How to Guide Your Website Design with Personas

As you begin designing your website,
one of the first questions you should ask is: Who is your ideal customer? Create a detailed image of this customer in your mind. Think about basic qualities like their age,
education level, where they live and work. But also deeper aspects like their goals,
challenges, likes and dislikes. Make notes as you go to keep track of your thoughts. This detailed picture of your typical customer
is called a persona. Let it be a reference to guide your design decisions including colors, fonts, wording and photos For example, if your business were
commercial truck repair, your ideal customer would want to
find your contact details and be able to schedule repairs easily. Consistent design choices ensure you create a website that clearly represents your brand
and appeals to your audience. In our next few videos, we’ll show you how your customer persona
helps you choose the right fonts, colors and images for your website. For more helpful design tips,
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