How to Interview for a Job in American English, part 1/5

You’re hired! Two words everybody loves to
hear. But before we hear these words comes (dun dun duuuuhn!) the interview. Today’s
video is part one in a series that’s all about preparing for a job interview. This is part one of a five part series on
preparing for an interview. Interviewing for a new job can be a huge source of stress and
anxiety. And if you’re interviewing for a job in a non-native language, the stress
can be even higher. In this video you’ll see me interview for a job. Throughout the
interview, we’ll discuss some of the most common interview questions and how to answer
them. You’ll also learn some basic information to get you started on creating your own answers
to these questions. Let’s begin. TK: Hello Ms. Smith, I’m Tom Kelley. Thanks
so much for coming in. RS: It’s my pleasure, thanks so much for
meeting with me. TK: Of course. Did you have any trouble finding
the office? Small Talk. Most interviews will start out
with a handshake and some small talk – this may include questions about how you’re doing,
your travel to the interview, the weather, how your weekend went, and more. All you need
to do is be polite and friendly. Keep your answers short. You can also feel free to turn
the question back to the interviewer. For instance, if the interviewer asks you how
your weekend was, you might respond, “It was great, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday.
How was your weekend?” Small talk is used to build a more comfortable environment before
the interview begins. It may seem silly, but you can practice small talk on your own by
asking yourself simple, easy-to-answer, non-personal questions. You could also practice with a
friend. Here is an example of small talk:>>How are you doing?
>>I’m great, thank you, and you?>>How are you doing?
>>I’m doing really well. It’s such a nice day out there.
>>It is! It was perfect weather all weekend.>>It was.>>Did you do anything interesting over the
weekend?>>Yes, I went to the park with my family
for a picnic.>>That sounds nice.
>>It was. And you?>>I worked this weekend, but I got a lot
done, so that was good.>>It does feel good to get work done! You can see we haven’t said much of importance,
but the conversation is friendly and open, and can make two people feel more comfortable
in each other’s presence. TK: Hello Ms. Smith, I’m Tom Kelley. Thanks
so much for coming in. RS: It’s my pleasure, thanks so much for
meeting with me. TK: Of course. Did you have any trouble finding
the office? RS: Nope. The directions on the website were
great. TK: Good. Would you like some coffee or water
before we begin? RS: I’m okay, thank you.
TK: Alright. So, to get started, why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself.
RS: Sure. Common Question: Tell me a little bit about
yourself. It’s very common for interviewers to simply ask you to tell them about yourself.
That can feel overwhelming! But don’t worry; what they really want you to focus on is your
education and work history. You can also let them know what areas you have a lot of experience
in, or what your interests are when answering this question. Here are a few different ways
to begin your answer. I studied at Harvard University and graduated
2012 with a degree in business. I’ve been working at Smith Incorporated
for 10 years as a manager. I have 12 years of experience in graphic design. Because of my time at Verizon, I have a lot
of experience in providing customer service. If you’re preparing for an interview, practice
talking about yourself and your work history. Record yourself with a video camera if possible.
Make sure it’s not too long, maybe around a minute. Go back and listen or watch, and
write down phrases that worked well to use again. If there was anything you stumbled
over or left out, write down some possible phrases you could have used. The next day,
do the same exercise. It’s important that you don’t just write a paragraph and memorize
it, but simply practice free-talking with some key phrases. The more you practice before
the interview, the more comfortable you’ll feel answering the questions during the interview. TK: So, to get started, why don’t you tell
me a little bit about yourself. RS: Sure. I studied at the University of Florida
and graduated in 2010 with a Masters Degree in Toy Design. After graduation, I was hired
at Happy Kid’s Creative. I’ve been there for the past five years and am currently the
Director of Toy Production. During that time sales have grown steadily. It’s been a great
experience, but I’ve run out of room to grow with HKC and I’m looking for new opportunities.
I have a lot of experience leading teams in the creative process and finding new markets
for the products that we create. T: That’s great. To be continued! We’ll pick it up from here
in the next video in this series. In the next video, we’ll go over three more common interview
questions: ‘How did you hear about this position’, ‘what attracted you to our
company?’ and ‘what’s your greatest strength?’ I hope this video on job interviews has been
helpful. There’s nothing better than walking out of an interview feeling that you were
fully prepared! If you have interview-related questions or
stories, please post them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them. Are you signed up for my mailing list? If
so, you get free weekly emails in your inbox with English videos and lessons, as well stories
of American culture and my own life. Click here or in the description to sign up. That’s it, and thanks so much for using
Rachel’s English.

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