How to improve your retail processes: from visual merchandising to space planning

Hello. My name is Tom from Visual
Retailing. Let me show you how you can improve your visual merchandising and
retail execution processes. With our technologies you can optimise your complete retail flow – from range analysis, store cluster creation to recreation of
the visual merchandising guidelines. But also send the guidelines to stores and get a compliance feedback from the stores. I’m going to show you how retailers like
Marks & Spencer, Adidas and Tchibo are optimising the processes with our
technologies. Let’s start with MockShop, our head office application. As a retailer you can take the article data combine it with images or sketches, and the system shows you – within seconds – how your collections are balanced price-wise, store-cluster wise; just depends on what you want to see. I can take my collection (in the
right store cluster) and start merchandising. The system is very
intelligent. While I start merchandising a fixture with products, in the
background the system calculates all kind of information… like margin, retail
value, cost value, etc. We now merchandise this fixture. We are ready. We want to publish this to our stores. Within MockShop I can just click and say “publish to ShopShape”. So the specific stores now receive the guideline for that cluster. They can see, on their device in 3D how the fixture should be merchandised. They click on the product, they see the quantity, the article number, the article name , and any other relevant information. Now I’m merchandise my store according to the
guidelines that I received from head office. And as the next step I make a photo of my merchandise back wall and I can just upload to head office. They will
receive a compliant feedback, including a visual image. This is not only for one
store because all the stores within the cluster are giving this feedback. So what
is the conclusion? You’re not just planning, creating clusters, and sending out a
guideline. With our technologies, you get a full insight and the whole process is

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