How to Increase Your eCommerce Sales by 10% With Email Marketing

– You could be making
10% more money tomorrow. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel
and today I’m going to share with you how to increase
your eCommerce sales by 10% just using email marketing. (upbeat music) Before we get started
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more tips like this you’ll get notified. Question for you: How
many of you collect emails from eCommerce site? If you do, leave a comment below with yes. If you don’t, leave a
comment below with no. Here’s the thing, you’re not
going to generate as many sales as you want unless
you’re collecting emails. People come to your site,
they may look at your stuff, you could even do things
like remarketing campaigns because most of the people
that come to your site, they’re not going to buy
right then and there. But what’s more effective then just running remarketing campaigns? Is to collect email addresses. You can do things like
offering incentives to collect emails such as a $10
coupon, free shipping, whatever it may be. There’s tools like Hello
Bar, your eCommerce site, you’ll be able to collect more emails. It only takes a few minutes to set up. It’s easy to go. And boom, you’ll generate more sales. Now after you’ve started
collecting emails, the second thing that you need to
do is start writing copy. And this isn’t just copy to be
like, hey check out this sale and promotion that we’re doing. Yeah you can do that. But where you’re going to see
a bigger impact in revenue is when you collect the email
and that person was on your product page that’s selling
toilet paper, you know that your email copy should be around
toilet paper or the bathroom. Now when someone comes to
your site and you collect email from the toilet paper page, you don’t want to send
them emails in regards to selling them a television. It needs to be relevant. And that’s the key because
if you don’t figure out, segment out your list and figure
out what emails you should be sending out and to who,
you’re not going to do well. And the beautiful part is
with Hello Bar you’ll be able to do that. The third tip I have for you
is to do partial check-outs. So when someone goes
to your check-out page they’re on that step. Their asking for their name and email. Then the second page should be their credit card information. The reason I’m saying you
do partial check-outs is because you can then get
their name and email address. So when most people don’t buy, you can now email them to follow-up to convince them to finish
their check-out process. The fourth tip I have for you
is to segment out your emails once people buy. So you should have a
different group of emails just for all the people
that’ve made one purchase from you or more. The moment someone makes
one purchase from you, it’s so much easier to get them
to make a second, or third, or fourth purchase from you. These people you want
to continue to email. Offer them other upsales, downsales related to the product you are offering. This will help you generate
extra revenue from those same visitors without spending
more dollars on ads. And last but not least, and
this is a bonus tip, use tools like subscribers to get
people to subscribe through their browser so that you
can get them to come back if they have left the check-out
or if they are viewing certain products you can
get them to come back, finish the check-out, and
generate extra revenue on top of what you’re
doing with email marketing. Now if you need help growing
your eCommerce business, check out my Ad Agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed watching this
video, make sure you like it, share it, subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions,
leave a comment below and I’ll help you out. Thank you for watching.

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38 thoughts on “How to Increase Your eCommerce Sales by 10% With Email Marketing

  1. How many of you collect emails from eCommerce site? If you do, leave a comment below with "yes". If you don't, leave a comment below with "no".

  2. E-mail marketing is very powerful! Thanks for sharing this Neil! Lets connect guys!? ❤

  3. Email marketing was and still is one of the best strategies for making sales. Thanks for the video Neil! 🙂

  4. Hi pls I am new to ecommerce and I've so much of email marketing but I don't know how to do that do you have a video on it?

  5. Another excellent video 👍 they just keep coming 🙂 quick question Neil… I was ranking for a keyword in the number 9 position for months. I took your advice and updated the page adding extra content. But didn’t change the existing content. A few days after I don’t rank at all for that keyword lol. Strange? Is this google adjusting or something worse ? Thanks for any input 🙂

  6. Hey, Neil. Hopefully, you can answer my question. Are you recommending WPEngine as hosting? I’m currently using BlueHost? Thanks!

  7. isn't it illegal sending email to people that have not purchased an item and not even agreed with our privacy policy? This applies only to EU based on GDPR.

  8. Hey neil! Yes I know I am going a litle off topic but I would like to ask how to grow my following on medium! Would really help if you suggest something! Cheers! Thanks

  9. Email Marketing & segmentation is a no brainer for ecomm. It just 🚀🚀🚀🚀 the LTV.
    One question tho, what do you think about abandon cart email with a discount coupon? I feel like it’s a strategy that may hurt you in the long run as you train your customer to wait for the discount instead of immeditaly taking action. I don’t have enough data on my side to conclude something but I would be interested to have your opinon! 🤔🤗

  10. Hi Neil

    In this video your're highlighting the importance of collecting e-mails

    Does this advice similar yo collecting subscribers in facebook-messenger?

    Great stuff

    Thanks for sharing

  11. I asked about Email marketing and you made it. You're the best and thanks a lot 😍. I have a decent email list of customers who registered in my product but I'm still looking for an convincing Email Copy. Hope you will make more email marketing videos.

  12. Advice please Neil …New website from 1st June ,So far 200 unique visitors and 1000 web page views .1 conversion .Is this normal or do I need to act…O ,SEO package only just kicked yesterday. many thanks Nicholas

  13. Hey I was wondering about your backlink checker. I noticed my site said I had zero backlinks but I thought I had recently added 3 or 4 in the last few months. Is it updated?

  14. Neil, need some advice. I have like 5 cloud based YouTube apps/tools that we have had built over the last 3 years or so. Main one was sold as part of a webinar product we sold for about a year thru JVs. The other 4 we mainly used as bonuses for the webinar but they could be stand alone products as when I offer them to my list they eat them up. Anyway… I’ve sold about as many as I can to MY list and want to offer these things to other YouTube marketers out there but I am kind of stuck on the best way to do that? Facebook ads? YouTube ads? Don’t really want to do launches they suck haha! Btw the reason we stopped doing the webinars with JVs was because it’s hard to get people registered and then to show up and JVs are so f-ing lazy they never want to put in any work! Thanks for what you do your stuff is awesome been watching all of your vids! Bill.

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