amount
of people that are seeing how many are actually subscribing how many emails
you’re getting now there’s a few big tips that I can give you and how to
actually improve this I’m not going to go into that in today’s video but I will
in one of the next videos the next thing is from leads to sales so your
percentage between how many people are actually subscribing to your channel
following you on facebook or youtube or your periscope how many people are
actually actually moving from the leads into actually becoming a client this is
your sales percentage most people don’t focus on their sales percentage enough
especially online they’re so busy focusing on all these other things or
they focus on it way way way too much and that’s what I want you to know okay
as it is super cool it is super cool to be able to give somebody your product
and have them pay for it because if you know that your product solves a problem
if you know that problem that it solves is worth 10 20 30 times more than
anything your charge well look it is your duty to make sure that you get that
product and have them purchase it alright so you need to improve your
sales finish let’s just look at the first three if you improve the amount of
tension you get your business will improve if you improve the amount of
people that go from attention to leads to subscribing to your business will
improve if you improve from your leads to your
sales your business woman proof now there’s two more the next one is your
actual say the percent that’s left your profit percentage what’s left at the end
if you do nothing else but improve the ability for you to deliver your product
and have a higher profit margin a higher percentage left over your business will
explode and I can show you how to do this is five paths that I’m going to be
sharing or five different ways to have a product path that’s coming out of my new
book and a probably put on another video coming up soon and you’ve got to
understand this if you can deliver your product or service with less cost or you
can add in more value and charge more you’re going to have a higher profit
percentage which is a huge huge huge thing and then the last percentage is
this is that the frequency the number of times as somebody buys let me share this
with you if you can have somebody purchase once you’re doing good once a
month you doing way better and I need you to understand there’s a very very
few ways but very important ways you must be getting people to purchase
multiple times your best customers and the easiest money you can make with
people that have already spent with you in fact at Christmas time at any time
whenever there’s a celebration it’s a great time for you to give a gift and
inspire more people that have already spent with you to spend more I’ve send
you some love for total freedom TV for your mind for your time for your life
and today I’m talking to you from santa monica and behind me is the is the pier
beautiful period i’m sure you can see it there and i’m hanging out on a monday
morning shooting this video for all of you guys and I want every single one of
your business owners to know this is that it is your job first to improve
your income once you’re going to prove your income dramatically and that’s the
five metrics I told you next is to build a team and then build a mission so that
you can truly do it matters to you I love you so much for your time for your
life for your income do what matters most and smash it please subscribe to my
channel share this on Facebook on youtube post your comments below about
how these metrics improved I’m going to put some notes and
should love you so much have an amazing day and smash it bye-bye

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