How to make a business plan for your food business

– [Damian] Hey guys, it is
Damian again and this is part three of a five-video series. I wanted to show you
five different services that you can get done for
your food business on Fiverr. And I wanted to explain how
and why I’m showing you these because if you’re starting
your food business, and of course you’re on a
budget and you don’t have a ton of money in your
sleeve to invest in it these are great ways to get things done that you need to get done to create a finalized food product. So anywhere from creating a logo, to creating food packaging, a layout for your food package itself. And this one in particular,
this video is a business plan, a food-business plan. Now why in the world would
you need a food-business plan? Well here is why. I started our bakery
quite a few years back and when I did I actually
did not honestly, I did not create a
business plan at the time. All I knew was that I, me
and my wife were let go, and we needed to create some
type of business revenue and start creating some
cash coming in the door to actually survive and pay our bills. So I dove right into our bakery. I just took some money
that we did have set aside and I just started just
moving forward with it. I did not create a
business plan at that time. Now fast forward a couple years later we had started to do
really well so I wanted to go to a bank and I wanted to get loan, that’s what traditionally
a lot of people do. They’ll start a business
and if you can survive the first and second years
then you are doing good, not great, but you’re
doing good and you’re off to a good start. Now in order to take our
bakery to the next level I needed to get an
additional loan of course so I needed to get a small business loan, I needed some funds. So at that time the
local bank that I went to I had good credit, and
my wife had good credit, we had everything, our
finances were in good shape, but I needed to get some, some money, I needed to get that 50,
60, 70,000 or $100,000 loan to really grow what I
needed, what I thought I needed to do at the time. The first thing out of his mouth was, do you have a business plan? And of course the first thing
out of my mouth was, no, no. I knew what a business plan
was, but I really didn’t, I didn’t know the
importance of how important it really was at that time,
this was nearly 11 years ago, how important it was at that time to have a business plan written up. And what it was really
to have a business plan, I mean, what the heck is a business plan and why did I need it? This is what I thought back then. So the idea is this. A business plan is gonna
map out your vision for your business, and
not to sound redundant, but I mean it’s, what is
your plan for your business? And banks aren’t gonna give anybody, even though you have good credit, that sounds, that sounds wonderful, but that doesn’t get you
loans when you’re trying to have a business and
you’re trying to grow it. They’re gonna say, well
what are you gonna do, what do you do know and then how are you, how are you gonna use this money? Why are we gonna give you a hundred grand to grow a business? So there’s a lot of
parameters, there’s a lot of different aspects to a business plan. There’s the executive
summary, there’s of course the company summary,
there’s product services, strategies, your marketing plan, charts and graphs and things
that will give visuals to what you’re doing. And then you need to have
all of that in a certain, set up in a certain way. So here’s why I’m showing you this. Number one, when you
start your business out, your food business and
you’re looking to grow it and you have an idea, but
you’re not really good at putting words together. You’re not really good at
encompassing, let me show you, you’re not really good at encompassing all of this here, okay? You need somebody else to do it for you. And basically here is what this, this one particular
service and feature here on Fiverr will do. This gentleman here will actually
take down your information and then normally what
happens is you place an order with them. They’re gonna send you a questionnaire. They wanna know about
what it is that you do? What’s your, what are you doing, where are you wanting to take it, are you just starting,
et cetera, et cetera. So what they’re gonna do
in a professional way, and also bringing together
the necessary information, which by the way is this,
this is a perfect layout by the way, that is the
information you need to put together. And if you’re not really good at wording, you’re not good at it, but you kinda, you know what you’re doing,
you know what you’re doing with your food business, you
know where you wanna take it. This guy can write a
business plan for you. Now I’m just, this is some random, I’m not necessarily showing you this gentleman in particular,
I’m not promoting him is what I mean, I’m
just simply showing you this is what it is, okay? And by the way I’ll have
a link in the description down below and I’ll take you
to this, let me show you, to this category, let me go back one. So this is the category
of business plans, okay? And again all, here’s a whole bunch of highly-intelligent people
to help you out with that. A lot of then know what
they’re doing very, very well. But here it is, the business plan is one of the categories, okay? And I just randomly picked
out that gentlemen before. But all of these people will, will in some way shape or form, they’re gonna bring together your idea and they’re gonna create
that business plan. Now the benefit to having this
done is that down the road, if you’re just starting
your food business out, you wanna have an
understanding of what it is you really wanna do. Have a little bit of
a vision, but you need to put that on paper, you
need to put it in words. So once you have this business plan set it is yours permanently. So let’s say six months,
eight months from now when you start to sell your product and you’re doing okay, you’re doing well, you’re starting to make some cash flow. What you’re gonna wanna do
is take that business plan that you just had made
and go to a bank and say, look, this is my goal. This is where I started,
I’ve got the ball rolling. Here’s my business plan it
spells out where I wanna go, where I’ve been, when I started, and the five and six and 10,
12 year plan for my business. I personally, like I said, I have a degree in marketing myself, but I’m
not a business-plan writer. I don’t, you know, I don’t
do that as a profession. So employing one of these writers for me to bring together this
information is gonna be a huge help, I mean it’s just what it is. Now this particular individual which I did randomly pick up let me
just show you really quick how this is laid out. This guy has already
done over 500 of these and almost all of them are five, well, they are five star actually. He has a thousand reviews,
you can notice here, a thousand reviews at five
stars, 24 business plans that are in line right now
that he’s actually working on. That’s pretty impressive. So what do you get, you have three different
types of listings. You have the Basic, you have a Standard, and of course you have a
Premium, three hundred, and by the way, that’s really
extremely reasonable pricing for a professional-business plans. I actually went to some
websites about a year ago looking at some information
about a business plan, I’m not sure exactly why I had gone there, but I was trying to just
accumulate some information on a service and they were about 1,700 to $1,200 around starting. So this price point is ridiculously cheap especially if this guy
is performing this high for a thousand reviews,
that’s unbelievable. So let me take a look
at the packaging here and I’ll explain what it is. Now, by the way also here, investor ready. So you’re gonna get an
investor ready detailed and complete business plan
without the financial plan, okay? So what that’s gonna do is
that’s gonna give the banker who needs to just see
what is it you’re doing and where do you wanna go? It’s gonna give him a great opportunity to look inside your
business when you’ve got this type of information written up, okay? Now this one is investor ready as well, detailed and complete with
a three-year financial, three-year financial plan, okay? And what that means is,
is you’re going to get a three-year projection of
what you are expecting to do, but it’s gonna be set in
numbers, it’s gonna be set in information that a banker, an investor, an angel investor, or
a venture capitalist, or whoever it is who
you’re seeking funds from, is gonna have an understanding
of what you’re doing and then where you wanna go. But most of you I’m pretty sure, like I mentioned in my other videos, were all great at of course food products or we’re all great at
maybe making our recipes, we love to cook. But I’m sure most of you,
to be honest with you, probably can’t write a
business plan, I sure can’t, I mean I would need
assistance to do that too. So this type of information
is extremely useful, okay? So these people can help you out with that that is again what Fiverr does. Now the other thing I’m
gonna show is the Fiverr Pro, up here in the corner, and
when you click on that page, I’ll send you the link to that page. Fiverr Pro, as I mentioned
in my other videos, these are people who have been vetted. They have been, they’re
set at a certain criteria and they have to meet that by Fiverr. Editors at
actually go through a process, they have a different
level, a different scale of review that they go under, scrutiny, and they wanna make sure that
everything that they offer through the Fiverr Pro Program
is at a whole nother level when it comes to customer service, when it comes to integrity, when it comes to delivering on time, everything they promise you,
et cetera, et cetera, okay? So do keep that in mind. So I wanted to bring this
to you, this is another, this was the third video
in a five-video series and I want you guys to
understand the importance of the business plan. And again, you may not
necessarily need this right this second, maybe four months, three months down the
road and that’s fine. But keep this in mind, you know, bookmark this page if
you will on your computer so you have an opportunity
to come back to it when you’re ready to have
someone help you with it and from there you’ll have a really great set of documents that you
can set in front of a banker and say look, you know I
wanna see 50,000 in a loan, this is what I’m doing. So that business plan is
going to help sell your idea to them, okay? So with that being said
I’m gonna wrap it up. And again as always, if this was helpful do give me a thumbs up and if
you have any questions again about the use of Fiverr or
these types of resources do let me know. And then keep your eye
open for the next two, I’ve got two more videos
that’ll be coming out probably tomorrow or the day after, I’ll have to just put them
through the editor here and get them done. But they’re gonna have
a couple other services that are again very
useful for food startups.

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