How to install WordPress on Godaddy Tutorial. Get your website going!

In this free GoDaddy WordPress tutorial
I’m gonna show you how to install wordpress on godaddy. GoDaddy is a good
option for starting a WordPress website, but there are a few things that you
might find a little bit confusing and there’s probably some things that
they’re going to offer it that you don’t need so in this tutorial I’ll go through
the GoDaddy WordPress hosting signup with you and help you figure out what is
what and figure out exactly what you need I’m Tim from
and I have made it my mission to help people just like you find the best and
easiest ways of building websites and avoiding as much frustration and
confusion in the process. To make sure that we’re on the same page scroll down
below this video and you’ll find a link to GoDaddy this link may provide you
with a discount and it provides me with a small Commission that helps me to
provide free tutorials like this one on youtube and on my website I would
recommend that you choose GoDaddy WordPress specific hosting it does cost
a little bit more but it includes some things that are gonna save you some time
and it’s gonna make your life much easier. So let’s dive in and get your
WordPress website started. Okay so after you click that link to go ahead you’ll
be taken to this page right here if you’re not taking this page exactly
right here maybe a little menu button you’ll need
to press that it’ll be up here on the top left go ahead and click on that and
then you get started building our website we need to get hosting and we
want to get WordPress hosting specifically so do that we can click on
the WordPress button right here click on WordPress hosting and then
we’ve got these different options right here so if you want you know just keep
your costs as low as possible you can do the 399 plan and that’s to get the
maximum benefit you need to sign up for three years as we’ll see on the next
screen otherwise the hosting cost jumps up to believe it is $6.99 if you want to
do it for one for one year so keep that in mind now if you’re gonna be building
a website we’re gonna be selling online you do need an SSL certificate and with
GoDaddy they do charge for the SSL certificate so it’s actually a better
deal to go over here and get the ultimate plan because that will give you
the SSL certificate free for the first year you’ll will have to pay for that
after that and then it will also give you the malware scanning and removal for
the two sites that the ultimate plan comes with so that’s probably gonna be
the best deal if you want that since I’m just doing this tutorial
and I’m just trying to keep my costs as low as possible and you might be doing
the same thing with just like a basic information website then just go ahead
and select either the basic plan or the deluxe plan plan so here we’ve got the
option to add malware scanning but I think the better deal is to go with the
ultimate plan if you need that and again here’s the link for the SSL certificate
but I also think that it’s a better deal to start out with that on the ultimate
plan if you need that so if you do you think you need those things and
definitely both of those things can be very useful go ahead and click on those
or just go ahead and choose the ultimate plan which includes those and then go
ahead and click continue and if you don’t have a domain name yet which you
might not you can’t you can use another registrar and then point your name to
GoDaddy or you can just sign up for a new domain name here do you think it’s
easiest to sort of have your domain name at the same company that you have your
web hosting with just because then in your mind at least all of the parts of
your website are all in one place but sometimes you can get a better deal by
registering your domain on another website for this tutorial though I’m
just gonna show you what I find has been the easiest way and that is to just use
the same hosting company as you have for your domain name registrar so let’s go
ahead and do that okay and then I’m just going to save and continue and I’ve got
some other options okay so we’ve got this here and as I said before it’s
definitely cheapest if you go for the 36 months I’m just gonna do one year I’ll
save myself a little bit of money but this is just for this tutorial so I can
show you guys how this works and then there might be some other options down
here but really the only thing you need is the basic manage WordPress package
and if you register to domain like I did on the domain name here so office 365
email is definitely good and useful but just keep in mind that after the first
year it’s gonna be 475 a month so just think about whether you’re ready to do
that or whether you might want to use something else like G suite or I also
have a link to Zoho mail where you can host your email for free on Zoho so I
personally use G suite so I’m just gonna go ahead and remove this and then one
option here which I definitely recommend doing and that is keeping your contact
information private it’s what it does it’s it’s $7.99 for a year on GoDaddy so
basically this it keeps your information private it keeps your email address your
regular address and your phone number out of the record of the domain
registration you might think that you don’t care about that but the real
problem with it is that unfortunately there’s a bunch of people who will try
to spam you and send you just a bunch of junk mail and it’s really annoying so
definitely recommend a domain name privacy go ahead and check that on here
and then so my total for the first year is 115 21 yours might be less per year
if you went with one of the longer terms of the three year terms but of course
the total price will be more since you signed up for more hosting okay so the
next thing is to go ahead and click continue okay and then since we’re
creating a new account this is our first time using GoDaddy we need to go and
down to the bottom here and do create account okay and then we need to create
a username so it’s already done that for us and then something it’s really
important here is to use unique passwords and when you’re first building
a website it’s gonna you’re gonna be amazed at how many different accounts
are gonna need to sign up for in order to create your website so I definitely
recommend using unique passwords on every website you use and not easy to
guess you take passwords so I recommend using a password manager I personally
use LastPass there’s other password managers like one password that you
might want to check out but definitely something to keep track of all of these
new accounts are gonna be signing up for when you build your website really
important to keep your website skewer and just to keep you know yourself and
your other accounts secure is to use unique passwords I’ve already created a
password here and it’s going to use that and then you can create a support pin
here and I click create account okay and so now what when you do is just give our
information now this is the information that they’re gonna keep private for you
it’s also your billing information for trading accounts just go ahead and fill
this information out okay so there we go we’ve got our account setup domain name
domain name privacy and manage WordPress just go ahead and click on manage
WordPress down here and then this is going to go ahead and get us started
installing WordPress with GoDaddy so to go ahead and do that you click on I’m
building a brand new site so I’m building on new site so I’m gonna go
ahead and click on that and then click on get
started and it’s the domain name that I already created and if you don’t have a
domain name yet you haven’t decided on one yet you can use this temporary
domain you can start building your site right now but you don’t necessarily have
to have your domain name and then you can add your domain name later it’s
gonna go ahead and click on next and then depending on where you’re located
if you’re in the add States you want to use North America if you’re in Europe
you probably want to use Europe so let’s go ahead and get started and now here is
already some place where we’re going to need to create another new username and
password ok so this is gonna be the WordPress username that you want to use
for your site and you definitely want to use something unique you don’t want to
use admin because that’s something that’s gonna be commonly guessed by
hackers so just think of something unique that you might want to use and
then again we’re gonna need to create a password so I’m gonna do that here with
LastPass ok so there we go we’ve got a unique username unique passwords and say
that into LastPass for this WordPress website that I’m creating and click on
install and it’s really important that whatever you do you remember what that
password is so write it down someplace if you don’t aren’t using LastPass or
make sure you’ve got it saved securely for LastPass because when we log in to
the backend of our WordPress website we’re gonna need that password again and
it’s gonna be a different URL than the GoDaddy URL so keep that in mind it’s
gonna be your website domain name so in this case it was real test site comm and
it’s gonna be slash WP dash admin and that’s gonna how it gonna be having a
login to your website to make start making the edit it send the changes when
you use WordPress let’s go ahead and wait a few minutes for WordPress to
install it does take a few minutes and also if you’ve just created a new domain
name it might take anywhere up to 12 hours or 24 hours for that domain name
to fully get set up and get linked with your website so keep that in mind if
you’re having troubles connecting up with your website so that looks like
that’s what’s happened here is that basically the domain name of my website
isn’t fully set up yet and it’s not fully propagated across the internet so
I might need to wait before I can fully start
using my website and start loading things onto it okay and so when
WordPress is all installed you can receive this email here it’s gonna show
you the URL that you installed WordPress on and it’s also going to show you the
link that you need to click on or the URL that you need to go to you to manage
and edit your WordPress website so for most WordPress websites it’s your URL
and then slash wp-admin and the other email you’re gonna get is if you signed
up for a domain name you’re gonna get this information here that says that
your domain is ready to use and so that should be a pretty good indication that
your domains ready to use and ready to be edited although keep in mind that
depending on where you are it can take a while for that domain to propagate
across the internet so it may not be ready just yet so if you’re having
trouble editing your site or you’re not able to link to your site just yet to
the WordPress admin area of your website it might be because of that so you might
need to wait as much as 12 or 24 hours but to fully propagate across the
internet so let’s go ahead and start working on our site so you can go to
edit your WordPress website by going to your link slash WP admin we’re gonna log
back in to your GoDaddy account after if you logged back in to your account you
can just click on real test site here calm for your domain and then we can
click on manage hosting and then we can click on WP admin here and that’s taking
me to the real web real test site comm slash WP dash admin just like it would
take you to the URL that you signed up for slash WP dash admin that’s that’s
the key thing to remember is the WP dash admin and so now we just need to go and
do some quick configuring on our WordPress website to get it all set up
so I’m gonna go hood so I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna actually skip their
start wizard and just use sort of the standard WordPress install strategy that
I’ve been using it’s not gonna ask me for a bunch of extra things just gonna
like help me get started quickly so it’s go ahead and do it so just click on no
thanks okay so here we are on the back end of our website so this is where all
of the management of your website happens this is the WordPress dashboard
and one of the first things that I like to do is just get rid of any extra
things that I don’t need for my website so we can start that process by looking
at posts there’s usually some sort of default post so we can just trash that
because we don’t need that plus we don’t want to have a hello
old post on our website when we want to have the posts that we want to create
the next thing we’ll do is we’ll go down to the pages and we’ll do the same thing
we’re gonna get rid of this sample page here trash that then when I look at the
plugins here all right so this echis met anti-spam plug-in is definitely a really
good plug-in to have you do need to get an API key from automatic and automatic
are the people behind WordPress and you might not need this initially but you’re
probably going to set it up fairly quickly because there are a lot of spam
comments unfortunately hackers and spammers know how to find WordPress
websites and one of the first things they’re gonna do you search is
commenting on every poster every page that you put up on your website so this
is definitely something that I would highly recommend signing up for and the
instructions for doing that are right here now they good at the email
marketing I’m not too familiar with that so there’s lots of email marketing
things I would look at the pricing between this and some of the other email
marketing companies out there I know that like MailChimp will let you start
out with email marketing for free it was also a weber so you might want to look
at your options there and then this WP 101 video tutorials it’s probably some
good information about WordPress if you’re native WordPress so we’re
actually pretty good here there’s nothing we really need to delete you may
want to delete the Go Daddy email marketing that’s up to you and so the
next thing we want to do is we’re gonna go down here to settings and that’s when
I clicked on the settings I took us to the general tab here so you wanna make
sure you’ve got your site title put in here that’s whatever the name is of your
business or your blog or your website and we’ve got a tagline so just a short
description about what your website is all about now you want to make sure your
email address is in here and you wanna make sure the email address is something
that you can actually have access to so if you haven’t set up email yet for your
domain you want to have this set to an email address that you have access to
until you do set up email for your domain when you can choose your date
format and the time format and then if you’ve made any changes like we just did
you want to make sure you click Save Changes because you don’t click Save
Changes there your changes will not get saved okay and then under reading here
is an important setting to look for and that is this discourage search engines
from indexing your site if you want your site to be found by search engines you
want to make sure that this is unchecked just like it is now I have seen some
installs where for some reason it matically sets that to discourage search
engines but if you’re ready for your site to be found you want to make sure
that this is unchecked just like it is no and then one more thing while I’m
thinking about it is under back here under general you want to set your time
zone and make sure that that’s set to the time zone for your home area so
right now I’m on the East Coast I’m normally in the Los Angeles area but
right now on the East Coast and so for this website keep it set to New York
time zone but that’s something important and then again with your date and time
formats there the last thing and this is really super important is the permalinks
and you want to make sure that your permalinks are set to hostname post name
is going to give your urls to your pages what they call a pretty link so it’s
going to be your website and then whatever you’ve named your post so like
for example that first post that was on there was called a sample post and so
that’s what it’s going to be called a sample post if you make a blog post or a
page you know on like how to set up WordPress with GoDaddy it’s gonna put in
how – to – set up you know WordPress with GoDaddy Anne’s gonna put it all
that in there and that’s gonna be one thing it’s really gonna help your search
engine optimization so you definitely want to make sure you do that right off
the bat there and then click on Save Changes okay then just a quick tour of
some of the other things one of the first things you can want to do is
install a wordpress theme you’ve got a tutorial on how to install one of my
favorite WordPress themes for making websites super easy and that’s what I
focus on is helping you guys make websites really easy and that’s the Divi
theme so if you want to learn how to use the Divi theme and how to install it and
have installed just any WordPress theme actually check out the link above this
video and a link to how to install the Divi theme in particular but it also to
show you how to install any premium WordPress theme it’s the same process
and ver just in learning about the Divi theme I really like it and joy you can
check out my review of it I’ll link to that in the description below and at the
end of this video and also I’ll put a link to it right up here this is where
do we add a theme when we get have our site setup and we’re not using the
default thing you can use the customize button here this is going to be the main
controls for the look of your website you’re gonna find here so we’ve got that
there and you can just you know change the different things and this is going
to change depending on your theme so you definitely want to
do this after you’ve installed the theme that you’re going to use and I go over
this in my full course on how to make a wordpress website but when you’re
building your menus this is where you’re building menus and I’ll show you guys
exactly how to do that in my course and it’s a free course and I got my full
course on my website and it’s also available as a playlist series on
YouTube and I’ll link to that at the end of this video and I’ll link to it also
right here at the top of the screen so that’s basically it the couple of things
that you might want to look into doing is installing jetpack which is a plug-in
that’s made by the creators of WordPress and it’s something that I’ve been sort
of resisting using until recently but I’ve really enjoyed using it once I got
it set up and what jetpack does with the free version is it gives you some
starter themes I haven’t checked those out sort of have themes that I really
like which are these page builder things which makes it really easy to build your
website and Divi so far is my favorite on that but it does give you a little
performance boost by having a content delivery network for images so basically
what they have is they’ve got specialized servers all over the world
that just take the images from your site and load them a little bit closer to
your users and on superfast servers and they help you to make sure that those
images are optimized well I’m not too sure how good of a job of the
optimization does but definitely provides a faster way for your images to
load on your viewers pages or on your viewers browsers so that’s something you
definitely want to check out and the other thing I really like of it
especially when you’re just getting started out is that it has sorry about
that it said it has a is that it’s got these basic site stats and it’s
something that’s really easy when you’re starting out – it’s clear and easy to
understand you can see which pages and how well your pages are performing how
well your posts are performing and which ones are performing well and it you know
it’s one of those things it’s easy to understand you later on you might want
to start using Google Analytics and I use Google Analytics on my website but
quite frankly there’s so many games that marketers and hackers and spammers play
I mean they’re even like spamming the results in your Google Analytics and it
just is can be kind of confusing to figure out how to sort through all of
that some Google Analytics definitely very valuable but sort of more
in advance to them they using the site’s site stats with the jetpack free version
if you want scribe to the personal version it gives you a couple more
things like off-site backups from your hosting so it’s definitely a good
service and worth checking out and it’s you know the basic version is free and
it gives you you know I mean just I think just the site stats itself is sort
of an invaluable thing for when you’re just starting out so you can see how
well your pages are performing there we go that’s a quick rundown of how you
install wordpress on godaddy if you found that helpful give me a thumbs up
if you have any questions leave them in the comments below there’s something I
didn’t answer you know go ahead and ask me about it and if you didn’t find this
valuable at all for some great indian who give me a thumbs down and if you’d
let me know why so the next time I make a tutorial like this I can do better I
would really appreciate that and for more tips and tricks on learning how to
build great websites easily be sure to visit my youtube channel and visit me at
real website thanks for watching

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  1. Hi Tim – Your video was helpful. Some bloggers have recommended against using JetPack because it has slowed down their websites. Are you aware of any issues with JetPack?

  2. AT 10:10 I do not get a green "wpadmin" button as a selection. Clicking on "Manage Hosting" gets me a list of other sites I host, a hypertext to start still yet another New Account, and clicking any of this just starts this process all over again.

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