How to Increase the Value of Your Business

I’m going to talk to you about 10 things you
can do to increase the value of your business. But before I do that, let me kind of put things
in perspective so you kind of have an idea why this mindset of value, profit, conversations
you always hear about. So many people run a business and by the time
the year end comes with taxes, any profit that the company makes, they like to take
it out, pay taxes on it, and put it in their own checking account, right? Because it’s my profit, it’s my business,
it’s my this, it’s my that. And then there are those that say, man, this
is what I need to live off of, but let’s let it ride. Let it ride. Let’s grow it. Let’s let it ride. Let’s invest. Let’s let it ride. What is the difference between the two and
why does some do one over the other? Here’s the difference. Profit, value. Short term, long term. Working in the business to make money now,
working on the business to increase value later. Now, later. Instant gratification, delayed gratification. More like a sales mentality [profit], more
like a CEO mentality [value]. Independent contractor mentality [profit],
business owner mentality [value]. So this is something you see a lot in business. So you may be wondering yourself and say,
“Pat, I get it, but I want to increase the value of my business. What should I do to increase the value of
my business?” I got ten keys for you. #1, if the business is based on a technology
that you own that a person, a company may have interest in wanting to buy your company,
that that technology can be used in their entire spectrum of business that they’re doing,
that increases the value of the business, especially if you own the technology. If your business is ran on technology and
systems and CRMs and back office, all these things that make things go faster, where,
you know, you’ll typically need 200 employees to do this, but because you have the technology
you only need 45 employees to do this, people who want to buy a company like that and that
increases the value of the company. #2, focus. Your focus into what you’re doing, there was
once a book written I read I think it’s called Built to Sell, Built to Sell is a book, a
phenomenal book, I think every entrepreneur running a business ought to read the book
Built to Sell because what the book tells you is not to focus on selling your business. Focus on getting focused with your business. So what is the product? What do you do? Hey, I’m trying to do this. I’m trying to do this. We do this, we do this. So many different things that you do where
to increase the value of your business, why don’t you focus on one, two or three things
that you do, but increase your attention on those things. It increases the value of your business. I understand how sometimes it can be tempting
to say, but Pat, if we do more, the value goes higher. It does not. The more focused you are, the more you increase
the value of your business. #3, a business that’s ran on systems, not
just you, increases value. If I can come into your company and I walk
through, and I say, What did she just say on the phone call right now? Oh, she said this, this, this, this. Do you have it on a sheet of paper? Uh, no, we just taught her. What if a new person comes in. How do they learn? Oh, they just sit right next to her. Is that typed out? No. That’s systems. You don’t have it. You need to. . . okay, we’ll type it out. If I come in and you have a new employee,
what are the steps when a new employee comes in? Step number one, two, three, four, five, six. You don’t have that? You need that. It the person buys this product, what’s their
next step? What do you do next? What do you do follow up? We don’t have that. We don’t have that written out. These are systems and procedures. Businesses are built on systems. Grow more value because it’s got a life of
its own without the human being. Now obviously, you need a driver, but the
system takes your business value to a whole different level. #4, Strategic partners. What are we talking about with strategic partners? Look, strategic partners not only validate
the business, they increase the value of the business. They have good things to say about you, and
when it comes down to it, they can bring complete different aspects to your business that you
may not have yourself. So I think strategic partners play a very
big role in increasing the value of your business. #5 is recurring revenue. Ask yourself with the business you have right
now, what part of it recurring? What do you make every single month in your
business whether you make a single sale or not? Recurring revenue produces the highest multiples
that if somebody buys this book it’s got the highest multiples. Next, is supporting cast. Operations and supporting cast. Who is around you? Who’s running the company? This is the part where somebody who’s driven
on profits, they don’t invest in the people. So the value doesn’t increase. I remember many years ago I was running a
sales office, and there were these two guys who were my competitors. And I’ll never forget a call I had. It was within a week apart with each one of
them. And we were doing a cruise contest, something
like that I was running for a sales contest. And they both had bigger distribution lists
than I did. I had a smaller one. But by the time it was done, they only had
six people or four people they wanted to pay to go to cruise because it was going to cost
them $600 or $800 and they said, no, I’m not going to pay for them because of . . . I said, man, you’ve got to invest into your
people. So what I did is I went and paid into it for
43 people, them and their spouse. And we went on the cruise. Those guys had two. This guy had three. We had 43 people there. Okay, investing into the people. The level of loyalty we got from them who
were willing to come back and wanted to learn more, improve more, better the company more,
was a lot higher. That’s investing into a supporting cast that
wants to be in the company. So the more you invest into your supporting
cast to help them get better, they’re more indebted to you, they’re more loyal to you,
they’ll stay with you longer, and the value of the company goes higher the better supporting
cast you have. By the way, this also goes with your executive
team, who you bring onboard as an executive team, your sales force, every single thing
that is part of the supporting cast to growing the business. #7, data. Sometimes you see companies that buy another
company and they cut a big billion dollar check and you say, that company’s revenue
was only $50 million a year. Why did they cut a check like that? Because they have access to a lot of data
that they need. So if you have data, data increases value
of a business. What type of data are you gathering yourself
and how big is it, how wide is it, how deep is it that another person, another company
can say, this is valuable and it increases the value of your business. #8, EBITDA vs. need. Let me explain what EBITDA vs. need is. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Income,
Taxation, Depreciation, and Amortization. That’s what EBITDA stands for, right? So a lot of times you’ll hear a company say,
well, why would we buy your company because your EBITDA is so low and you know, if we
do the multiples based on your EBITDA, yes, your top-line revenue was XYZ, but your EBITDA
is so small, you know, why would we do that? Because you’re solving for EBITDA. I’m not solving for EBITDA, I’m solving for
value. You’re solving for profit. If I solve for profit, I stay flat. Because I solve for value, I’ve grown quarter
after quarter after quarter after quarter as a business because I’m solving for value. So, the more you focus on a need, meaning,
going to your industry, whatever business you’re in, and find a need that exists that
no one’s focused on. For us, there’s a need that we have. Increase the need, where if somebody has an
interest in your business one day, it won’t be based on the EBITDA. It will be because this need will fill another
void that they have that the profits here will go up to the roof because they locked
in a need here. Two businesses, this one [need] increases
a side that’s about distribution this side increases the profits. This profit that they make here is well worth
them paying for the company, the value of the company because you’re solving for a need,
not just for EBITDA, although you still need to have profits, no company that goes out
of business, your company’s worth nothing. You do need to have a focus here [EBITDA],
but not to the point where it’s only short-term instead of long-term. Next, subscribership and distribution. What is that? That’s an audience, you know, when you see
a company like Instagram being bought, but they don’t know how to make money, why are
they buying them? It’s because they have an audience. There’s a distribution. So always focus on what you can do to increase
the distribution of your business, your company, the eyeballs. The amount of people that are seeing it. The subscribership, the customer base. It has something to do with recurring revenue,
but it doesn’t. There’s somebody that’s constantly coming
to you that’s logging on to your website. Like, you know, a Huffington Post has subscribership
that people are coming to it and email subscribership, anything that’s listening to something that
you’re offering that increases the value. And last but not least, stay hands on to increase
the value of your business. I think a lot of times people take their hands
off the business too early and they become CEOs too early instead of becoming you know,
somebody that’s a businessman that at the end of the day your job is to increase the
value of the company and if you do a good job increasing the value of the company, you’re
a CEO. You’re a great CEO. But don’t take your hands off too early. A stay hands on CEO or executive or entrepreneur
knows about what’s going on with technology. Knows about how focused the product is and
if we’re getting distracted. Knows about the system, is hands on with the
strategic partners because he makes the calls. Is hands on with the recurring revenue. Is hands on supporting cast, is hands on with
the data that’s being gathered, is hands on with the need and the EBITDA and is paying
attention. Is hands on in increasing distribution and
subscribership. Always stay hands on to increase the value
of your business. With that being said, Luis, throw me a pillow
right there because your buddies are not here today. Because we got a flight. I’ve got to get on a flight to New York and
Madrid here and I got a few meetings in New York before going to Madrid. Anyways, so, this is a topic that I went in
and tried to do in a few minutes because I have a conference call here myself to do. But if you’ve got questions about it, comment
on the bottom about how to increase your value of your business. This is a topic that is extremely important
for you to pay attention to. If you watched it once, watch it again, take
notes, print out what we have, re-read it, and find ways on what you’re doing yourself
for your business to increase the value of your business. And if you have not subscribed to our channel
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everybody. Take care.

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    1technology (makes things more efficent)
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    3systems(makes life easier everything is the same for each customer)like steps 1 2 3 4 5
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    7data(increases value of business ex contact info.
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  28. Whether you have an existing
    business or are considering starting a business, Michael Gerber in the book,
    The eMyth, suggests the only reason to build a business is to sell it.

    Sadly, many business owners wait too
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    To help you not get caught off
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    Here are a few tips to help you
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    business is directly linked to the profitability of the business. If you have
    minimized your profitability to decrease your tax burden, you will not maximize
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    This alone can greatly increase the what your business will be worth to a

    2. Note abnormalities that will be adjusted for. When a professional values your business, they will look
    to "normalize" your books, called "recasting." During this
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    3. Replace yourself and family
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    business, the business has less value and is riskier if there will be a mass
    exodus at the time of the purchase. Slowly, replace each family member with a
    staff member that would stay with the business after the purchase.

    4. Secure key employees. You
    will also want to create an employee retention program to secure employees that
    are critical to operations. A new owner will feel more comfortable knowing the
    critical employees are incentivized to stay with the business after the
    purchase and this will make the business less risky and more valuable.

    5. Design your business on
    systems. Every major task in your business should be documented and
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    6. Have a growth plan. Now is
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